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  1. I take a layered approach.  When I pick up my brass at the ULT it gets a good shake.  If it makes that tinny sound, the split brass is located and discarded.  After cleaning, brass gets a visual inspection before going into the hopper.  While reloading, at station 4, I will generally notice split brass because the bullet will seat too deep when I press it into the case mouth.  When at the LT, all brass, and primers, get another look. 


    So far after just over 10 years of CAS only one split has made it through to a match.

  2. 2 hours ago, Goody, SASS #26190 said:

    OK, since I seem to be behind the curve on this. Are the Wranglers akin to the USFA Rodeo series, same as the Single Six just a rougher finish? All parts are same dimensions?

    I wouldn’t say ‘all’ parts are the same dimensions, but they’re close enough that Wolff springs for a Single Six work in a Wrangler.


    The finish isn’t rougher, the frame is cerakoted cast aluminum. Only the cylinder and barrel are steel.

  3. They are still pretty new, so time will tell, but so far I like this pair of Ruger Wranglers.  I bought them for my youngest and got them for under $200 each.  I bought Wolff 17/34 springs and installed them, polishing up the hammer struts a bit while I was at it.  He's been running an assortment of rounds through them, including some super cheap .22 shorts I bought years ago.  So far not a single failure to fire with a range of ammunition from Remington to Federal to Winchester to Blazer to whatever the .22 shorts are (German I think).

  4. I was ruminating on my ammunition situation and coming to the conclusion that we'll run out of store bought shotgun ammo sometime early fall at the current rate of consumption.  That got me to thinking about how long the 1,000 209A primers I currently have will last when the store bought runs out.  After a lot of higher order math, adding, subtracting, multiplying and such, I came to the conclusion that 1,000 209A primers would give me about 40 boxes of shells, which will last about 4 months.  That made me happy thinking, hey, we can get to the end of 2021 in terms of shotgun primers.  I figured I better verify that count, so I looked in the appropriate cabinet and noticed a brown box behind the sleeve of 1,000.  What do you know, I bought 5,000 209As when I made that purchase, not 1,000!


    Now if only I could discover something like that with Federal SPPs....but I guess it's one of those days....   

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  5. I bought my first set of spurs in a cowboy store in Cottonwood AZ, in 1992. I was working in Camp Verde.  I purchased a custom pair of boots, a Stetson, and the spurs. I still have all of them though the Stetson is pretty much done.

  6. 2 hours ago, Ozark Shark said:

    My SKB 200E is 6.53 lbs and my SKB 280 is 6.68 lbs.  Both have 22 inch barrels.  I find the break action works better and the  gun is more balanced in my hands with a 22 inch barrel.

    Same here, that extra weight out on the end helps it break open easier. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Chuck Steak said:

    I am a loyal fan of Chevy muscle cars and Ford pickup trucks.  The sad part remains, that just like a modern pistol with premium ammo will dispatch bad guys far more effectively than any of the pistols that were being used to gun down villains in the wild west, my VW Turbo has more factory HP than most of the muscle cars that came out of Michigan during the Mid-1970's


    At the end of the day - the speed limit doesn't care how many horses are hiding under the hood of my Vee-Dub and six rounds from a .36  cap and ball pistol will kill you just as dead as a 20 round magazine of SXT's from a $4000 gucci Glock - and depending on what state you live in, those hollow point bullets and 20 round pistol mag MIGHT get you tossed in jail while the villain with the six shooter walks free.


    My heart weeps too -

    LOL, but will it keep up with a modern small block Chevy? ;)

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  8. 3 hours ago, Barkeep Casey said:

    Do I think that Cowboy Guns and Calibers are efficient or as effective as modern guns and Calibers? NO.

    Do I think that a Seasoned Cowboy Action Shooter could hold his own with 99% of the population in a self defense situation, even if the perpetrators had modern guns? YES.

    I agree, and a seasoned Cowboy Action Shooter who is also familiar with modern guns is even more of a force to be reckoned with. 


    Imagine facing Sidekick and Tator armed with Glocks and AR-15s.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    Very well done match...looking forward to them making the National Championships a FUN match for EVERYONE...imagine that!!



    Welcome back.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Joeronimo Caffiend said:

    Odd query: How is the topography at the site?  My 78 y/o mum "wants to see what all this cowboy shooting is about" and I thought if she gets her leg out of the boot she has for an Achilles issue, a state match might be just the ticket for her and her Roll-A-Tor.

    There's some hills, but nothing major and it's likely there will be some golf carts running folks around.

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  11. 10 hours ago, Krazy Kajun said:

    How about we park Capt. Bill Burt's speedy red wagon in place of the pistol targets....say at 7 yards.  Some folks might just reload their pistols on the clock and shoot them again! :lol:



    Some folks better be wearing ballistic vests if they’re shooting at my ride! ;)

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  12. If modified guns could be an issue in court I can see myself explaining why I had my 73 shortstroked, lever safety removed, bigger front sights, and a 1.25 lb trigger.   No thanks.  My Mossberg is stock and shooting store bought ammo. 

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