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  1. I’ll take #13 - the skinning knives and #21 the canvas cartridge belt. PM sent.
  2. Moe is a pard to ride the range with. He really went the extra mile to make this deal happen.
  3. I have seen those rifle loading tubes. They are pretty slick.
  4. Because it’s fun. I’m not considering it for SASS. I’m interested in it because it’s novel. I’ve been wanting to build a concept CCW SAA. Not because it’s practical - it isn’t. Not that it would replace my Glock - it won’t. It’s a fantasy construct, like Jim West’s gadgets, or Van Helsing’s steampunk. I just like the idea of it and seeing how far I can take it. I just enjoy messing with cool guns and doing cool things with them.
  5. Cool! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to do a little experimenting with something myself.
  6. Jack, can you post photos of it? Thanks
  7. I saw a YouTube video of a guy who created loading tubes for speed loading a SAA. In the comments, he said he used gum ball tubes cut to hold a .45 Colt round. But he didn’t give details. In the video, he loads a single action pretty fast! Has anyone ever see anything like this? I’m interested in trying this out.
  8. I got it Caboose. I apologize for the confusion. I emailed you my contact info. Thanks
  9. Caboose, last I heard from you, you said, “I’m thinking...”. I didn’t take that as a done deal. They are still available if you want them.
  10. They are identical and both are 5.5”. The long barreled gun in the photo is a full-size ‘73 for comparison only to show the size difference. Thanks
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