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  1. 7 hours ago, Revolvgang said:
    But not wrong either. More like how protectionist rules are designed.

    Part of the beauty of SASS, you get to run it the way you want in Germany and we get to run it the way we want here. 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Jefro, SASS#69420 said:

    Yep, we use if you can touch the table yer there;)

    I like that.  I've shot at places that do it similarly to Creeker's method.  I like that as well.  I've also shot places that give you something to carry and place on whichever prop you're supposed to be standing behind, that works as well. 


    10 hours ago, The Outlaw Travis James said:

    I shoot at a club in Florida where the MD is very anal about being completely behind whatever prop, fence, or table the shooting position is.  He goes so far as to drag lines in the sand with his boots.  BUT, he always reiterates that your feet MUST BE INSIDE THE LINES or it will be called a P.  Although, I have never seen it called there.

    Sounds like a club to avoid.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:


    I think some of you are mixing 'resident' with 'citizen'.    The rule/guideline posted by Branchwater Jake references 'Citizen',  

    in relationship to Winter Range,  not just a 'Resident'.

    Big difference.




    Good point.  I'm not sure you can be a 'citizen' of a state, so the appropriate term there is probably resident.  For the National, citizen is appropriate. 

  5. 31 minutes ago, Kingsley said:

    After this next great run of matches. Memphis, CAC, wartrace, SER, SC state and Fl state. We will be back on the track. So end of Nov. first course will be Atlanta. I’ll keep you posted. Its a blast. :D

    I would love to do it.  Particularly if you'll teach me how to.  I'm a decent driver, good reflexes and a natural feel for where the car is and what it can do, but I have zero training, and not much track experience.   Lotsa drag racing back in the 70s.  The SS 1LE is the first car I've had that I felt was capable of more in the corners than I was capable of, and I've had some pretty fast cars. 


    Are you bringing the M4 to Wartrace?  I would love to check it out!  I'll be in the SS.


    It's going to be a fun match!  I got lucky and got a place about 7 minutes from the range. 

  6. 35 minutes ago, Kingsley said:

    Car is nowhere near stock. Different suspension, huge after market turbos, cams, inter-cooler.  Was built between Dinan and AFK in calif. Curves is where this car lives. We are up at road Atlanta several times a year and monthly at Roebling. 

    It's pretty hard to beat a 1LE through the curves. 


    Of course you know what they say, how fast do you want to go = how much money do you want to spend.  The 1LE costs about half what a stock M4 does.


    I've never done anything except oval track and 1/4 mile (not counting street runs).


    We should find out.  I would need to take my street tires off and put track tires back on.  Other than that she's ready to track.



  7. 11 minutes ago, Kingsley said:

    not sure what your chevy has bill. But my 700hp track car would love a run with you at road Atlanta 


    cardboard cowboy



    311C0179-3843-428A-B91E-6C3C57131C2F.jpegIf they were both stock it would be close enough to be down to the driver.   MotorTrend puts the SS 1LE as a tenth faster to 60 and a tenth faster through the quarter mile.  Pretty much noise when it comes to real world driving, not a significant difference.


    Having said that, if you have 700 hp, then your car isn't stock.  If you can get that power on the road I would have a hard time keeping up on a straightaway.  However, if there are curves involved, the 1LE does significantly better than the M4, more lateral Gs and a lot better braking. 


    We should do it!

  8. It seems consistent to me.  You have to be a resident of a state to win that state's championship.  You have to be a resident of a region to win that regional championship.  You have to be a resident of a nation to win that nation's championship, and if it ever becomes an issue, you probably have to be a resident of this world in order to win a world championship.  No Alpha Centurions allowed to win. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, Diamond Jake said:

    Y'all talked me into it.  Check is in the mail.

    You won't regret it.  It's always a great match.


    4 minutes ago, Tennessee williams said:

    I can't afford the fuel to get it there! 

    And here I was helping you out all I could. Randy wanted to just let you run out there and I talked him out of it. Matter of fact, @Krazy Kajun wanted to close the gate after you run out there and I told him we shouldn't do it. 

    Sounds kinda fishy to me.  We all know Randy is a gentleman and a scholar, so I'm not buying that.  I think I could bribe the Kajun into setting me free.  A little gumbo and some Dixie beer and he would be singing a different tune.

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  10. 9 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Assassin had been in the game a long time... Knows it happens. He, like me, wonder WHY it happens...



    LOL.  I suspect all three of us know 'why' it happens. Cranial rectal inversion on the part of the person who's in a place he doesn't belong.

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  11. 9 hours ago, Tennessee williams said:

        Widder, I'm glad you found it in that newly fixed up ticker to have a little mercy on me and Randy and BB. We had a meeting about a month ago to come up with ways of whoopin you. Me and Randy was gonna slip some of that good door prize in your tea. We had to talk Cap'n BB out of running out on the stage and moving targets between yer shots. We finally got through to him by explaining that it takes about 5 seconds for him to run out there and move a target, and every now and again you get off 2 shots in 4 seconds. :D

    Just for that I'm going to 'adjust' your targets before this match.  They'll still be at the same distances so you can't complain, but they'll be turned 90 degrees with their edges facing the firing line.  That shouldn't be a problem for a super duper duelist like you.  Bring that Chevelle too, I want to see what it looks like in my rear view mirror.

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  12. 14 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    I regret that I will have to miss this match.   I was gonna put a whoopin on Capt Bill Burt, TN Williams, Randy St. Eagle, etc.....



    Yep, I was bringing the whoopin.   Maybe next year..... ;)




    I would gladly accept that whoopin if it meant we had the pleasure of your company!  Keep getting better pard!

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  13. 11 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    Of course they're eligible.  To reiterate, there is NO citizenship required.  Next Shooter.

    I'm pretty sure you have to be a resident of a state to be the state champion and you have to be a resident of a state in whichever region you're competing in for a regional championship.


    Based on Jackaroo and PWB's comments it sounds like WR wants you to be a citizen of the US to be eligible to be a National Champ.  Not sure about that though.

  14. So, the overzealous posse member drops his brass picker upper, the shooter trips over it, falls and his loaded revolver falls out of his holster.  MDQ.


    This is me doing my Wyatt impersonation.  Do I get a black star?

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  15. As other's have said, the TO is the authority on Ps, not the PM.  That should have been bumped up to the MD and overruled.  The question of whether he was behind the table 'enough' wasn't the PM's decision to make.


    SHB page 24-25

    During the course of fire, a shooter may on occasion incur penalties which need to be assessed. The immediate authority on the stage to that end is the Chief Range Officer/Timer Operator (CRO/TO), assisted by the input of the spotters.


    In the event a competitor feels a CRO/TO’s ruling is in error or has been unfairly assessed, and the firearms have been made safe and unloaded, the ruling may be politely and calmly appealed, initially to the CRO/TO and/or Posse Marshal, and only by the competitor involved. The discussion should be taken off the firing line so as not to incur any delays in the shooting flow, involving only those officials on the line at that time and the shooter (the shooter, CRO/TO and spotters).

  16. Just now, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:

    If the existing spring works properly, if stiffly, get a replacement spring and dock that one.   That way if it creates problems, you can go back to the original unmodified one.

    The cost of the springs is not all that much.   Heck, there may even be an aftermarket lighter one out there.   File this under how to make changes without modifying any original pieces.

    This is what I would do.  Buy a replacement part, modify it however I want, but keep the original unchanged.

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  17. 2 hours ago, Blackwater 53393 said:

    I think that the broomhandle Mauser SHOULD be included in Wild Bunch, but that’s a separate discussion, meant for another time and place!

    WB, maybe. SASS, no way!

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