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  1. Thank you @T-Square for the kind gift of Remington 10s!
  2. Federal large pistol and large rifle as well as some Winchester large pistol. The Federal large pistol was going for $70 per thousand. I bought two boxes. The clerk thought I meant two hundred and started to open a box, which for some reason I thought was pretty funny. Hopefully this is a sign supply is coming back.
  3. Dixie Gun Works. Limit 2 each and $30 Hazmat. I got two CCI and two RWS #11 for $78 delivered. Probably outrageously high, but it gives me room to experiment.
  4. Thanks Tyrel. I think I'll buy two sets of Slix nipples when they become available again next month. Any comment on those caps Warden posted on another thread? Worth buying?
  5. I have a pic above that shows the difference.
  6. Yep! Had some just like that when I was visiting my parents in Fairhope this Christmas.
  7. Can anyone answer my question about the nipples and the hammer on the new gun not seating fully? @Tyrel Cody?
  8. It's on now! See you on the road skag. (see if you remember that quote).
  9. I'll be there. Hopefully I won't have to go all Dukes of Hazzard on the creek and end up with my Camaro hauled out on a flatbed!
  10. Exactly. Do what’s expedient, and SAFE.
  11. Well since I just got them today I couldn’t have brought them out last Saturday! Having no black powder, bp substitute, nor .44 caliber bullets, I would be very ‘chicken’ about my chances using these revolvers.
  12. I would like a SASS convention that says ‘Unless Stage directions say otherwise long guns may be made safe anywhere the shooter chooses.’ Then even ‘made safe’ could be omitted. Give rifle instructions, then instructions for the next gun.
  13. The original owner did not do a good job of cleaning the barrel. I don’t believe it’s pitted, but it’s dirty and I’m having trouble getting it clean. Any hints.
  14. The hammer doesn’t seat as far as the one my dad gave me does. The gun came with ‘spare’ nipples and that makes me wonder if these are installed correctly or if they fit right.
  15. These came with it. The Remington can is full the Navy isn’t.
  16. I’m bringing this thread back one more time. The Navy I bought on GB came in today.
  17. Perhaps it makes a difference because the state of the rifle caused the shooter chose to stage it downrange for safety reasons rather than vertically? Versus a shooter who stages it down range because he forgot where it was supposed to go?
  18. If they're in good shape with no cracks in the stocks Fast Eddie will probably buy both of them.
  19. I'm going to echo Ringer on this. I'm not interested in shooting someone else's gun(s) or ammo at a match, so no to stage 1. The Mystery stage is an enigma to me, so I can't answer that one. It might be fun, it might be a nightmare, so include it in a big match......?
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