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  1. I see what you did there. Looks like we're two weeks out!
  2. Membership fees are already cheap. I spend more money shooting a single match with my wife than my annual SASS membership costs.
  3. That would be a whoops! I'm going to blame it on the phone screen, no way it's my eyes getting old.
  4. That’s why I would start with both. If I forgot and went to my belt they would be there. I do the left foot thing constantly when switching between my wife’s Accord and my Camaro!
  5. My buddy Larry dying from lung cancer, drowning in his own phlegm. Never forget that gurgle/rattle.
  6. Having the shells up closer to your loading hand is certainly helpful. I've seen some pretty well built bandoleers that were very rigid without being fastened down in any way. I'm thinking getting one of those and using it in addition to my current shotgun belt might be fun and fast.
  7. I had a shooter not too long ago lose track of how many pistol rounds he had fired. As he click clicked away I told him 'you're done, rifle'. He promptly holstered a cocked pistol, picked up a DQ and got pretty mad with me.
  8. Hey Rolan, Does that Amish cart break down easily? Can I take the wheels off and that upright piece off?
  9. Thanks. It would be nice to see how some of my pards did. Sharyn and I hated to miss it this year and hope to be able to get back there next year.
  10. Are the scores available anywhere? I don't see them on the Badlands Bar 3 site.
  11. Sounds like Misty is trying to resolve it equitably for all involved.
  12. I missed a lot of the conversation about the match and the dispute, but regardless of the details, if a cowboy went to the trouble to host a state match and wanted to do it again I think he's earned the right to express himself on the issue as long as he keeps it civil. Yeah SASS owns the site, but who put in the work to make that match happen last year, who made money from the match and who didn't?
  13. Standing any way you want hands not touching guns or ammo seem pretty self explanatory to me and it gives all the shooters the same options while eliminating stupid questions like ‘how upright’ or ‘can the shooter be looking down.’
  14. I also gave a long nylon bore brush that I use between stages. No lube.
  15. It seems to me that a problem with some of the proposals, both the cone and the corridor, is you're asking people to move from visualizing a two dimensional boundary, the 170, to a three dimensional boundary. That's cognitively a much harder task. Throw in angles that originate at different heights and for gunfighters, two three dimensional cones and most people just don't want anything to do with that. KISS applies. Theoretically the corridor and the cone sound great. I suspect that when you have random spotters with varying degrees of experience and varying degrees of motivation these two ideas will not work out as well as in practice as they sound on 'paper.' Just my two cents. I had to 'fire' all three spotters just a few weeks ago because they missed four misses on two shooters in a row (two misses per shooter). To be fair, it was hot and they wanted to spot from the shade, which didn't give them very good angles. Now those same spotters have to be imagining cones and/or corridors too?
  16. HS is in the eye of the beholder. I think I know the goober you're referencing and it does work well for him/her.
  17. Of course not! But, if you're defending your homestead against armed intruders are you going to start "hands not touching guns or ammo"? Will you start with an empty shotgun? I know my shotgun would be stoked and my gun would be in my hands, so basing how we start on what a 'real cowboy' would do is not going to lead us to our current SASS default position, far from it. ''
  18. Yeah, the two fists are at the belt, but what part of the holsters are we referencing. Not to be a nitpicker, but the person I observed if you put two hands together at the belt the hands will be on top of the upper part of the holster, but the part of the holsters with the guns in them will be farther apart than your hands. It was an odd looking rig, as I said, very wide upper attachments on the holster.
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