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  1. SASS was 1st firearm competition. Hunted alot. Watching my brother Tom Elder and having club members ask my ten year old if he would like to try it. Cody James was hooked. I later went and watched Winter Range top 16, I was hooked. Jessica, my 13 year old came along with my wife to EOT and watched Holly Terror compete against Badland Bub and she was hooked. I competed in high school and college wrestling (go Sun Devils). Cost about the same : one shoulder and knee replacement with a spinal fusion vs 20 firearms, holsters, reloading press and ammo cost. Had a coach at each. We took out a loan, very similar to a car room and raised hell. Best money I ever paid back.
  2. All we can share is our experiences with those we have talked to. My experience is that most, if they have heard of SASS, believe SASS is about the dress, the alias and a fantasy sport. I have three copies of Shooting USA. They all start out with the dress and the alias, then towards the end of two of them they do a great job of showing the shooting. While I am in it for the shooting, I enjoy that others are in it for the dress and fun of shooting the old firearms, and would not want that component to go away. I have said before, my kids never grew up with Gene and Roy, but they love the friendships and the tremendous competition they've experienced. The producers of Light Em Up" hit the spot for me. While you don't have to be a fast shooter to enjoy SASS, most want to improve. Has SASS ever taken the approach with the emphasis about the shooting, and the dress is there for those who enjoy it? Would this be a better marketing focus?
  3. Found 1000 small match primers at Sportsmans. They still had them in a cart to put on the shelves and that's all they received. Found 5000 match small magnum at Bass Pro Shop but had to pay $48 per thousand with Hazmat and tax. No longer available. Hat to pay that much but that is all I could find.
  4. Just when I am getting low.
  5. Have a blue 3rd gen with 51/2 in barrel unfired with a addlitional 44/40 cylinder. Come with tattered box and all paperwork, This piece was selected for its sharp marking, tight cylinder and beautiful case coloring. Would consider selling it at this time. Make me an offer!
  6. If you want great grips go to Joe Perkins in Tucson. Remarkable worlk!!!!! Good gunsmith also!!!!!
  7. Still trying to decide whether my jeans are designer or not. Once wore my shotgun belt above my belly button to see if there was an advantage. Couldn't tell if I had a foot behind the table.
  8. What ever happened to the good old days where the wire equaled a segment from the Jerry Springer Show? Rank points vs total time, TO's responsibility to catch a falling rifle, belly button shotgun belt rule, wimpy loads for world class shooters, Rattle Snake Wrangler rule etc...... Has this pandemic soften us up? What was your favorite SASS drama?
  9. Best of luck Creeker. Had a total shoulder replacement a year and a half ago. Never felt better. Like Hells said, listen to your surgeon and don't push it. I also agree that ice is your new best friend. See you down the trail.
  10. Should not have to pay someone to replace the stock when it was bought new and only four or five months old. Great shotgun other than their service.
  11. No concern. My are worse. The bullet only has to go ding.
  12. Try a drill, 20 gauge brush wrapped with very fine steel wool till it barely fits in the chambers.. Run it in the chambers, frequently checking for a mirror finish. Stop as soon as you see the shine. Don't over do it. More is not better. I have only had to do this once with each SKB.
  13. Buy a 12 and keep your 20 until you've made your decision based on experience. Cannot go wrong with keeping a shotgun your kid loves shooting. At this stage he is going to shoot well with what he likes. Plenty of shooters shot 20, yet I agree with many of the comments on why many go to a 12. Have fun and enjoy your time with your son.
  14. SASS has done so much for my life and of the kids. I have taken a break and will shoot in a match SAT. and SUN. SASS is L a passion for many shooters. I do not see and huge exite. I have always felt SASS has taken care of me. Discounts, Scholarships and a damn good many rolemodels. Lets keep it rolling. It si a great organizaion willing to work hundreds of hours for youf shooting please. Support SASS
  15. Many shooters are raising there front sight to compensate for the lower pt of aim. Try placing the front sight with 1/2 above the rear sight. Place the tip of the front sight in the bottom 1/3 of the height of the target. You should be hitting close to the center. See if this helps. Ray Heartless and Slick McClade sell wrap around front sights to aid in acquiring the front sight. Hope this helps.
  16. Go to Joe Perkins website classic single action. Has one piece pre-ban ivory. Excellent work!!!!
  17. Just made a purchase from him in the last couple weeks. Great gunsmith!!!!!
  18. Like Doc said, the 38 ammo is less expensive. I can shoot my brothers 45 Vaqueros and there is not a lot of difference in recoil. Both are very smooth and easy to keep your sights on the targets. If you like a heavy load in your 38's, just put a 158 grain with more power. Good luck on your decision and hope to see you on the range.
  19. I would go 20-22 inches. The reason most shooters shorten them is ease in moving in and out of props.
  20. Congratulations and our best to you on a successful career and marriage!!!!! What a journey to get there. A special thanks to the SASS Scholarship Committee for helping her!
  21. We send our prayers your way!!!
  22. Cowboy Action Shooting is about what you want to make it. There is no right or wrong. Most of the time you really won't know what the other shooters are shooting unless you ask or pick up brass. There are extremely fast 45 shooters out there but the majority of them shoot 38 caliber. Like Widder said, it really is all about practice. If you want to go fast ask the fast shooters what they use and buy firearms, holsters accordingly. If you are more interested in the era, there are plenty of shooters that study that also. The no. 2 shooter in the Winter Range Nationals shots 38 special, black powder. My advice is to shoot other shooters firearms and talk to them concerning any modifications they have made and why they picked what they did. Most fast shooters have something done to each firearm. Nothing wrong with shooting firearms without modifications either. You can look around the SASS website under EOT champions and see what some of them shoot. There is a great deal of information concerning firearms, loads, holsters etc on the wire. If you like the feel of shooting the 45 caliber, then shoot them. Practice, watch videos, attend clinics and get whatever advice you can get. Doc Shapiro, Long Hunter, and Evil Roy just to name a few have readily available videos that explain many things. Have fun most of all!!!!
  23. Our prayers are with you!!! Speedy recovery!!!!
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