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  1. He said he is. I think hell is coming with him too! Something about wearing tweed and attacking wives. Sounds interesting. I think I'm supposed to feel like Gary Cooper in High Noon.
  2. I agree. Sounds more like a Jerry Reed song. Maybe along the lines of the Preacher and the Bear.
  3. Right now I use a Kirkpatrick shotshell belt. Whenever Blackhawk gets time I look forward to using one of his bandoliers.
  4. I think I do have tweed! I think he’s referring to this picture. Is that tweed? Dang Charlie I’m flattered. That picture is 8 years old. You must have really dug deep into my FB to find that. I didn’t know I was that important to you!
  5. In your best Clint Eastwood voice "I'll meet you, then I'll know you...punk."
  6. A miss can't cause a P. Less filling or tastes great? Pepsi or Coke? Camaro (yes) or Mustang (shudder, no!)
  7. Right! When you’re trying to find something why is it always the last place you look!
  8. This! Reminds of when I got pulled over on my way to a match back in January and the inevitable question ‘Do you have any weapons in the car’ came. My response, ‘yes’, then his ‘where is it’ then my laugh ‘it?, try they,’ four in the trunk and two up front with me
  9. Well, you're accusing me of wearing tweed, I guess it's possible. I'm not sure what tweed looks like, but I kinda think I've probably never owned any. I don't know your wife. Pretty sure I've never attacked her. Not sure why I would want to, if she's stayed married to you for long she must be a saint! Was she injured during this attack? Did I call her bad names at least? You're coming to Georgia just to see little ole me! Should I be flattered? Will it be fun? Sober up, tomorrow you'll feel much better.
  10. WTH are you babbling about? Tweed, attacking wives? Have you been drinking? LOL, ‘I’ll meet you then I’ll know you.’ Sounds like a starting line for a stage. Will I have to wait for the beep?
  11. He probably uses his teeth! Maybe a big Rambo knife and a rag around his head?
  12. His children are delightful. He's used to getting beat by them, so that part doesn't impact him, I don't think. Regarding your previous post about difficult matches. Generally speaking there are two schools of thought among Match Directors, one being they're in the entertainment business and their job is to try to ensure people have a good time, the other is that they're responsible for putting on matches that challenge the shooter and help them develop their skills. In my experience the majority of the practice top shooters put in happens at times other than monthly matches. As long as you're giving variety in target sizes distances and spacing I wouldn't view the MDs job as helping to develop shooters, I suggest focusing on putting on a fun match for the majority.
  13. I like a few stages that can be run at speed, a few that have some type of challenge, whether it's a flyer, moving targets, farther distances, that sort of thing. I like plenty of shotgun targets. I like movement. Interesting things to do before the beep can be fun, stab a dummy, throw a tomahawk, that sort of thing. I like straightforward progressions, none of that firing order of a chevy small block crap. Challenging progressions are fun, like ALL4114ALL, but not random stuff. I like choices, which side to start, which gun to start with. I really like stages where you're told the order targets have to be engaged in and that's it, or you're given a round count stage and it's left up to you determine the 'best' way to shoot it. Then of course there's how the match was run, food, awards, etc. That could be a long list.
  14. I agree. Up at the top of the list the difference between winning and not can often come down to very small differences, so a 5 second penalty is huge. OTH, if you're on the fringe of a speed group it may not matter much. I lurk just below the top shooters around here. They'll have to miss two or three times while I shoot clean and fast before I get into contention with them. On the flip side of that, if I'm not in contention for a top spot, I might be able to miss 3 or 4 times without it impacting my overall or category finish. Last Saturday I could have missed once and held my spot, but if I had missed twice I would have dropped down one place.
  15. I agree! Another way to think about miss penalties, if it takes you 16 seconds to shoot the stage and you miss once, you’ve incurred a 30% penalty for that stage.
  16. At some point you’ll encounter a stage that calls for a rifle reload. I see one of those every 4-5 matches. In 9 years I’ve never shot a stage that called for a pistol reload.
  17. Ace of Hearts makes stocks. He may be able to make one for you.
  18. My thoughts? Honestly? I would rather go fishing than shoot stages like that.
  19. At least 20%. I second what Creeker said.
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