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  1. I’ll second/third/fourth what others have said. How is Colt the gold standard? Are they more durable than a Ruger. I don’t think so. Does Colt treat their customers well? No, quite the opposite. Are they more accurate than any other clone out there? I’ve never seen evidence of that.  Better built than a Freedom Arms? I don’t think so.


    They live off their heritage, that’s it. Yeah, I have several and they’re good guns, but gold standard? Not to me. I’ll take a NMV over a Colt any day.

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  2. As an economist I don't believe there is such a thing as price gouging.  Regulated utilities are not a good example as they are limited by whatever agency is doing the regulating.  If they're overcharging your complaint is with the regulator that is allowing them to charge those prices.


    With respect to non-regulated individuals or businesses.  Why on earth would anyone think they have a right to tell someone what they can charge for their property when they sell it?  Whose property is it?  Theirs, or yours?


    Price gouging controls ALWAYS end up hurting the consumer and are NEVER effective.  


    A perfect example is price gouging controls when natural disasters happen.  So a hurricane hits and folks load up their trucks with generators, water, chainsaws, etc.  They drive that stuff into the affected area and sell it for a profit.  They've just made a profit, and increased the supply of needed items in the area.  Then Uncle Sugar swoops in and says, NO, you can't do that.  What's the result, the increase in supply doesn't occur, and consumers in the area have fewer options to acquire the goods they need.  Very few people are going to load up and drive supplies into a natural disaster area so they can sell them for the same price they purchased them for. 


    Same thing with gas price controls in those situations.  Given the ability to increase prices, gas station owners do.  The guy driving by in his car with 3/4s of a tank sees the high prices and decides to wait until he's out of the affected area, leaving gas for those who need it more.  Then Uncle Sugar swoops in and says, NO you can't charge that much.  Now the guy with his tank 3/4s full sees relatively inexpensive gas and tops off.  Later the family with a 1/4 of a tank comes along and all the gas is gone.

  3. 33 minutes ago, Possum Skinner, SASS#60697 said:

    Goody, I was not referring to any specific vender nor incident. 


    I 100% understand capitalism and free market and agree with them.  However, I view pretty much all cowboy action shooters as friends and I think we should all try to help each other out.  While it is a free market, I don't see it as cool to swoop in and buy primers for $50/k then turn around and sell them to my needy friends for $200/k.  Yes, it's legal.  Yes, it's their right.  But I can't see it as morally right.

    This is how I feel also.  Not to long ago a shooter buddy sold me 2K Federal SPP for $60, yeah, $60.  Why, because we're friends.  I ended up selling them to a new shooter last month.  He needed them to get in the game.  I charged him what I paid, $60.   I don't need to make money off the back of my pards.  I have a job for that.   


    Having said that, if I were selling on the Wire Classifieds to a vendor, I would charge that person the same I would charge if I were selling on Gunbroker, whatever the market will bear.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Goody, SASS #26190 said:

    Does anyone have problems with the seller allowing an obvious dealer to purchase the item? What about the sellers who have obviously been in the game a while and sell their goods at a marked up price? Like a Rodeo for $1200 or a Colt SAA for $2500. Are they just following the market and not price gouging? Why is this dealer, and let's be honest, everyone knows who is being talked about here, such a target for some of you?

    Great question Goody.  Speaking only for myself.  If I post here in the classifieds I'm going to do my best to offer a deal that all will view as fair, maybe even underpriced just a bit.  That's just the way I want to be seen in this community.    

    OTH, if I'm selling on GB, I'm selling for top dollar.


    I have zero problem with a seller allowing a dealer to purchase an item, and I have zero problem with a seller deciding they don't want to sell to a dealer.  Their stuff, they can sell it however they want. 


    I do sometimes feel badly when I see new people miss a good deal, it's tough to see that happen.


    I've been trying to buy a PS5 since they were released back in November.  You just can't get one.  Younger more tech proficient people have bots out buying them and then marking them up on Ebay and other places so that a PS5 that sells retail for $499 will cost about $750.  It's frustrating, but I guess if I really wanted one I would either pay the markup, or learn to code.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, El CupAJoe said:

    if you're interested Elvis Ammo has started a series on making components to remanufacture your own primers over on the Reloader's Network.  

    Thanks, I'll check that out.

  6. 12 hours ago, T-Square said:

    Capt. Bill ?  You're smart, I'm not - what happened here? 

    I see more people complain about the rising prices of guns, but nothings getting cheaper, nor are guns getting more available.

    And when you look at the price of service on a new Camaro, or the cost of new tires, everyone will want the market to act in their favor.

    It's going to be a long two years.....(sad face emoji)

    Lol, you're a funny guy T.  I'm nowhere near as smart as you I just use big words that I don't really understand anyway.  Thanks for the compliment though!


    Believe it or not those tires aren't too bad, about $350 each.  The problem is you can't rotate them because their unidirectional and the back ones are much bigger than the front ones.  It looks cool that way though.


    I'm not sure, I guess this is a discussion of the propriety of a merchant buying stuff from the classifieds and then reselling at a markup.    


    From an economic perspective the middleman is adding liquidity to the market, while causing the price level to increase.  I guess some value the liquidity, and don't care about the mark up, while others don't care about liquidity and get offended by the mark up.


    As I, and others have said, buying something out from under someone on a WTB thread is not acceptable behavior for anyone, vendor or not.   If it were up to me someone doing that would get a ban from the classifieds if the WTB OP pointed out their behavior.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Possum Skinner, SASS#60697 said:

    We want to change the game to attract new shooters, but when they can't find guns for a decent price what are they to do?  Yes, maybe a buyer should be quicker, but some people have lives besides watching the classifieds for deals.  And frankly, I think anyone who will go on somebody else's WTB post and buy guns out from under them is not anyone I ever want to do business with.

    I have to agree with that. Capitalism is fine, but come on, if you're a part of the SASS community there is such a thing as the cowboy way, and undercutting someone's WTB ain't it.




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  8. 1 minute ago, July Smith said:

    Like others, I highly recommend Mike Brackett of Goons Gunworks.  His turn around times leave a lot to be desired, but his work on cap guns is second to none.  If you want he can also coil and torsion spring the entire action (save for the mainspring) on both your guns to make them last for thousands and thousands of rounds.



    He is actually replacing the mainspring on my 51s with coils.  I don't know how he does it, but that's what he said he was going to do.

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  9. 12 minutes ago, El Hombre Sin Nombre said:

    The analogy was meant as a demonstration for those military folk who have actually seen a claymore fire. Nothing at all to suggest severity of either. Though in my own personal experience, I know 7 people who have died to COVID, and my own mother was very nearly the 8th (still might as her recovery is less than optimal). I don't know anyone personally that has been killed by a claymore mine, and I highly doubt in the entire history of claymore mines, there have been nearly 2.5 million worldwide and over half a million American lives claimed to make a fair comparison with covid.

    I understand.  Again, respectfully, I think your original argument misses the point that some are making which is that they see the threat as not worthy of protecting against, which few would argue about a claymore.  Furthermore, a comparison of deaths is also not helpful, as far fewer people have been 'exposed to claymores than exposed to Covid 19.   Additionally, those death numbers are pretty suspect.  Plenty of people who die with Covid 19 are recorded as having died OF Covid 19.  Not the same thing.  Your analogy doesn't bother me, nor did the one about loaded guns, I just don't think they advance your point.


    I wear a mask when I need to in order to enter stores where masks are required.  Other than that I don't wear a mask.  I do that for two reasons, one, I doubt the efficacy of the masks people are using, and I really doubt the veracity of what idiots like Fauci say, and two, I don't see Covid 19 as a significant personal threat. 


    If I'm going to be around someone who has asked me to wear, or who I know has a specific vulnerability I'll wear one, but I'm not wearing one everywhere all the time in order to cater to the paranoia of the various 'Karens' out there. 

  10. 23 hours ago, El Hombre Sin Nombre said:

    For all of those people who still don’t understand how wearing a mask protects others (not yourself) I’ll make it clear in a way that all military people can understand. If you put a claymore mine behind a tree and set it off it has a different effect than if you put it in front of the tree. While the tree will not block the entire blast, if given the choice I’d rather have the tree between me and the mine than not have the tree. 

    With all due respect, your analogy seems a bit off.  The likely outcome from standing next to a claymore when it goes off is not comparable to the likely outcome if exposed to Covid 19.  In the first case the probability of death is close to 100%, in the second case the probability of survival is close to 100%, for all but a few, which leads me to....


    Sure, some wear masks in ways and places that are arguably silly.  OTH, there are groups who are specifically vulnerable and that vulnerability may not be visible to the naked eye, so I try not to judge.


    I'll take the vaccine when I'm eligible.  My parents got their second shots yesterday, and I'm glad!

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  11. 1 hour ago, Matthew Duncan said:


    Higher than normal lead in my blood is the main reason I switch from "Dry" tumbling to "Wet".  There is lead particles in all that dust don't you know.

    Same here.  I peaked at a 34.  Not sure what it is now, last time was down in the low 20s.

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  12. I don't know whether a .22 rifle can be slicked up to perform at the level of a centerfire rifle, but I'm looking at this Ruger Wrangler I bought for my youngest (yes only one, FedEx is still looking for the other) and this is a nice gun.  The grip feels almost identical to my NMVs.  Obviously it's a lighter gun, but it has a solid feel to it. The action feels very comparable to an untouched NMV.  I could see a Cowboy really running these fast with lighter springs and some light action work.  I'm looking forward to getting the other one and the spring kits I ordered.



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  13. 6 minutes ago, Cypress Sun said:


    And more fun too!

    Back when I was brewing wine and hard cider I could get it to about 40 proof without distilling. It tended too have just a bit of sediment and packed a hell of a wallop.

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  14. 9 hours ago, Uncle Ethan # 94321 said:

    i do believe this has been done before with a liquid substances during prohibition.

    Lol. It’s a lot easier to make bootleg whiskey than bootleg primers.

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