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  1. Phantom and Gateway Kid covered it well. Of the guns used in CAS the pistols need the least done to them to be match ready. Yeah a Jimmy Spurs set of pistols are very sweet, my wife and I both have a pair, but a set of Wolf springs and a little polishing and you’ll have match ready guns.
  2. The drawback is that your vision of CAS and @InRangeTV's has room for this guy. But it doesn't have room for her. Nor does it have room for at least half of current SASS shooters who whether they are interested or not are not capable of all the gymnastics you're looking for.
  3. Your video reflects poorly on SASS no matter how many 'disclaimers' you make stating that's not your intention. Your view of SASS is obviously very negative and that comes through loud and clear. You say you found SASS to be fun and inclusive, but you put out a video that deliberately misrepresents what SASS is. If you're putting stuff like that out there where thousands of people can see it, get the wrong impression of SASS and be turned off on our sport due to your slanted presentation then you're no friend of SASS and no friend of mine. I don't mind calling things the way I see them and if folks (you) don't like it, I can live with that. You owe SASS and SASS shooters everywhere an apology for putting that garbage out there and potentially hurting our game.
  4. I can still do all that laying down, getting up and running etc. In fact it would probably improve my results vs the typical SASS shooter. But no, the list of things I don't like about his 'future of CAS' is long and life is short, so just no, not interested.
  5. Thanks! It was a fun match. You had to hit the target. I figure I picked up about 2 seconds per reload.
  6. I’m not a fan of bonus targets either. As others have said, once the first person gets it, it’s no longer a bonus, usually. I shot a match recently where every stage offered two potential bonuses. Shooters had the option of loading a round into their rifle on the clock and engaging a target for a five second bonus, which I did on every stage. They also had the option of loading an extra round in a pistol and engaging a target for a five second bonus, which I declined to do. Not many shooters went for the pistol bonus and to my knowledge nobody who did benefited from it, so that was a ‘reverse bonus’ in my view.
  7. That's an approach I hadn't thought of. I might try using Scotchguard on my current hat. How often do you spray it?
  8. There are three items that have a big impact on your shooting but are often not given the consideration they deserve. One of those is boots, which many have already addressed in this thread. I have had a minor foot issue, a broken bone that my podiatrist says is going to stay that way. That lead me to move from Ariats (which are good reasonably priced boots) to Whites which are excellent very expensive boots. These are unquestionably the finest footwear I’ve ever worn but be aware they run large. Another necessary item that deserves careful consideration is your rig. What type holsters, double strong side or crossdraw, where will it ride, single or double shotgun loops, rifle reloads right handed or left handed, etc. The new shooter whose first rig remains his go to rig is either very fortunate, or not trying to be competitive. Hats are often picked randomly or strictly based on appearance. When the weather is good pretty much any hat will do, but when it turns nasty a good hat is worth its weight in gold. I’m using a hat that is about 50% beaver and it’s a decent hat, but I’m keeping my eyes open for a 100% beaver hat. Welcome and good luck finding equipment.
  9. I'm curious what the call was. If you pause the video and frame by frame it at the two second mark you can see he has three shells in his hand before he throws the first one in, then after three shots he's going back to his belt. Pretty impressive.
  10. I've been buying/selling on GB for over 10 years with very few issues either way. As @Cypress Sun said prices lately have gotten pretty crazy. I have three automated GB daily notices running that send me new listings for SKBs, Vaqueros and Uberti 1873s just to keep me current on prices. I rarely bid anymore, but by being patient and very picky I still occasionally get decent deals.
  11. With careful planning a shooter could fly in May 20th, shoot GA State, MS State and TN State then fly home June 7th. Three state matches in 18 days. Alternatively they could fly in April 25th and shoot KY State, AL State and GA State then fly out May 19th. Three state matches in 24 days with time for a monthly on the 2nd weekend of May. Ideally I would shoot all 7, but I’m not sure how far I want to push my company’s unlimited vacation policy.
  12. I’m glad I started this conversation early. It will take me some time to think my way through these proposals.
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