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  1. We need more cowboys with that attitude!
  2. That’s why I suggested an extra fee, or maybe shoot throughs are lost brass matches. I’m not suggesting we do it, I’m suggesting it’s worthy of thought.
  3. The idea of more time together has been floated. I'll go the opposite direction. How about more options to shoot through? Perhaps with an additional fee to make up for not doing posse chores. Many of our shooters are retired and spending a nice morning and afternoon shooting and then later eating and drinking with friends is what they want. I don't think that's the case for all of our shooters though. Younger shooters can be impatient with an entire day on the range, and those of us still raising children can struggle to allocate 4 or 5 days a month spent entirely at the range.
  4. Not for me no. Do away with that and I’ll shoot somewhere else, or switch to a different shooting discipline, maybe three gun.
  5. I don't think that speculation with negative connotations is appropriate. Occam's Razor, everyone of them is getting on up there in years, some are way past when most people are retired. The simplest assumption is that they're ready to relax and just enjoy matches. Having worked together for almost 40 years they are leaving together. No need for hidden agendas, secret agents, or lava bubbles under Founders Ranch, just a group of people who are stepping back after 40 years of work.
  6. Not only that, there's a big upfront expense to host something like that. All that money spent for a single event means very little profit. It might be worth it if there was some type of rotation and the club knew they would be hosting the event again in a few years.
  7. I think the Major is on the right track with respect to advertising, but before money starts getting thrown around for that SASS needs to identify their target market and also what forms of media that market is most exposed to. There's nothing wrong with advertising directed towards NRA publications, but I'm not convinced that the majority of our target market reads those. I found out about SASS through an article in Guns and Ammo. Pure luck. Surveys are a possibility for gathering that information. Perhaps reach out to everyone from badge #80,000 (pulled that number out of the air) and find out how they heard about SASS. At the same time ask what types of media they follow. Run the data and see what the demographics of the last 30,000 members has been. How old are they, where do they live? Identify who has dropped out and try to find out why. As Rye pointed out, it will cost, but sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Just be sure the money is being spent wisely. Look at other similar organizations and see if some of the things they do to promote their sport will work for SASS. Not all will, but I bet some would.
  8. They're lucky I wear anything at all.
  9. Not that unusual. The business I work for is privately owned, but the owner doesn't run it our CEO does.
  10. uh oh. I see a ban on wearing tweed during a match coming.
  11. I feel similarly to Creeker. Yeah it's sad to see this generational change, but it's also an opportunity. I think it's good that they are leaving on their own terms and their own timetable. Thanks for a great sport and great run Wild Bunch!
  12. More importantly, if the plane crashes with my primers on it will I get a refund that includes shipping?
  13. I do value your opinion and apologize for misinterpreting your earlier post.
  14. I use magnum and regular primers interchangeably and don't notice any difference. FYI, my loads are close to the bottom of the recommended range, with the bottom being 2.5 and my loads being 2.7. If I were close to the upper end of the range it might make a meaningful difference in pressure, so be careful.
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