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  1. If you aren't aren't wearing traditional samurai attire and carrying a set of samurai swords, then don't try to pull off the man-bun.
  2. I'm waiting for this one to catch on. Can't be any more stupid looking than any of the other trends.
  3. I just shake my head and keep on going in both cases. Personally, I ain't fond of the Hitler Youth haircut that's now the fad. You know, skinned down to whitewalls on the sides and back, long on the top. Every time I see somebody with that haircut, it reminds me of the WW2 German propaganda movies of all the little boys getting indoctrinated by those maniacs.
  4. The month listed is when you have to renew.
  5. That's because you're late with their payments.
  6. This whole thread is Widderphobic. Or is it Widderphilic?
  7. Considering the gas prices in LA, he probably needed to cover his overhead from getting stuck in traffic.
  8. And used the lanolin as a rust preventative, from what I've read.
  9. You need a tactical assault knife to go with it, Joe.
  10. It had just been plowed for winter wheat, it had set in to raining the day after it was plowed and had rained for several days prior to the battle. And the Frogs tried to march- in full plate- several hundreds of yards through that. There's several cases documented of folks on both sides drowning when they fell face down in the mud. By the time the Frogs got there, they was wore out. The archers waded out amongst them- armed with mauls, poleaxes and such -and just swarmed them. The knightly types weren't used to actually fighting (Killing? Yeah Riding down? Yeah Fighting? No) common soldiers- much less when at a disadvantage. A gang of very strong men- and archers were all very strong men- attacking in coordination from different angles until the knight went down was the rule of the day. Once down, a maul or a raven's beak to the helmet or a dagger to the gaps in the armor finishes the job. The English men at arms had to remind the archers of ransom because they were just killing the French when they got them down.
  11. Worked- more or less- for the English long bowmen at Agincourt. The Frogs had figured out that a mounted charge uphill into their fire was suicide, so they decided to take the heavy cavalry off of their horses and march them uphill, through a freshly plowed field and after several days of rain into the same arrow storm. Once the French finally made it up to sword and axe range of the center of the English lines, all of those lightly armored long bowmen on the flanks grabbed their hand weapons and turned it into a street brawl in ankle deep mud.
  12. I've always wondered why "fashion" designers didn't just recycle stuff from earlier eras. It's not like they don't try to revive bell bottoms every 5 years, so why not reach a little further back in history? At least a hood has a practical purpose.
  13. #1 or #2 Phillips? I also have a T20 torx in there, too.
  14. That's because you needed the ring for something and remembered the gimme key ring in the junk drawer. See? What did I tell you?
  15. Like others have said, sounds like a good place for a deer stand.
  16. And a business gimme or tourist trap key ring. No keys on it, just the ring and the fob. (Do NOT put the loose mystery keys on it. As soon as you do, you'll find that you need one of the keys and you'll have to fight to get it off of the ring. Or you'll need the ring for something.) Don't forget the odd gaming pieces- Monopoly hotels, 6 sided dice, etc...- and a couple of marbles you picked up out of the yard.
  17. Gotta have a roll of electrical tape that's got about 10 inches left on it, too.
  18. Millions and millions spent on that 'ecoduct' and those pesky animals are still going to cross the road where they want to.
  19. No, there's millions of people illegally entering the US over the Mexican border every year. Not insects or vermin. They are people, they are just criminals.
  20. I tried to explain loading over the top to a 3 gun shooter a couple of weeks ago and he looked at me like I was speaking in tongues. He just couldn't grasp the idea of single loading like that.
  21. I suspect that there's really only 1 fire ant colony in the US and the mounds just pop up where they want to come out. That would explain why they are impossible to get rid of.
  22. One of my cousins found that out the hard way- once. She also discovered that- like in some restaurants- the beverage is included in the meal, so her tea glass stayed when she left the dining room table.
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