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  1. I think I see the pattern. Rainmaker is shooting the Georgia match and the forecast is....rain.
  2. I've heard nothing but good things about Cody and his rifles. Having said that, you should be aware that Cody does short strokes by cutting and welding. The vast majority of Cowboy gunsmiths do not short stroke that way, they use either Cowboy and Indian short stroke packages or Pioneer Gunworks short stroke packages. Depending upon what you choose you'll get either new toggle links or new toggle links and a new lifter arm. Most 'race' packages from gunsmiths will also include different springs, firing pin, carrier, etc. It's certainly true that you can do well without a 'race' gun, but you will be in the process of developing muscle memory with your guns. It's a lot easier to create muscle memory than it is to relearn something that's already become ingrained, so my advice is to try different guns and then when you've found what you like buy that. I wouldn't start with a stock gun, shoot if for an extended time and then later have to relearn things when you move to a race gun. http://cowboysandindianstore.com/ http://www.pioneergunworks.com/
  3. I was perusing the 'Who's coming' list for Georgia State, with a particular eye out for anyone troublesome coming down from TN, and there were a few, but two names were conspicuously absent. Starting Thursday I'll be slinging lead at one of the best State matches there is, while those two will be...doing something less fun. Not that I'm naming names or anything.
  4. I managed to get a piece of .32 H&R mag stuck on a .38 special die a while back. I snipped the rim, creating a small cut, then grabbed a lip of the cut with needle nose pliers and peeled the brass of the die in a spiral. Brute force approach.
  5. I would find that interpretation perfectly acceptable…so long as the shooter was good with me awarding him a 10 second ‘bonus’ added to his time!
  6. As other's have said, add language stating that the sweep can be started on either end AND language that says with pistols repeat rifle 'instructions' and vice versa. I prefer to sweep left to right with my rifle, as most right handed shooters do and I since I draw my right pistol first (almost always) I prefer to run my pistol sweeps right to left.
  7. Thank you! I did ok. 9 decent stages and one not very good at all. 15th overall.
  8. Unfortunately you didn't win Rainmaker. You have to play to win!!! https://practiscore.com/results/new/242698
  9. Please be aware everyone that those standings aren't final or even necessarily comparable since some folks have already shot four matches and I included the best three, and some have shot either only one, only two or only three. Things will become clearer as more matches are shot, but it will be hard to 'predict' standings given you'll be getting the best three matches and we won't know what those are for everyone until TN State is in the books. I'm tabulating as we go so I don't have a monumental task Saturday afternoon after the TN state match. I'll just add TN State results, check shooter's best three are the ones included, sort and post.
  10. Total Shooter M7 Category Matches Counted RP Groundhog Cowboy 2 2 Fast Eddie Elder Statesman 1 2 Cotton Mouth Cole Senior 1 3 Arcadia Outlaw Senior 2 4 Midwest Hale Cowgirl 2 5 Copperhead Joe Senior 2 5 Santa Fe River Stan Cowboy 1 5 Hanso Lowe Cowboy 1 6 Roy L. Pain Duelist 2 7 Wabash Valley Slim Cowboy 1 7 Captain Bill Burt Senior 2 10 Purly Cattle Barron 1 11 Dodge City Dixie Lady Senior 1 13 Leadfoot Luke Gunfighter/AAC 2 13 Tuco Forsyth Cowboy 1 15 Randy Saint Eagle Duelist 2 16 Reno Mustang GF 1 17 Christian Mortician Cowboy 2 20 Shelleen Senior 3 23 Tin Can Sailor Senior 3 23 Preacherman GF 3 25 Hey Sugar Lady Senior 2 25 Justified FC 1 27 Cat A. Tonic Cowgirl 2 29 Brazos Belle Ladies Senior 3 30 Midnight Rider FC 1 30 Badlands Bob GF 3 32 Mister Badly Outlaw 1 32 TN Tombstone Outlaw 2 34 Tyrel Cody FC 2 35 Trail Bandit Cattle Barron 2 35 Max Payne Cattle Baron 2 37 Scarlett AACG/LGF 2 36 Cahawba Kid FC 1 37 Ophelia Payne Ladies Senior 2 38 Uncle Ethan GF 2 38 Lucky Lead Pepper Duelist 2 40 Crooked Bullet Frontier Cartridge 3 41 Crawdaddy Elder Statesman 2 41 English Tom Senior 2 42 Pecos Pete Cattle Baron 2 45 Lawman Mark FC 2 48 Krazy Kajun FC/AAC 3 49 Gunnby LGF/AACG 2 51 Jimmie Gunnfighter FC/AAC 2 54 Smart * Outlaw 2 58 Carolina Yankee Senior 3 74 Delta Glen Cowboy 0 Yohan Senior 0 Whiskey Creek Johnson Outlaw 0 Koda Joe Gunfighter 0
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