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  1. 2 minutes ago, Assassin said:

    Let me know if you are planning on s&d. I'll find something else to do that day. When I set up a match I cater to the majority.

    Come on now, Rainmaker caters to what his shooters want, to the extent anyone can.  A stand and deliver every now and then isn't the end of the world.   We shoot in the rain every now and then (seems like a lot lately).  When that happens being able to stay in one place under cover is a plus. 

  2. Lube is so cheap I have never considered trying to save money by purchasing it by the gallon.  A 1 oz bottle of Rem Oil will probably last a couple of years, I would have to be Methuselah to need a gallon of the stuff.  A 12 oz can of CLP will probably last a year.  I still have the original bottle of Ballistol  I bought back in 2011, as well as a couple more I picked up as door prizes.


    I like to use the CLP to clean and wipe down all my guns.  The Rem Oil (or something similar) goes on very lightly here and there.  The Ballistol goes on my boots a few times a year.   Every now and then I put a little grease on the workings of our SKBs.  Right now I'm using Outers Gun Grease cause that's what WalMart had a few years ago when I was looking. 


    I keep WD-40 in my range bag and on wet days all the guns get a good wipe down with that before they get put in the car.  Once I get home they get another wipe down with CLP.


    I hear a lot of good stuff about Frog Lube so I may pick up some the next time I see it on the shelf.  

  3. 48 minutes ago, The Rainmaker, SASS #11631 said:

    We usually put a S&D stage or two in our monthlies. (6 stages)

    Both to give the "experienced" pokes a break and most folks like em sometimes.

    I've had some leave because I don't include MORE S&D stages.

    I like a balance; S&D, 1 move, 2, 3 moves... Props, no props

    They say variety IS the spice of life...

    When the Rainmaker is placing the targets so far out that my sights cover them up completely he makes it a bit easier by letting us stand and deliver all our misses from one spot.  :lol:


    (couldn't resist, the devil on my left shoulder won out over the angel on my right shoulder)

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  4. 19 hours ago, Sedalia Dave said:




    The above sounds good until you reach the time between the start of the broadside skid and landing in the grave. It is obvious to the rest of us that when Mr. Thompson said the above the broadside skid was NOT in full motion. 

    Given that Mr. Thompson killed himself I will take his suggestions with a large dose of skepticism. 

  5. Sometimes even if the plunger isn't sticking the T-bar can catch on the firing pin. The next time it binds look there.  If the T-bar is stuck on the lower part of the firing pin that's your problem.  I solved it by taking the T-Bar out and filing the leading edge on the firing pin side down just a bit.  Problem solved.

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  6. On these boards I'm not old yet.  At work quite the opposite, I'm the oldest person there by far.  At 56 I don't feel much different than at 36, or even 26.  Same height, pretty much same weight, maybe 8 or 10 lbs extra.  Less hair, sigh. But my 52 year old brother and I beat his 21 year old son and my teenager pretty badly at basketball over Christmas break.  That felt good. Knock on wood for now age hasn't slowed me down much.

  7. 36 minutes ago, Chicken George* said:

    I was wondering how a single-barrel shotgun shooter would clear a suspected squib from the barrel on the clock... I also assume that doesn't include a 97. Not sure how you and the TO would verify a 97 is clear...

    I guess if he happened to be carrying a squib rod he could do it!  I think if you're using a 97 you'll have to ground and move on.

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  8. 10 hours ago, Col Del Rio said:

    I should know this, but what is the rule of thumb for reloading 38 specials to feed properly in 1873 actions rifles?  

    To me the two biggest issues for feeding are the shape of the bullet and the OAL of the cartridge.  The primers and powder charge you use have very little if anything to do with proper feeding, unless you load so light you start having squibs or backed out primers.  Different guns like different lengths, so what works for mine may not work for yours.  I'm not as technically proficient as many on this forum, so when I started out I bought ammo from Georgia Arms.  It fed fine, so when I started reloading I used the same OAL.  Basically I adjusted my seating depth until the length of the cartridge I was loading looked about the same as the length of a GA's cartridge.  Then I placed a bubble level across the top of the two cartridges.  When the bubble was between the lines I had my length right.  I've been running with that for the last nine years with no problems.  

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  9. 55 minutes ago, Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217 said:

    Wow! Bill, if I calculated correctly, he was 103 when he died. B)

    That’s correct, January 1797 to May 1900. He and his wife had 17 children. She lived to be 84. We’re a pretty long lived family, mostly. My grandmother is 98.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, bgavin said:

    I asked this question here, because I do not want to make another shotgun mistake.

    Then buy your next shotgun from a ‘known’ cowboy gunsmith like Fast Eddie or Johnny Meadows. You’ll pay a bit more, but if something breaks they’ll make it right. It’s hard for me to get Eddie to even accept money for parts. We had a spring in one of our SKB’s wear out, after 500+ matches things do wear out, and he resisted me compensating him for the cost of the part. I insisted.

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  11. 1863. I would have probably been the grandson of Captain William Burt (instead of great-great-great-great grandson). He and my father would have been fighting for the Confederacy in Burt’s Rifles. I would have grown up in Crystal Springs MS surrounded by by 16 uncles and aunts and 100 or so cousins. I would have probably lived an affluent life by the standards of that time.

    William Burt 1797-1900





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  12. 9 hours ago, Badlands Bob #61228 said:

    In Georgia, it's the Probate Court that issues the Carry Permits.  There's not usually a long line, or any line at all in the Probate Office.  I don't remember what the renewal fee is.  I get mine free since I'm retired law enforcement.  I can already carry nationwide under LEOSA but I use the carry permit to avoid having to hassle with background checks during gun purchases.

    I can't remember if it's $30 or $35.  One of the two.

  13. 11 minutes ago, Santa Fe River Stan,36999L said:

    Bill if the wording was written like you originally thought I would say that those KD's are still rifle targets. Just because they could be hit with the shotgun at some point doesn't mean they are no longer rifle targets. Let's say you have 10 targets that you sweep with the rifle and then with the pistol. You wouldn't say that once target 1 was hit with the rifle it was now just a pistol target .....think double tapping the first target with the rifle. It would be P even though the next hit on target 1 should have been from the pistol.



    I can’t say you’re wrong, but my point was more that no matter how the rules are written unique circumstances will lead to conflicting interpretations.  I enjoyed the discussion on the original thread even though I made the wrong call.

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  14. No matter how you rewrite the rules there will always be situations that aren’t perfectly captured by the SHB. For example, on the original WTC that inspired this thread, I misread the OP and thought that any of the reactive targets left standing would be made up with the SG on those SAME targets. That’s why I thought after six shots the target TYPE switched to SG and therefore round 7 from the rifle would be a miss since it hit what had become a shotgun target. The change in interpretation suggested wouldn’t clear that up.

  15. 36 minutes ago, Matthew Duncan said:


    Received mine today.  The Broc Rider is higher then what y'all got pictured.  It's partially covered by the label.  For $20 Yankee it's (IMHO) and excellent buy.



    Mine too. Great deal.Thanks for posting SF!


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  16. 7 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Oh I've already looked at the match...even "mapped" it for driving distance. Trust me...I don't forget.


    Whether I can get there this year is up in the air. The new house was supposed to be finished in June 2019, then November 2019, then March 2020.


    So don't worry, if it's not this year...ultimately...we'll meet in person.




    Phantom...who really needs to avoid the Wire...as my friends don't need it to understand who is a friend...who is someone to respect...as we acquire knowledge through face to face interactions.

    It's a long haul from Colorado.  I've done it twice.


    Don't wait too long, I ain't getting any younger. 

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