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  1. The Romans and Greeks kept white people as slaves. That makes it OK with the cancel culture windowlickers.
  2. Joe, Don't forget, it started off as aircraft armament. Their observers were, one time, armed with a box fed, twin barreled machine gun chambered in what is essentially 9x19 MINUS P.
  3. They are still all over the place with no rhyme or reason to where you see what price. The range is now from 2.96 to 3.49 with an average of 3.04 to 3.06 instead of averaging around 3.19 like they were 2 weeks ago.
  4. Of course, it is! It's Italian. When have the Italians ever let a little thing like practicality influence them? These are the folks that came up with the Villar-Perosa.
  5. After the way they played last week in the Iron Bowl? It took them 5 tries to be a .500 team, what makes you think that Nick's gonna give them the time to get in trouble? They're lucky that Nick didn't decide to just make them walk back from Auburn. Dan, I say a Possession of Controlled Substances, drunk and disorderly at the hotel and Felony Evading for driving 100mph on 75-85 (driving 100 on 285 is normal) and not pulling over.
  6. That was also a Volunteer rank and the Regular Army couldn't do in grade transfers back to the Regular Army for the officers that it retained post war. If they did, they could have had Generals running regimemts and battalions, colonels running companies and majors in charge of platoons. Custer went straight from Regular Army Lieutenant to Brigadier of Volunteers. I have always been amazed that he was made a Lt Colonel. If he hadn't had patrons like Sheridan, he probably would have ended up a Captain or Major.
  7. Dickle, maybe but not th Kickin' Chicken. (shudder!) The worst hang over I ever had was after a night of drinking Wild Turkey. I woke upon the landing of the stairs in my townhouse, wedged under the bottom tread of the second flight, with my legs dead asleep because, for some reason, they were straight up the wall. That was on top of the searing headache an the vile taste in my mouth. That was when I decided to swap to Beam's.
  8. And Georgians like to make fun of Alabama! There's laws again' that on the west side of the Chattahoochee.
  9. Do what I was doing- cheering for the refs. Go Zebras! Can't root for Ohio State. Just can't do it. Harbaugh is reason enough not to cheer for the Wolverines. As for Cincy, I want them to be in the playoffs. Ideally, they would have UGA or Alabama, if they get in, 1st round mostly because I know what they are capable of. Cincy has been talking about belonging in the playoffs for too long, so let's see if they can walk the walk. Either they belong or they need a reality check- and going nose to nose with an SEC team will work for either one.
  10. Any day OU loses is a good day. When they join the SEC, I plan on abolishing my rule of cheering for SEC teams when they play outside the conference no matter what.
  11. After the beating he took yesterday, he's gonna be too stove up to move so it won't matter.
  12. At least it's not Omicron Persei VIII. The ruler isn't really friendly.
  13. But that would be a waste of all of those lessons Kaya has been giving you.
  14. About how to minimize the weight part in the thrust to weight ratio. They were probably thinking the same thing as Carol Shelby was thinking 30 years later- just using airplanes instead of cars. Namely, take the biggest motor you can lay hand on and wrap it in the leastest excuse of a functioning vehicle you can get away with.
  15. We cook it so that it looks and tastes like a ham- since nobody in the family is real fond of turkey.
  16. Folks have gotten carried away with this home delivery thing. Now, hunters don't even have to go to the woods.
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