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  1. Based on some of the comments I'm surprised we don't have fights break out at the matches. Kinda like hockey, throw down your guns and start swinging while the rest of us circle around the scrum. I don't have time for that. I come to these things to get away from conflict, not find it. At least the thread hasn't degenerated into speaking ill of the dead.....yet.
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  3. I'm not sure what you mean by 'work anywhere' Spitflier. I have an Uberti 1873 with a 5th gen C&I kit built by Marshall Harlan Wolff. It's been rock solid since I got it. Now would it work with hard primers, I don't know. Does it work 100% with Federals, yes. The only reliability issue I've heard of tends to be light hits on primers in really slick guns. Your best bet is to shoot rifles with different type kits and see which one you prefer. My wife's has a 4th gen C&I, and it's a great gun too. My preference would be C&I first, Cody second, and Pioneer never.
  4. Thanks for the invitation T-Bone! I just sent you a letter with the applications for me, Shootin Sharyn, and our son the Iron Cowboy. Hopefully you'll have room for us as I've heard nothing but good things about your match and all three of us would love to attend.
  5. Thanks Yusta, I'll be quicker on the trigger for 2018.
  6. I have not used my Uberti (.357) to hunt deer with yet, but at the distances you're likely to be shooting around here I wouldn't hesitate to if the opportunity arose.
  7. That there is nice looking! Can it easily be broken down to go in a trunk and if so what would you want for one like it?
  8. The irony is so thick you could cut it with a knife.
  9. Yep! But from threat recognition to CNS shot in less than 2.5 seconds against someone who already has a bead on him? Then a less than 2 second reload? Big Uns!
  10. This guy is something https://youtu.be/Pd_3Q1PCsDw
  11. I think you're right. I remember reading something about that a while back. I think it had to do with the blanks not working well in 1911s.
  12. I'm not trying to be argumentative, but since the 38 special cartridge wasn't developed until 1898 it could be easily argued that a weapon of that caliber would have been much more likely to be used in something like the Wild Bunch scenario than in the vast majority of westerns films.
  13. Interesting. I like the idea of keeping the power factor requirement but removing the caliber restriction. It would be relatively easy to load heavier loads for WBAS matches.
  14. I like this approach. Stick with SASS rules for SASS shooters (no 1911) but offer a WB match to run concurrently. If we had more interest in WB locally I would consider adding that as an option at Doc Holliday's. Unfortunately WB is currently not much in demand and is only sporadically offered at one of the local clubs. I think the requirement that the rifle be large caliber discourages many prospective WB shooters. Most local shooters use .38 special. By adding the rifle requirement prospective WB members often have to buy at least two new guns and often three. Add in the need for r
  15. What is this cleaning you speak of? I started out treating my guns the way my military training dictated: obsessive cleaning. Now I'm with Creeker, a minimalist.
  16. Saban has brass ones. He just fired Kiffin and replaced him with Sark, a week before the National Championship game. I think that SI interview really ticked him off. I guess Kiffin still hasn't grown up.
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