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  1. The lack of a 3" barrel version is why I don't own one. I like the way a 3" carries better than the 2'.
  2. Nah. But they are a great way to separate the sheep from the goats when it comes to reading comprehension and direction following. Just stay organized (so you don't spend an hour looking for that one pack of special screws), pay attention to the details (and don't get cocky by thinking for a moment that you 'know what you're doing' because that's when you'll screw it up) and, most importantly, read the instructions and take the time to study the pictures available before starting. Oh, and stop every once in a while and break the instructions back out and review what you just did to make sure it's done right. Unpack it, spread it out so you can see all the parts while putting like with like and, if it comes with a 'special tool', it goes in your pocket so you can't lose it (you're going to at least once anyhow, but it cuts down on the number of times). If it's not being used, the tool goes back in your pocket. Then, break out the instructions, read them through and figure out what goes with what. If there's subassemblies (like drawers), group those parts together (study the pictures and pay attention to the details). TEST FIT things together and never tighten things down until you are sure that's where they belong. If you're dealing with self tapping screws or pre-tapped holes in particle board, the last thing you do is put in the screws because taking them out and putting them back in only wallows out the holes and weakens the whole piece. Drills and electric screwdrivers are great tools that speed things up greatly but use caution when using them because they make it so much easier to screw something up in a hurry, too.
  3. Don't screw with the action unless it proves to be necessary. It's a S&W revolver, so it ought not need any action work to be usable as a SD gun and changing the internals of a perfectly usable gun just for the sake of changing it has never made any sense to me. As for the grip change, that comes down to what fits your hand and what is aesthetically pleasing to your eye.
  4. I only own 2 .357's- one's fixed sight, 2 inch barrel, the other's got adjustable sights. Both are Dan Wessons, so I don't need anything else.
  5. The prices are all over the place and there's little rhyme or reason to it. I paid 3.14 with a discount card yesterday (middle of the city on a busy road) and saw prices from 3.17 to 3.49 (out in the country in a small town 30 miles from anywhere) depending on where I was this week with 3.19 to 3.29 being the norm.
  6. Agreed. They are more than a little disconcerting, aren't they?
  7. If you think Junior and Jeff have an accent, you should hear Jeff's brother, Ward. Saying that it's 'thick' doesn't do it justice.
  8. I figure that there's 2 kinds of sports broadcasters- professionals ones that have done it their entire careers and 'color commentators' that are former athletes. The former athletes or coaches, like the Dale Jr and Jeff Burton examples mentioned above, I cut a good bit of slack. They are there, first and foremost, for their deep knowledge of their particular sport. They are the on the spot experts and are there so they can share their insights as things happen. They can be as boring as drying paint drying if they are a fountain of knowledge that can explain it to the layman clearly, as far as I'm concerned. It takes them years to make the adjustment to being on TV instead of participating and some never quite make the full transition or reach a level of comfort. The ones that I enjoy the most are the athletes that transition to being professional sports broadcasters. They combine the best of both worlds and are as rare as hen's teeth. The professionals, on the other hand, don't get a whole lot of slack from me. They are the pros and they should be able to feed their color commentator questions and comments to keep them involved. They also need to be knowledgeable enough in the sport that they don't make stupid mistakes in terminology (for example, don't refer to Auburn as 'War Eagle' because that's a rally cry, not a mascot). And they must be interesting in their delivery of the play by play without going off on embarrassing Brett Lushberger-like tangents.
  9. He's in a dead heat with Verne Lundquist.
  10. You don't expect him to leave his kitty, do you? The most recent cat we had wasn't ours- Rascal, our late American Bulldog, adopted her as a kitten, so she was his. She was the leastest thing in the neighborhood (hence the name Itty Bitty Kitty) and everything else ran her off or buffaloed her when she had food. She looked about half grown even when she was full grown. Next thing I know, she's sleeping on the back porch leaned up against a 100 pound bulldog's side and sharing his food bowl come supper time.
  11. It's on Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, too. Come to think of it, it's on pert near everything. Buckshot, it's just more useless tree-hugger inspired nanny state BS that makes some bureaucrat in CA feel like he actually wasn't shorted in the Wedding Tackle department after all.
  12. Seems reasonable to me. Can't have that much chocolate for breakfast and that fountain was just sitting there gathering dust.
  13. Remember the stink they raised on the 10 day wait after the Rodney King riots? Too bad their resolve is a river that runs a mile wide but only an inch deep.
  14. No! He's the only thing standing between Kamala and us! The VP slot is the weakest position in the Federal government, so let's keep her there where she can't do any real damage to anybody but President Sniffy's administration and herself. Having a sock puppet in the White House is bad enough but she'd be even worse. What he does by screwing up, she'd do with malicious intent and probably some stuff that's even worse. Heck, the only reason I can see for making her VP in the first place was that she was unelectable and it was an end around to get her into the White House when President Sniffy is either impeached by the Right or removed for incompetence by the Left (depending on how the mid terms work out).
  15. The problem, Bob, is that they do not respect your authoritah. Have you shown them the pic of you with the samurai sword yet?
  16. How do you think we survived the last Ice Age?
  17. Yeah, fall is here. It barely reached 80 yesterday and the high today is only in the low 70's.
  18. Under normal circumstances, that stuff starts showing up in the Left Coast ports about March or April and percolates down through the logistics system down to the store level starting about right now. This year ain't normal, with the manufacturing delays world wide on top of the logistics mess on both land and sea, so there's no telling where what was intended to be in the US for Christmas time is located- if it exists at the moment at all.
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