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  1. Thanks Woodfox. Goody, are those the kind that originally came with a Winchester? Thanks
  2. Hey Pards, My grandfather bought a Winchester Model 12 in 1922. It came with a wooden cleaning rod that had a brass attachment for a cleaning patch. My dad just bought one of the cleaning rods at a gun show, but it does not have the brass attachment. I have looked online for an original piece, but all the Google searches come up with modern cleaning kits or vintage kits for rifles, not the Model 12 shotgun. Does anyone know where I could acquire original Winchester shotgun cleaning accessories? Thanks
  3. Fill yer Hand just posted a WB rig for sale.
  4. This is a field gun, not a SASS gun. I carry the .45LC for backup bear protection here in Alaska and I want the versatility of shooting .45ACP for plinking and target shooting. My main match guns are open tops.
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I reckon I’ll stick with my original plan and keep searching for a cylinder in other places.
  6. I have a Vaquero that has been customized by Jimmy Spurs. It has several aftermarket parts on it, including a Blackhawk hammer, spring kit, and transfer bar. I’d like to have it fitted for a .45 ACP cylinder, but have so far not been able to acquire a cylinder to install. I have considered sending it to Ruger to have them fit a new cylinder to it. I have heard that if you send a gun with aftermarket parts on it to Ruger that they will remove all those parts and replace them with Ruger parts. Has anyone had an actual experience with sending a customized gun to Ruger for work of repair? I really want a .45 ACP cylinder, but not at the cost of having all the expensive cowboy customization work that I have paid for undone. Thanks
  7. BTT, reduced a 2nd time. I’m going to reduce it until it sells here on the Wire.
  8. I’ll take the ‘97 video, the Colt video and the Crow video.
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