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  1. Which is why people from 'Bah-stin' should never make fun of Southern accents. Locally, the worst we do is our 'interpretation' of how to pronounce Lafayette and the butchering we give Buena Vista. On the other hand, half the place names in the area are Muskogean (predominantly Creek) in origin and we still do a good enough job in pronouncing them correctly that it freaks out folks on the Creek nation out in OK.
  2. Shouldn't be hard to restrain. Have you considered bungee cords?
  3. I think I went to high school with that guy. Although, he was using tractor-style paddle tires back then.
  4. Dang it Pat! You know you gotta warn a fella before you do something like that! Especially early in the morning. Take some and pass it down!
  5. Clorox was for yellowjacket stings- if there wasn't a tobacco chewer handy.
  6. I've been to Dothan numerous times. And I agree. The only thing worse is the little towns out in the middle of nowhere lke Standing Rock.
  7. Sorry, Bob, but I've gotta disagree. That kind of thinking is why civil forfeiture is being abused and honest citizens are being literally robbed on the side of the road by law enforcement- with no proof that either they or the money was involved in a crime and no recourse to allow the victims to recoup their loss.
  8. Knock. If you have keys and use them, then walk through the door talking loudly so they can recognize your voice. Sneaking around when dropping something off so's "not to wake them up" is a great way to get a gun pointed at you. Ask my sister's 1st husband about that. Also, knock on the door, don't bang on the screen on the bedroom window. That's a great way to scare someone. When the drapes or blinds are parted to see what's causing the racket, it's liable to be with a muzzle, not a finger. Ask the same idiot mentioned above about that. Ever see someone try to jump and duck at the same time? Their feet come off the ground a couple of feet but their head never moves. It was like he squatted- but in mid air. He seemed to levitate as he moved about 4 feet sideways at the same time. In retrospect, I think his reaction was hilarious (fat boy had some jump in him, who woulda thought it was possible?) but, at the time, I thought something was trying to come up amongst us through the window. Hence the parting of the drapes and the mini blind with a Dan Wesson.
  9. Tabasco can make almost anything palatable. Not crow, though. Never have liked the taste of crow- gamier than Spotted Owl and stringier than Condor.
  10. I guess they are going after the Little Badger market share. For the record, I still think the Little Badger came about because somebody left a Sten, an H&R Topper and an AR in a gun safe for too long without adult supervision.
  11. Trail Boss? Just run a compressed load of FFFg and be done with it.
  12. Did I mention it was 82 today? Low tonight is in the low 60's. Best throw a blanket across the foot of the bed, just in case.
  13. The Irish Army came out with their own knife, too.
  14. Drunk took out our and the old lady that lived across the street's mailboxes once when I was a kid. One of her sons showed up the next day with a 6 foot section of 4" steel pipe and a couple bags of concrete. He sank the pipe about 3 feet in the ground and used most of the 2 bags of concrete filling the pipe and hole in. He mounted the new mailbox on a piece of wood and screwed it to the flange on the top of the pipe. About 10 years later, some redneck in a 4x4 thought it was fun to run over mailboxes. At least, it was fun until he turned down our road. Mrs Osbourn's mailbox was still standing after it was all over (ours, on the other hand, was laying in the middle of the yard). It was sitting at a 45 degree angle, but it wasn't on the ground. The beat up old K-5 had to be towed off. The driver, got a ride- with the county sheriff's deputy that charged him for running over mailboxes for fun for the last few weeks. The postmaster called her and told him that steel sewer pipe and concrete weren't acceptable materials for mounting a mailbox and kindly asked that it be changed. Kit, She did good. I saw a mailbox down the road from my dad's house that looked even worse last week. The local dairy has a drop facility set up and brought in a trailer to be the offices. Their gate entrance is pretty narrow and their mailbox ended up in the way. It's even flatter than yours.
  15. It was 81 yesterday. Forecast says it's going to be in the 80's Wed and Thurs with rain Fri as the front moves through. Once it rolls through, the bottom's gonna fall out of the temps. The high Saturday is supposed to be 68.
  16. Between the stock, pistol grip, forward vertical grip, the thing on the muzzle, the short barrel and short minimum OAL with the stock all the way in, I figger that the CA DOJ would wet themselves over it. If it's a .50 or .54 they'd throw themselves on the floor in a foaming at the mouth conniption fit, too.
  17. Verizon makes me remember the days when Microsoft and Apple were the only Evil Tech Empires fondly. Not only do they think that they own you once you sign up with them (and make it as hard as possible to leave them) but they are routinely incompetent, too.
  18. The sad part is that it's probably illegal in California.
  19. I think I'll stick with the Mexican mortars instead.
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