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  1. Bases were empty according to the little indicator in the bottom right of the screen. I'm still betting on brain fart by the batter.
  2. Doesn't the batter have a obligation to make is intentions clear? He should have shouldered the bat, stepped out of the box and THEN did his practice swing ritual (which is annoying to an extreme to me). I was taught that the box is all about business and when you're in it, you best be ready.
  3. I just think that he was not paying attention and, as pointed out above, was in the habit of taking a gazillion practice swings. But he's in the batter's box, too a swing and the ball's in play. If the ball had sailed 10 feet over their head instead of dribbling along the ground 15 feet from the plate and he'd done a golf swing like he was chasing a low pitch, that would still be a strike, right?
  4. The pitcher should send the batter a case of beer if that was the difference in the game. On the other hand, I figger that the batter must have already been blind drunk to have made that swing, so a big bottle of cheap liquor (it's the minor leagues, these guys on on a budget) might be more appropriate.
  5. Same thing happened to me- but I ate shrimp until they were losing money since they were bringing them a half a dozen 30 or 40 count at a time. ON the other hand, the last 6 (the ones delivered by the manager that banned us) were some of the biggest butterfly shrimp I've ever seen. 4 guys in their early 20's that had been at a football game all day (got free tickets to see the Falcons play the 49'ers during Jerry Glanville era) are NOT the ones you want to see when you're running a buffet or AYCE special.
  6. I second that! When I bought a shotgun specifically for home defense, I did it and discovered that my particular shotgun hated 00 Buck and patterned better with #1 Buck. No matter which 00 load I used (both 8 and 9 ball loads from the 3 or 4 manufacturers that were readily available when I bought the gun), there was at least one flyer that was 4 to 6 inches wide in one direction or another. With the cylinder bore choke tube in it at 50 feet, it will keep all 16 .30" round balls in in the 2 3/4" Winchester or Remington loads in black of a 100 yard rifle target. It really likes the 20 ball plated Federal #1 Buck but it is hard to locate.
  7. Since we've wandered from little old ladies driving hotrods to just hotrods and sleepers in general,.... Daddy bought a used car from a guy at work in the early '80's. A '73 Monte Carlo with a 350, 4 barrel and Turbo 400 transmission. The fella had moved South from the upper Mid-West somewheres and the pans were rusted out, but it was cheap and mechanically in good condition. Matter of fact, the motor seemed to run almost too well. He'd had it a couple of years when he took it by the local quickie lube to get the oil changed. The new guy was working top side and offered him $1000 for the car (in 1982 or 83) after they were done servicing it. Daddy turned him down and asked him why he wanted a rusted out, small block Monte Carlo so bad. Come to find out, the guy was a serious gear head and had realized that the car was basically a factory sleeper- the motor was the same 350 they used in the Corvette that year and the rear end was different than stock, too. Daddy screwed with folks in that ragged out (body only) Monte Carlo all the time. He blew the doors off of a Camaro or Mustang running stoplight to stoplight coming back from buying groceries- with a family of 4 in the car a couple times. Then there was the 300Z. We were on a family weekend trip up in the mountains and the 300Z was behind us for several miles. When we came to a 2 lane passing zone, they waited to the last moment to start to pass and were about to run us off the road, so Daddy stepped on the gas and got to the end of the right lane about 3 car lengths ahead of them.
  8. As a first handgun, I suggest a medium frame, 4 inch or so, 357- or a service size 9mm if they have to have a bottomfeeder. I don't mention brands or models beyond the suggestion to find one that is reputable and known to be reliable since what works in my hand may be the worst option in yours. It needs to be big enough to shoot easily without being so big that it's too much of a chore. I figure a first handgun needs to be something that they can use for home defense effectively if necessary and still be used to develop their handgunning skills. When folks ask me specifically about a home defense gun, I suggest a shotgun or PCC (either a lever action in revolver calibers or a bottom feeder that uses pistol mags) rather than a handgun if they have little to no experience with firearms. Long guns are easier to use effectively and accurately for the new shooter than a handgun since there's 3 points of contact, a longer sight radius and much better sights, they are heavier so they have a reduced recoil in the case of the PCC and- if nothing else- they are handier clubs than a handgun.
  9. Head of the drama dept at the JuCo I attended had a red 6.6L Trans Am that was not to be trifled with. She embarrassed more than one 19 year old gear head on the highway in front of campus. She retired the year after I left and bought herself a Porche Boxster as a retirement present.
  10. A gallon of milk and a loaf of bread is just right. By the time they run out, everything has melted and it's in the 60's again.
  11. Just think of the opportunities- of having that many senior NCO's and officers personally interested in your military career.
  12. I live in Alabama and I sit at home when there's snow on the ground. I was a trucker and had to drive in the mess a LOT (spent most of my first winter on the road shuttling between Chiraq and NYC), so I understand how to do it- and I still stay at the house if the white stuff is on the ground. Why? Me knowing what I'm doing doesn't do a bit of good when there's a guy in a Jeep sliding sideways through the intersection (as I witnessed in Auburn during the Blizzard of '93). To be blunt, I refuse to be their 'innocent bystander'- because we all know that the innocent bystander is the one that gets the worst of it. If you ain't in the mountains of the South, assume that nobody has the slightest clue what to do. Buy a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk and wait for it to melt. All that stuff you learned in Wisconsin or Minnesota ain't going to save you from Cousin LeRoy in his F250 or his wife Darlene in her ragged out Accord.
  13. On the bright side, it will be much easier for those responsible to clean the bottom of that one. The rest of the tracks in the brigade will be a bit harder.
  14. I hope you ain't holding your breath waiting for that to happen. Look how they ignored the Sutherland, TX church shooting. The hero of the episode was an NRA instructor and used an AR15. Once that came out, all you heard was crickets from the outlets you mentioned.
  15. Went to church with twin girls. Nobody could tell them apart unless they were side by side except their family, so we just called whichever one we were talking to at the moment, 'Harry', since their last name was Harris. It didn't bother them- until their older brother started it, too
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