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  1. 5.56 for them.. I'd save the .375 for snow snakes.
  2. When Sears went bust, HD and Lowe's took over the large appliance market.
  3. I'll believe it when I see it. I've seen dunnage straighter than what the local HD's have for sale.
  4. That's scary when you realize that domestic pigs can interbreed with them. Imagine Russian boar mean combined with domestic hog size. Feral hogs can be dangerous enough without giving them that big of a mean streak and tusks like a Russian boar. Part of Texas has a breeding population of warthogs. The good news is that they can't interbreed with either domestic pigs or javelinas.
  5. Considering how many Mausers were made and on the surplus market all the way into the '90's (the gun shop I worked in from 95 to 99 had them from 8 or 10 different countries, so I can only imagine what it was like in the mail order business of the '60's), figuring he used one isn't a bad guess. Besides, when had the media ever bothered to get it right when it came to guns?
  6. There's no such thing as too many moon clips or speed loaders. There's around 20 HKS CA44 speed loaders around here. I carry 3 in jacket wearing weather, there's 4 that stay in the truck (1 loaded with snake shot), there's a couple or 3 on the nightstand and at least 10 in the range bags. And that's just 5 shot 44 special speed loaders. I think there's at least a dozen that would work on my Dan Wessons and another 10 or 12 for my N Frame .45.
  7. I drove a wore out KW for a while that had a shifter so loose that a passenger had to move their left leg when I shifted into high gear and second was almost touching my seat. A buddy of mine was running dump trucks and one of the old ones had 8th and 9th reversed. He said it took him most of a day to remember how it worked.
  8. I always enjoyed the look of complete bewilderment on folks' faces when they slide behind the wheel, realize there's 3 peddles- but no floor shifter. Three on a tree kept friends from trying to borrow my 1st truck. Most of them couldn't drive a stick in the first place, so a 3 speed on the column was far beyond their capabilities. I never have liked the tranmissions with multiple sticks. Gimme splitter buttons on one stick and I'm fine. If'n I was to win the lott'ry and decide to get a big RV, I would get a hold of the outfit over in Texas that builds them using big rigs as the base (seen a few with Pete or KW cabs). If that notion took me, I do believe that I'd get a Super 10 Top 2 transmission instead of a 13 speed or (shudder!) an automatic. Odd gears are stick shifts, even are splitter shifts, so you only move the stick 5 times between 1st and 10th (the 'Top 2' part means it'll upshift and down shift automatically between 9th and 10th). The RV ain't going to be hauling a massive load and it won't weigh anywhere close to 80,000 pounds, so a 10 speed and a decent motor (from your preferred manufacturer- I'm happy with a 60 Series Detroit) will haul itself anywhere it'll fit. There's just enough work to drive it to make me feel like I'm doing something- but not as much as there was when I was driving over the road.
  9. Odd how nobody's been complaining about OSU and Michigan making the playoffs. You know, like they complained about Alabama and LSU or UGA making the show. With Texas and OU (one of the few playoff regulars-along with Clemson- that has shown that they can beat top tier SEC teams consistently) coming into the SEC shortly, something must be done! Hence, the expansion of the playoffs- and limiting it to conference champions. After all, it's much more fair to include New Mexico State in a National Championship Playoff than it is to face an undefeated SEC champ AND a 1 loss SEC school, too. Never mind that they both played a top 10 toughest schedule that came down to a conference championship game, we must be inclusive and give Troy and Coastal Carolina a seat at the table instead of having the best teams in the country play do decide who is the best.
  10. No. Pen State was playing and I still ain't forgiven them for letting Paterno cover up what happened to them little boys.
  11. TCU just proved who belonged in the show- and who didn't. Personally, I'm tired of seeing 'perennial powers' getting the nod- just to be blown out in the semifinals (cough, cough...Notre Dame..... cough, cough). It happens every preseason with the first Top 25 poll. How many 'traditional powers' are top 10 in the first poll and not even in the Top 25 a month later?
  12. Part of me almost wanted Michigan to win so Kirby and UGA could get a hold of them. Is that bad of me? UGA-OSU was just an hour long bar brawl. Ohio State just got in the last swing- and missed.
  13. I lock my doors in my own yard, why wouldn't I lock them when I'm at your house? That being said, I never have locked the truck up when I was camped out at a SASS match. The camping area is packed full of SASS members with at least 4 guns each. Nobody in their right mind is gonna go screwing around with somebody's ride there. I rarely lock it at the range (since all the expensive stuff is on the table with me) and have been known to leave the windows down, too. I shoot within line of sight of the parking area and keep an eye out. There again, it's someplace where all the people are armed, so who would be dumb enough to go crawling into a stranger's vehicle?
  14. You do what a guy in my home town did when he bought a used Jag. Yank the high dollar, or just impossible to get parts for, motor out of it and drop a common, popular in the US motor in it. He dropped a Chevy 350 into a 2 door Jag. At the time, you could get parts for a 350 pretty much anywhere except the McDonald's drive-thru.
  15. True- and it keeps the little kids from lingering in the box and getting ran over if there's a play at home.
  16. Bases were empty according to the little indicator in the bottom right of the screen. I'm still betting on brain fart by the batter.
  17. Doesn't the batter have a obligation to make is intentions clear? He should have shouldered the bat, stepped out of the box and THEN did his practice swing ritual (which is annoying to an extreme to me). I was taught that the box is all about business and when you're in it, you best be ready.
  18. I just think that he was not paying attention and, as pointed out above, was in the habit of taking a gazillion practice swings. But he's in the batter's box, too a swing and the ball's in play. If the ball had sailed 10 feet over their head instead of dribbling along the ground 15 feet from the plate and he'd done a golf swing like he was chasing a low pitch, that would still be a strike, right?
  19. The pitcher should send the batter a case of beer if that was the difference in the game. On the other hand, I figger that the batter must have already been blind drunk to have made that swing, so a big bottle of cheap liquor (it's the minor leagues, these guys on on a budget) might be more appropriate.
  20. Same thing happened to me- but I ate shrimp until they were losing money since they were bringing them a half a dozen 30 or 40 count at a time. ON the other hand, the last 6 (the ones delivered by the manager that banned us) were some of the biggest butterfly shrimp I've ever seen. 4 guys in their early 20's that had been at a football game all day (got free tickets to see the Falcons play the 49'ers during Jerry Glanville era) are NOT the ones you want to see when you're running a buffet or AYCE special.
  21. I second that! When I bought a shotgun specifically for home defense, I did it and discovered that my particular shotgun hated 00 Buck and patterned better with #1 Buck. No matter which 00 load I used (both 8 and 9 ball loads from the 3 or 4 manufacturers that were readily available when I bought the gun), there was at least one flyer that was 4 to 6 inches wide in one direction or another. With the cylinder bore choke tube in it at 50 feet, it will keep all 16 .30" round balls in in the 2 3/4" Winchester or Remington loads in black of a 100 yard rifle target. It really likes the 20 ball plated Federal #1 Buck but it is hard to locate.
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