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  1. This website stays pretty current. Just change the search city as needed. https://tracker.gasbuddy.com/?q=Stockbridge
  2. It got worse pretty fast. Every station I passed this morning was dry.
  3. It's not as bad as they make it sound, though that may change. Today I drove by two gas stations that are relatively close to the range and they both had gas and not much in terms of lines.
  4. I bought my youngest a pair. I polished the hammer struts and replaced the springs with 17/34 Wolff springs. So far they’ve been 100% He’s shot them in 4-6 matches with no problems.
  5. The last time I did a team side match it was three, one with shotgun, one with rifle and one with pistols. It's getting close!
  6. I don’t think I’ve ever shot with anyone who bragged about being slow, but I’ve definitely shot with people who made it clear that speed wasn’t important to them. I don’t look down on people for having different tastes than me. I TO’ed for a Frontiersman not long ago, not running for speed, but still cool to watch him running those cap and ball pistols. Same match we had a shooter going Josey Wales and using a Schofield for the shotgun. I was impressed with how he dealt with 10-10-6 stages by opening that Schofield and loading a sixth round. Different st
  7. Pretty much the same here. We can go another few months on store bought, then it will be time to dust off the Dillon and start reloading.
  8. Part of the beauty of SASS is there are multiple aspects of the game that appeal to different people in different ways. Can we clarify one thing please? For those of you who mentioned you're only there to 'enjoy yourself' or to 'have fun'. Please, understand, those of us who are there to shoot as fast as we can and try to win are doing that because that is the aspect of the game we find the most fun, or enjoyable. I shoot with some pretty fast shooters, certainly faster than me, and I am 100% confident that they are at matches for the same reason you are and I am, to
  9. Nice video. I never saw anyone get swept. I'm curious to hear the time in the video where the unsafe gun handling occurred.
  10. I take a layered approach. When I pick up my brass at the ULT it gets a good shake. If it makes that tinny sound, the split brass is located and discarded. After cleaning, brass gets a visual inspection before going into the hopper. While reloading, at station 4, I will generally notice split brass because the bullet will seat too deep when I press it into the case mouth. When at the LT, all brass, and primers, get another look. So far after just over 10 years of CAS only one split has made it through to a match.
  11. I wouldn’t say ‘all’ parts are the same dimensions, but they’re close enough that Wolff springs for a Single Six work in a Wrangler. The finish isn’t rougher, the frame is cerakoted cast aluminum. Only the cylinder and barrel are steel.
  12. Every gun I've ever owned. I'm fully qualified to screw up even the simplest of them. This is why I've been shooting CAS for over ten years and never gotten beyond taking the sideplates and magazine end cap off a 73.
  13. They are still pretty new, so time will tell, but so far I like this pair of Ruger Wranglers. I bought them for my youngest and got them for under $200 each. I bought Wolff 17/34 springs and installed them, polishing up the hammer struts a bit while I was at it. He's been running an assortment of rounds through them, including some super cheap .22 shorts I bought years ago. So far not a single failure to fire with a range of ammunition from Remington to Federal to Winchester to Blazer to whatever the .22 shorts are (German I think).
  14. I was ruminating on my ammunition situation and coming to the conclusion that we'll run out of store bought shotgun ammo sometime early fall at the current rate of consumption. That got me to thinking about how long the 1,000 209A primers I currently have will last when the store bought runs out. After a lot of higher order math, adding, subtracting, multiplying and such, I came to the conclusion that 1,000 209A primers would give me about 40 boxes of shells, which will last about 4 months. That made me happy thinking, hey, we can get to the end of 2021 in terms of shotgun primers. I figur
  15. Joking aside Max, scrap those and the powder mix, you can afford to.
  16. Nine days. It’s going to be fun, sign up while you can.
  17. If we’re taking my Camaro or my son’s Mustang, both of which are garage kept, everything gets packed the night before, which makes morning prep easy. If we’re taking Sharyn’s Honda, which lives in the driveway, everything but guns gets packed the night before.
  18. I bought my first set of spurs in a cowboy store in Cottonwood AZ, in 1992. I was working in Camp Verde. I purchased a custom pair of boots, a Stetson, and the spurs. I still have all of them though the Stetson is pretty much done.
  19. Same here, that extra weight out on the end helps it break open easier.
  20. LOL, but will it keep up with a modern small block Chevy?
  21. I agree, and a seasoned Cowboy Action Shooter who is also familiar with modern guns is even more of a force to be reckoned with. Imagine facing Sidekick and Tator armed with Glocks and AR-15s.
  22. The real question is how far can you yeet a bobcat
  23. There's some hills, but nothing major and it's likely there will be some golf carts running folks around.
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