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  1. On 10/22/2020 at 7:16 PM, Wyoma said:

    No.  It didn't come installed. The front and rear sights are in the box.  Not sure why.  I guess maybe some people want something different.  I did the front sight but I'll probably let my LGS do the rear.  Too much nice metal for me to be hacking around with a brass hammer and punch.

    Lol! That much money and you have to install the sights yourself?

  2. 46 minutes ago, Tyrel Cody said:


    Yeah, but Bowling Green is only 45 minutes across the border and we know a whole bunch of the Buford's in those counties :lol::lol:


    Seriously though, open invitation to come shoot if you're ever up this way.


    For sure. It’s a question of when, not if!

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  3. 18 minutes ago, Tyrel Cody said:

    So drive 110 instead of 90....




    No, I get it man. Its 5 hours to to Georgia State for me; but those odds are improving. 

    LOL.  Me speed?  Never! 


    I hear tell Kentucky has multiple versions of Sheriff Buford T. Justice and I don't want to meet any of them!

  4. 7 hours ago, Tyrel Cody said:



    You both need a match in June, so pencil in The Inaugural Gunfight on the Green River - June 12, 2021.

    Anything beyond about 3 hours one way is a definite ‘maybe’ for me. Bowling Green is 5 hours one way!

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  5. I'm thinking:


    4/8/21 South Carolina State

    4/23/21 Alabama State

    5/13/21 Georgia State

    5/28/21 Mississippi State

    7/2021? Maybe Black Gold

    9/2021? Maybe CaC

    10/7/21 Tennessee State

    10/21/21 South East Regional 

    11/5/21 North Carolina State


    All of those look pretty likely other than CaC and Black Gold, but hopefully.

  6. 2 hours ago, Long Hunter SASS #20389L said:

    Captain Burt,

    A similar idea was ran by the Wild Bunch in 2003 or 04 as an Open Category. It failed then but like you, think that's not a bad idea. But............only if they would eliminate some others. B)

    Thanks Long Hunter. I’m fine with eliminating categories. Heck they can start with mine, 49er and I’ll shoot with Wranglers, or take both out and Cowboy is fine with me.

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  7. One of the interesting and fun things about SASS is the talent distribution. One match you could be shooting with a Cowboy, or Cowgirl, who runs stage times in the 30s and 40s and the next match you might be shooting with someone running in the mid teens.


    It may sound odd coming from someone who thinks there are too many categories, but perhaps a solution is to add one more.


    Several local clubs offer Shootist. Any SASS legal guns and gear, any age, any shooting style. Shooting style can be different from stage to stage as well. It’s intended for shooters who want to compete against other ‘fast’ shooters and whose goal is winning the match more than placing in a category.


    It would be interesting to see how a big match would work if shooter’s had to declare for a similar category to be eligible to win the overall.

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  8. 2 hours ago, Grizzly Dave said:

    After a bit of research I'm suspecting indexing arm and spring need to be replaced and put in an online request with Dillon.


    As long as I'm here, what do you use to lube the primer wheel and shaft in the priming system?




    As others have said, mine did the same thing and a new spring and arm fixed it.

  9. They're fast when they're fulling charged, once they've discharged a  bit they lose a lot of oomph.  So basically, the lower the charge, the less power it has available.  Meanwhile my small block Chevy V8 6.2 liter pumps out 455 hp and 455 tq as long as there's gas in the tank.  As an added benefit, every time I crank it up I get looks from anyone nearby.  I guarantee the  Tesla doesn't get that. 

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Trigger Mike said:

    Now that the Pennsylvania governor mandates you have to wear a mask in your home if some one who doesn't live there comes inside, I wonder if a turkey drumstick will fit under a mask.

    I wonder who would be stupid enough to try to come in my house and determine what I'm doing in there.  


    LOL, at some point you have to ask yourself, who do these people think they are and what relationship do they imagine they have with citizens?

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  11. 1 hour ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    If all you're innit for . . . . is WINNING some obscure Cattle Gory . . . . GO HOME.  This is suppose to be about FUN !!!

    Some people consider winning to be fun.

    The comment we hear a lot here on the wire that I wish would be retired is "I'm just in it for fun."  I'm pretty sure all of us are just in it for fun.  Some think old guns are fun.  Some think BP is fun.  Some think shooting really fast and winning a match are fun, but we're all in it for the same reason.

    Vent over.


    Back to the categories.


    There are too many. 


    It's like participation awards.  I shot a match recently and every person there 'won' except two people.


    I 'won' my category.  Means nothing to me.  I was second overall, my objective was first overall, THAT would have meant something to me.  Doesn't happen very often, but I enjoy it when it does happen.  

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  12. 32 minutes ago, Chickamauga Slim said:

    We make our cornbread in a Lodge cast iron skillet. My cornbread are round, I gar-on tee. And maybe that's because Grandma knew a round skillet held more cornbread? 


    Or the skillet manufacturers knew round skillets used less material.  Or both!  Grandmas are smart that way.

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  13. Thanks Ringer and Dave!  

    Fortunately Sharyn and I aren't hurting for primers.....yet.


    Back of the envelope calculation tells me we're good through 2021 without having to scale back, BUT, it's good to know that SR will work, and if I come across some I'll probably pick up a couple of bricks just to be safe. 

  14. 45 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    Yes and no.


    The metal in SP primers is thinner than SR primers. so they can only withstand so much chamber pressure before rupturing and allowing hot gasses into the action of the firearm.


    If you look a load data for some very hot pistol cartridges they actually call for LR primers in the loading data.

    So if I wanted to substitute SR for my .38 loads, 125 grain over 2.7 of Clays, I would be ok?  

    What about hardness? Are SR as easy to pop as SP?

  15. 22 minutes ago, Chickamauga Slim said:

    It must have already turned too cold to venture outside in some areas. Might be a long dark winter......


    So if cleanshot powder has a density of .65grams/cc, How many cc's to give me .45 grains? That's a more useful math question. (and I already know the answer, I think.

    4.49 ccs if you mean 45 grains. If you mean .45 grains then .0449 ccs

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  16. 3 minutes ago, Alpo said:

    I was trying to decide which had the smaller perimeter, for the same area. I had decided on a square.


    A square mile has four one mile long sides, making a four mile perimeter.


    But if it was a rectangle two miles long by a half mile wide, it would still be one square mile, but would take two pieces of two mile long fence and two pieces of half mile long fence, making a five mile perimeter.


    If you took a two mile long by one mile wide rectangle, and cut it into two right triangles, you would have 1 one mile long fence (a), 1 two mile long (b) fence, and the hypotenuse (c). A² (1) + B² (4) = C² (5), so C =√5 --- 2.236. 1+2+2.236=5.236. That's longer than the rectangle.


    Then I thought about a circle. Area of a circle = πr².


    1 ÷ π = r² = 0.318.

    √r = √0.318 =0.564.

    r = 0.564, so d (2r) = 1.128

    Circumference of a circle = πd

    d = 1.128 x π = 3.543


    It appears that for the same area (in my example, one square mile), the perimeter of a circle is less than anything else.


    Does that sound right to y'all, or have I forgot something? 11th grade geometry was a long damn time ago.



    Yes, Circles contain the most area of any shape relative to circumference/perimeter.

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  17. 8 minutes ago, Sixgun Seamus said:


    So according to Kid Rich, the cost of shooting semi auto Pro Steel matches, Long Range matches, and Wild Bunch matches should be included in the start up costs for shooting SASS?


      @Kid Rich  should we include the cost of the semi-auto carbine as well?  What about IDPA, should we include the cost of those guns and that ammunition in the cost of shooting SASS?

  18. 41 minutes ago, Kid Rich said:

    Check and see how much Jimmy Spurs pistols rifles and sg cost. It looks to me as if you have to buy used to get your prices, I'm sure you could get a Yul Lose gc for cheap. So what happens when you go to multi day shoots and are shooting PS, WB, LR, and CAS? Suddenly YOUR budget for ammo etc is out the window. Like comparing a minivan to a race car.


    I know what Jimmy Spurs pistols cost, I have a pair. I didn’t say you could buy Jimmy Spurs equipment, I said you could buy slicked guns for those prices and I specifically stated SASS Vaqueros with lighter springs.

    Do a search for Cody Conagher 1873 and you’ll see new competition 1873s for less than $1,600.


    Yul Lose gun carts are awesome, but expensive. Using them to support your contention is like saying you can’t buy a car for less than $100,000 because that’s what Porsches sell for.


    John’s statement is about the cost of getting into the game for a new shooter. You’re correct that if a new shooter is going to buy the most expensive gun cart available, the most expensive guns he can find, the most expensive rig he can find, and shoot every big match and every side match including warmups black powder, Wild Bunch, etc, then my numbers are off.

    How many new shooters come into the game planning to do that?


    On the other hand, if the new shooter wants reliable competition guns and rig, a functional gun cart and to shoot SASS every weekend with a few big matches thrown in here and there, my numbers hold up.


    You’re intentionally twisting this by 

    1. Quote the most expensive gun carts out there

    2. Quote one of the most expensive gun smiths out there.

    3. Mention the ammo requirements for TWO people, you and your wife.

    4. Bring in the cost of WB which has zero to do with the cost of SASS.


    You’ve proven a new shooter CAN spend that type of money to get in the game, but you haven’t proven they MUST spend that much.

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  19. 10 minutes ago, Kid Rich said:

    You are off in your estimates of what equipment costs, at least when you are paying for action work on revolvers and rifles. $2000 for a set of non SASS revolvers, another $2000 for a rifle and still another $2000 for an SKB all of this is with action jobs etc. Last Guncart I bought was $600 used, it is a nice cart I would buy it again. Then ammo, somewhat more than 10,000 rounds plus 1500 sg shells. For our last trip of 2 months we had 4500 rounds apiece and came with almost enough for a couple of matches. The 10,000 round estimate is on the light side.


    Cody Conagher is selling 1873’s for less than $1,600. I think you can get a Fast Eddie (best in the business) SKB for less than $1,700. Ruger Vaqueros on GB for well under $2,000 a pair. Wolff spring kits cost what $30-40 for two?

    Guncarts are cheap if you’re buying for function. Heck I gave two away for free to new shooters. One was free to me and the other cost me $40. Both worked fine.

    1 shooter, 52 matches a year, six stages per match at 20 rounds of metallic cartridge a stage = 6,240 rounds. 1 box of shotgun a match times 52 matches = just over 5 cases.


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  20. 31 minutes ago, Griff said:

    Now Widder... you know that comparison would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight.   A more apt comparison would be cowboy boots to tennis shoes... and since tennis shoes are not legal attire... ;)

    Better yet bring I’ll take my car and one of the naysayers can take a Chryler minivan, then we head to the track to see if equipment makes a difference.

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  21. 8 minutes ago, Doc Coles SASS 1188 said:

    The title of the original post should have included “up to a point.”  Bad gear makes things a lot harder, but the best gear will not make a poor shooter great.  

    However, I agree that there are some guns that should not be recommended for this sport.  That does not mean that they are outright bad guns (though some really are) but that they are just not good choices for the sport.  But hey, everyone has a dream and they can do what they like in this sport as in life.  

    I think the thread title is 'Better equipment makes you better' not the best gear makes a poor shooter great.

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  22. 38 minutes ago, John Kloehr said:


    I'm in about 5 large at this point, with more to come. And 5 large was my budget. I did buy a few items beyond what I would consider the minimum, and that is because I wanted them.


    Still not bought reloading equipment. I can't afford this sport if I don't load my own.


    I can't help but wonder if I am one of the people referenced in the OP, one of those who is seen as not in support of "the best."


    So to hopefully clear the air if I am one of the referenced individuals... Yes, better equipment will make you (and me) faster. But if the best is required just to get started, I will never get started. The budget would have to be at least 10 large in that case.T

    Because I'm here to have fun.


    John I don't know where you got those numbers from, but I wish you had shopped around a bit because they're off by quite a bit.

    $10,000 to get in the game with competition guns, please.


    1. Slicked up Uberti $1600 

    2. Set of Ruger SASS NMV plus spring kits $1500

    3. SKB slicked up. $1400-$1500, call it $1450

    4. Decent rig $600

    5. Dillon SDB $400

    6. 3,000 pieces of 38 brass $115

    7. 1 lb jug of Clays $30

    8. 5,000 125 grain bullets $220

    9. 5,000 Federal SP primers $190 (if you could find them)

    10. 4 cases of Featherlites $500

    Total $6,605


    That total includes enough ammo for almost a year of shooting depending upon volume.  Exclude that and your cost of equipment is $5500, including a lifetime warrantied Dillon. Take your time and you could probably shave another $400-500 off that total.  Those are all top caliber competition guns. Want the Rugers slicked up, dry fire them a few thousand times. 


    You didn't own jeans before this? Western shirt? Boots?  Come on, you can get all of those for less than $200.  Used gun carts for less than $200 or make your own. You can still have everything you need and a years worth of ammo for less than $7,000.


    With regard to your last statement that I bolded, I have news for you ALL OF US are in this for fun.  It's just our definition of fun may not be the same as yours.

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