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  1. The Burt’s are looking forward to TN State!! This is a great match!
  2. I will follow the rule, but I don’t like it. It makes zero sense to me. There are plenty of ways that TO’s ‘safely assist’ shooters that can impact how well the shooter performs in the match. Why discourage TO’s from exercising judgement particularly on a safety issue? A couple of months ago, last stage of the day, Potshot forgets the rifle sequence and is about to pick up a P. The TO, me, catches it and tells him the right target. He finishes the stage and wins the match by about 2 seconds over the second place shooter, me. Did good coaching change the outcome? For sur
  3. If the shooter is slinging guns around and one hits the ground that’s their problem. If they have ‘choice words’ for me, as TO, they can pick up additional penalties to go with the SDQ THEY already earned. We all have choices to make as TO. I’ve given this rule some thought and concluded the best thing I can do for a shooter in that situation is to do nothing. If I intervene, that locks in the penalty, and opens the door for a dispute about what might have happened had I stayed out of it. If I don’t intervene the gun may not fall, but if it does the call is
  4. New sports car yes. New truck no.
  5. If you’re on the range shooting SASS, I don’t care why you’re there, and I don’t care what part of the sport you’re enjoying. I don’t care if you’re dressed to the nines, or dressed minimally. I don’t care if you’re shooting low teens, or if I need to break out a sundial. I don’t care if you’re shooting BP or smokeless. Doesn’t matter to me if you’re shooting a Stoeger, Colts, or a Rossi. I don’t care if you’re wearing Triple K or a Colt Faro rig. You’re a Cowboy regardless and we need more like you.
  6. For some of us trying to get to the podium is a big part of the fun. Is that ok? Do we have to enjoy the sport the way you do? I spent money for the best equipment I could afford. I don’t feel guilty, should I? It just seems to me there is way too much emphasis on BP and how much you can cram in a case and not the fun. But that is just me. We have enough criticism coming from the anti gun mob without forming a circular firing squad and criticizing our pard’s values and spending decisions.
  7. Exactly. It's not a lube. Wipe it on, it displaces the water very effectively. Years ago I had a 1969 GTO. Something weird was going on with the distributor cap and living in LA (lower Alabama) we got a lot of rain. I got in the habit of keeping a can or so of WD40 in the car. When I would hit torrential downpours, or standing water and stall out, a quick shot of WD40 and I was back on the road.
  8. After shooting on a wet day my guns get wiped down with WD40 before going in the gun socks. Peace of mind if I don’t get to them for a while. Later, at home, they get wiped down again, this time with CLP. Then they get cleaned and lubricated.
  9. We use a Ring. Sensitivity is set so that it reaches to our mailbox. I like it, and we've had it over two years now.
  10. Big and Close!! Damn, guess I best stay home. I would hate to drive all that way and get turned away at the gate!
  11. I know! Winning in Georgia just got a bit harder.
  12. It was great shooting with you Roy! I hope we can again soon!
  13. Not just me Red! He's starting to get runs in the teens, and that is with a pretty ugly shotgun shuck. Christian worked with him on that.......he's got the bug.
  14. Here's a different view, but the same result unfortunately.
  15. The Georgia State match sure was fun. After the main match was over it was time for the shoot off. The Iron Cowboy had been running his mouth for a while about beating his father when it was pointed out that doing so would be difficult given they share the same guns. Well, the first round names were drawn and wouldn't you know it, they drew each other. A 'helpful' cowboy offered to loan the Iron Cowboy some shooting irons (I'm not sure how I feel about that now Johnny Angel) and the little (6'1") turkey kept talking about beating the old man with borrowed guns. Well,
  16. Yep. If I were choosing between the buckle and the dinner, I'll take the buckle.
  17. To late, ours are already on our belts ready to wear Saturday.
  18. The thought, preparation and work that went into this match.....free drinks, free snacks, tokens for free lunch, twice! A world class range. WiFi everywhere, marble in the bathrooms, showers! Top notch awards! The buckles are gorgeous! 10 flawless extremely well thought out stages. Different, challenging, but most of all fun! And top notch competition! This should be a bucket list match for any SASS shooter.
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