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  1. That ranks right up there with some of the Campbell Soup offerings ,as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Oh, that moon! You've gotta be more specific around here, Sue, there is a possibility that it could have been this kind of moon, too.
  3. In 'those' cases, I use Christmuh-quanzi-'kkuh and sit back and watch as they try to parse it out.
  4. Herbivore doesn't mean harmless. Cape Buffalo eats grass, leaves and such- but M'Bogo is arguably one of the most dangerous animals on a continent full of things that are trying to bite, sting, stomp or otherwise kill or maim you. They are also notorious for catching wind of a hunting party and hunting them back. Imagine a pissed off bull bigger than a Volkswagon with the skills to stalk you back.
  5. The irony is that I was drinking English tea when I opened this thread. The education system has failed most folks when it comes to history. I graduated high school in the late '80's and they didn't teach me squat about history, so I can't imagine just how ignorant (as in 'lacking knowledge') the younguns today are. Both of my nieces are in their mid 20's and they wouldn't know diddly about local or state history if the family didn't teach it to them. They even went with me to the 200th Anniversary celebration of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend- and knew what it was about before we got there.
  6. You could put all 3 on the same car and I've been stuck behind folks that would still screw it up.
  7. I still think that the Welsh just string consonants together at random and claim it's the proper spelling to get back at the English for conquering them back in the day. Don't see why they wouldn't use subtitles. If National Geographic saw the need to subtitle a guy native to Cuthbert, GA (in their Hogzilla special back several years ago), then the BBC can use them for the more obscure English, Scottish and Welsh accents, too.
  8. No. Chinese dragons with 5 toes on their feet were Imperial dragons. I think the Klukker version wears green bedsheets- or is it black?
  9. If you really want a head scratcher, a dozen of medium eggs occasionally outweigh a dozen large. Same store. same brand, same scale, weighed back to back on a store vegetable scale.
  10. And I ain't forgot Barry saying it wasn't fair that we had cheap gas while the Euros had to pay those kind of prices. What was the first thing President Sniffy did? Jacked around with the oil supply so's $3+ a gallon gas came back. I haven't figured out a logical reason for the price to have fallen by .30 a gallon locally. Yeah, he released a useless amount of oil out of the Federal reserve (it amounted to 2-3 days national consumption) but that's not a reason for the price to fall this much. I think that the oil companies are just manipulating the price to promote the holiday travel season. No holiday travel and there's a glut on the market which drives the price down.
  11. You're probably going to have to add a Trudeau to the board, too.
  12. I reckon that it will be running neck and neck with Karen as a girl's name.
  13. That's because he's got a plan, too, and they call him 'the enemy' for a reason.
  14. I think you mean oatmeal. I like sausage and eggs in my grits a whole lot better than mere butter.
  15. Just because it can be done, it doesn't mean that it's a good idea.
  16. Not weird at all. Kimber's quality isn't always what you'd call consistent. Yeah, I know that they have a reputation for being the be all and end all with some folks but I've never been impressed with their consistency. (and I'm pretty certain that I just pissed off some Kimber fanboy out there by saying that). The first new gun I ever saw that wasn't fully functional from the factory was a Kimber 1911. Grip safety didn't work. The manager of the shop I was working in made it a habit to function test each gun as they were received and the Kimber failed, so it got sent back. The second was a very late AMT Automag III with a faulty safety. The part that blocked the firing pin was so misshaped and poorly finished that it never fully cleared the pin, so the gun couldn't fire.
  17. Not real big on bacon. It's alright- but it's not the end all and be all that folks pretend that it is. Don't like it crunchy or crispy. I want it cooked done and firm but the whole crumbles when you bit it thing isn't a favorite of mine. If there's a little bit of chew left in it, it's actually more flavorful- and I eat it for the flavor.
  18. Auggie T Doggie is closer to the blue Pit than he is to the Pug when it's time to trim toenails. He don't like it but he quickly understands that the longer he fights, the longer it will take. That being said, we do him in 2 sessions on consecutive days instead of causing more drama than necessary by pushing the issue.
  19. There you go using common sense again! Talk about being unfair.
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