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  1. I have a pair of Slim Jim style holsters with a belt. PM me if interested.
  2. Edited the post. I was informed these are not stainless steel but rather in the white.
  3. Pietta in the “white” Sheriff Model 1851 Navy in .44 caliber. Fully engraved. Fired a few times, but in great condition with no major dings on it. $300 shipped
  4. This website here says Dixie Gunworks has them in stock. https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/8520/category/327/category_chain/312,325,327/product_name/PH1403+Classic+Arms+Twister+Pistol+Kit
  5. These are outstanding rifles. I shot a Kodiak brown bear with mine. They’ll hold 10 rounds of .45-70, which aught to be enough firepower for any problem you will encounter!
  6. I have two pair of lace up boots for your consideration. One is a pair of Justin work boots the other is a pair of Adm Tec boots, which is a Boot Barn brand. These are used, but with plenty of life left in the sole. They are great for working or shooting a match as-is, but with a little polish they’d spiff up nicely for other events. Both pair have rubber, oil-resistant soles, but the Adm Tec boots have a bit more of a “riding” heel. The Justins are size 10 and the Adm Tec are 9.5. But they are actually about the same as far as fit. Both pair are WIDE. $49.99 per pair, shipped.
  7. These are super nice lizard-skin boots by Dan Post. Handmade in Mexico, they are finely crafted, leather-soled boots with a traditional heel. These boots are size 9.5 EW - extra wide. One pair is black and the other is dark burgundy. They have been worn, but only a little, with all soles strong and intact. These boots retail for $315. They are yours for $180 a pair, shipped.
  8. This is a pair of Cimarron “New Sheriff” model SAA revolvers in .45 Colt. They have 3.5” barrels and are the “black powder” frame, although they are, or course, modern reproductions and will handle smokeless loads just fine. These guns come with their boxes and all paperwork. They have been fired, but very little with no drag rings on their cylinders. One of them has a minor scratch on the cylinder, but a blueing pen will clear it right up. The buyer is responsible for determining whether or not these guns are legal in their own municipality. Your FFL must be willing to accept a firearm from a private individual. $900 for the pair shipped to your FFL.
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