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  1. http://eaacorp.com/gun_accessories/index.php/parts/baikal/mp-parts/izh-parts/izh43k/izh43k-buttstock-25-300746.html
  2. Really nice SKB 100 12ga with 30" barrels choked full/mod with splinter forend wood is in very good shape no cracks just little impressions and fine scratches you can see in the pictures price is $1175 shipped to your ffl
  3. It has inertia triggers my Baikal has mechanical that's where I'm struggling with the difference I do know for a fact you can change the SKB to mechanical maybe someone can weigh in on what the process is to change from inertia to mechanical.
  4. I'm selling my Johnny Meadows SKB Royal Light the predecessor to the model 100 this gun has the full race action job. This is my back up gun that sits in the safe I shot it today but it's not the same as my Baikal and I do not like switching back and forth so bye bye to the SKB There is nothing wrong with it just needs a new home gun is tight no cracks in the stock. $1300 First I'll take it and I'll pay the shipping to your ffl in the continental US.
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