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  1. I have some stuff.I will put it together and take a picture.

  2. Where would I get a good schematic of the TTN?


    1. Colorado Coffinmaker

      Colorado Coffinmaker

      Pit Bull,


      I have never seen a schematic of the TTN.  Good or Bad.  I have seen a picture of the various parts laid out but no schematic.

  3. Happy,were you looking for a 66 in 38cal?I have one that Boomstick did for me.It was not new when he did the 3 rd gen SS on it..


    1. Happy Appy

      Happy Appy

      Tex could u get some pic of the gun?  Would u be interested in a trade?

  4. How much for the grip frames?


  5. You sell the 45-70?


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    2. Jeb Stuart #65654

      Jeb Stuart #65654

      I believe I had it posted for $1175 and I'll pay the shipping to your FFL.


    3. Pit Bull Tex

      Pit Bull Tex

      Thank you.Just looking.Thanks again.


    4. Jeb Stuart #65654
  6. No bits on your spurs yet?How have you been?how are your two shooting cards doing?Have not seen her on the wire sense I got back  after the flood.Have you ever found you a 10 ga. double yet.Hope to see you down the road.Having to sell some of my guns to get the money to go shoot.Sold my SKB  Monday.Going to sell my 1858 uberti with 12 cylenders next.Hope you are doing good.Enjoyed shooting with you 3.Pit Bull




  7. Sam,What is a old 66 with the notch in the receiver worth?


    1. Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

      Silver Sam, SASS #34718L

      Hey Pit Bull, Good to hear from you Pard !!!

      They're good guns, but many of the parts are impossible to get,

      IF anything breaks you could have a problem........

      Because of that some smiths are very reluctant to work on em.

      I sold a nice engraved one last year to a new shooter for around 800 bucks if I remember correctly.

      It was a good solid gun & had Real Nice wood & it had been short stroked.

      I warned him of the same things I'm telling you!!!! He bought it anyway.

      Since I can do my own smithing I have no problem owning one.....

      But if you have to rely on someone else for any repairs, then I'd steer clear.

      Take It Easy Pard, C U Later, Sam

    2. Pit Bull Tex

      Pit Bull Tex

      Thanks Sam.Nate told me the same thing.Stay away from it.How have you been?Got my house back together after the flood.Going to start shooting some now.Had a knee replacement and it is about ready also.Pit Bull

  8. Would you sell one box of them 410 brass shells?They are nice.

  9. I never shot them.Dave may have shot short rounds.

  10. Have you ever been shocked?Yesterday I was awarded a JEDI pin by Possum Skinner.Just call me a cry baby.Tears were in my eyes.

  11. Texas State was great.My shoulder did ok.Got to meet a lot of people and posse 11 was the best.

  12. I made Bayou Blast but my shoulder hurt alot.I guess it will keep hurting.I am going to Texas State and see how it works.I look foreword to seeing lots if you cowboys and cowgirls at state.

  13. My shoulder is not doing as well as it should be.I am going to try and shoot Bayou Blast and see if I can make it.If I can make it throughout it I will try and go to Texas State.Wish me luck and say a few prayers.

  14. PT is not working as well as it should.Hurts a lot.Guess it maybe something that is going to be.Hope to see some of you at shoots down the road.

    1. Complicated Lady

      Complicated Lady

      I hope you are hurting less. You have a couple of months of cold weather to rest and get those muscles built back up before shooting again. PLEASE take care of yourself. I want to see you at shoots again. XOXO

  15. Well I had to start back the PT because my should was not doing real good.It started to hurt again so they are helping me with it.Still could use some prayers.Drop me a line.

    1. Granny Annie SASS #37063

      Granny Annie SASS #37063

      I'm going to be a little stern here. You MUST continue doing the exercises for a long time (like a year) after they tell you you're finished! AND BE CAREFUL about what you do!! NO shotguns on that shoulder for a year also. I only say this because I care so much about you. PLEASE take care and get completely well!! HUGS!! HUGS!! HUGS!! HUGS!! (I threw in an extra( ;-)

  16. Had a ball at CAC.Had one miss for the match.The miss was on the 3rd biggest target on the range with a rifle.Big as a VW.Had fun.Clean friday and one miss sat.

  17. Went to the doctor, oct.27 that worked on shoulder June26.He said I was done,he said done do any thing dumb like try and pick up a car.Less than 4 months and I am good to go.Thanks again for the prayers

  18. Oct.6 shot 6 stages today.had a ball.I did shoot 2 stages gunfighter ,not fast but clean. shoot the other 4 double duelist ,shot shotgun left handed.Had a ball and did ok.Thanks for the prayers.

    1. Complicated Lady

      Complicated Lady

      I'm so glad to know you are able to shoot and having fun. See you at Comin at Cha!

    2. Pit Bull Tex
  19. OCT. 3 still can't hold my pistol out with my right hand.It is better but not there yet.Still need your prayers to get me through this so I can shoot gunfighter.Cathy is doing great.She is feeling a lot better and is not tired all the time now. God has blessed us both.

  20. I guess I am coming along.After the shoulder being worked on june 26. yesterday 09/10 I was able to put 4 lbs.over my head.Could not even get my arm over my head a week ago.Keep the prayers coming. Hope I am ready for CAC,

  21. Took Cathy in yesterday the 22 for her checkup.Cancer free.No meds,no treatments ,no nothing.

  22. Where have you been young lady.I have not seen any post from you.Pit Bull

  23. Rugrats, my name is Babe. I am a pit bull My Paw Paw is Pit Bull Tex,and he loves me,He said for me to tell you to take good care of mom.

  24. J Bar is the nicest person that I have not meet in person.Hope to meet him some day.

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