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  1. 1 hour ago, Null N. Void said:

    I'd like PWB to confirm this.  That would settle the OP and then the group can go on with other scenarios.


    We may be waiting a bit on this one.  PWB may answer, "in my opinion", but it's not a ROC consensus until he can get the others to respond to him.  From Larsen's post, not all ROC members are of the same mind on this...  


    See you in Alabama!

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  2. It's a 1994 Armi San Marco "1851" in .44 caliber.  A gun that never really existed.  Shoot it and have fun!  If you look close at that stylized "A" it's really an A over an M..   ASM early on had excellent quality, later years... Not so much.  Don't let that concern you.  If you can find some percussion caps, go to it!

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  3. I have adjusted all my guns and loads so that point of aim and point of impact are the same.  I don't know if that's good or bad... because now when I miss, I have nothing to blame but myself!  Dagnabbit! :blush:

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  4. "Blackpowder category contestants are expected to understand they will contend with smoke obscured targets. To ensure this, all shotgun, revolver, and rifle powder charges must produce smoke at least equivalent to a baseline load of 15 grains by volume (1 cc) of blackpowder."  SHB pg 9


    On a humid, still day, where the smoke hangs, especially when shooting towards the sun, low powder loads will suffice.  In those conditions, even smokeless powder starts to look smokey...


    But, when there is less humidity and a bit of a breeze, sun behind you, a low powder load may get you in trouble.


    This happened to one of our .32 shooters.  As the day wore on, what seemed fine in the early morning hours got challenged on later stages and berms.  


    I'd rather load over the standard by a bit, than under and and get called on it.  



    Here's what 1.3cc APP shooting with the sun coming right over the berm looks like


  5. I had several boxes of reloaded Win AA shells that went fine through the case check, but eventually the crimp edge expanded and would fail the check.  I'd run them through the press again and all would be fine, but they'd still expand with time.  So, I have something like this mounted on my gun cart, and run all shells through it prior to use on a stage.  It works like magick! 

  6. 1 hour ago, Crazy Gun Barney, SASS #2428 said:

    Just wondering... mostly because i dont ever do this in any way when making BP shells for either my 12ga double or my 87... but what is the technical difference between using a tapering die specifically made for a 12ga shell, and "necking" the shell with any other die that doesn't say "12GA" on it (other than is gets around the rule stated below by having "12ga" stamped on the tool).


    Not trying to stir the pot, I am just curious because I can see how this may aid feeding in my 87, and even in getting the shells into my double.


    The excerpt below is from the current shooters handbook:



    Necked down shotgun shells are distinctly "bottle nosed".  I don't know of any factory made shells of this type.  But that hasn't stopped people from trying.  I'm thinking that would certainly increase pressures.   Martini-Henry once made a shotgun that used a 14ga bottle-nose shell, but I don't have any pictures of that.


    Folks have also tried it this way, partially crimped with an overshot card... which is definitely illegal.  Notice the bit of a bottle-neck towards the base.  I don't think that's legal either.




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  7. A gunsmith actually made a Volcanic rifle, from scratch!  Since the Volcanic Rocket Ball Ammo is no longer in production, (but he wanted to keep the idea of the original short 40 cal.)  So he used a shorted 40 S&W.   The results were quite nice!



  8. 32 minutes ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    That's WAY more than I'm going to pay. A couple years ago I could get .45Colt ammo for less than that.  .45Colt ammo is about $1.25 a round now, and I won't pay that, either.

    Well, sounds like you've made your choice.   Sorry that you're not going to be shooting anymore.


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  9. 21 minutes ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    125- 158gr RNFP lead bullet, (All I seem to see is jacketed, no good for our game), clean brass, less than $20 per 50.  Everything I see is near $30 or more. 


    The days of $20 for 50 rounds are long gone.  Price of brass, lead, primers, powder, labor, and overhead has all gone up significantly.  $32 a box is a good price.  The link I posted will get you some ammo until some of our preferred vendors can get production going again.

  10. 2 hours ago, Hoss said:

    A new shooter at our club, (has shot a couple of matches with borrowed guns) recently posted a WTB ad on a SASS FB page. Some sorry sack of cow dung just happened to have the odor if vaqueros Tom was Looking for. He bought them.  Sent omg via papacy friends or Family. Waited anxiously for his pistols to arrive.  Of course they didn’t. He contacted seller, seller said prices had gone up, he needed another $700. Fortunately Tom figured out he was being scammed. 

    miral if the story. Only buy from genuine businesses, or SASS members that you know, or at a minimum know somebody who knows them.  Don’t use PayPal F&F as there is no recourse. (Of course, PayPal didn’t do guns anyway)  my opinion. 

    now for the positive side. After the match we passed the hat, raised almost $200. We are going to try to raise the money to help him get guns.  if you know anybody with a pair of vaqueros in 38 at a reasonable price, let me know. If you would like to help Tom out with the cost PM me. 

    thanks ! 

    Did I mention he is a Desert a storm vet, who then put in several years as a corrections officer, and is now on disability? 



    When I look up "Brian Worley" and Chattanooga, TN I get 

    8133 East Brainerd Rd
    Chattanooga, TN 37421
    Telephone: 423-320-6620


    When I plug that into Boogle Maps, I get Walmart's parking lot.  But, has Tom called him and told him that he can't place an order and to return his funds?

    (I'm sure he must have, but just asking).

    The next step is to contact the TN AG's office...  I don't know if "Brian Worley" is, in fact, in TN or if there really is a store, or if the store is even his.

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  11. The dude was posing as a Gun Store.  He has the pictures and everything.  He would even send you a real store's FFL# if you asked for it.

    But he only took forms of payment that left no recourse if something went wrong.  His prices were ridiculously low in today's market, 1300.00 a pair.  Anybody asked, he said "Sure, I have them in stock!"  Which of course, was a lie.  

    He was banned from every FB page I know of fairly quickly, but Tom got stung.  Of course, if he really was a dealer and found out the price he was asking wouldn't get the guns ordered, he would have returned the funds when the buyer said he didn't have the money.  Nope.  He kept it.


    There are even posts on his page calling him a fraud.  If an online store won't take a credit card, pass it on it.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Sgt. C.J. Sabre, SASS #46770 said:

    Does anybody know what is going on with .38 ammo? While other ammo is starting to come back, .38 is still hard to find and far more expensive as well. .45ACP ammo is cheaper. 

    I know that the Zombie Apocalypse of the last couple years has knocked the world on it's ear, but why is .38 ammo so more affected than a lot of other calibres? 

    And as a bonus question, all the .38 I DO see seems to be jacketed ammo. Does nobody make plain old lead bullets? If not, how does this affect CAS? I'm planning to get back into it, but I'm not going to be able to if things continue as they are. 



    CAS is a "niche" market.  Manufacturers are producing what's in greatest demand.  Right now those are the calibers used by popular semi-autos.

    All the best of the Cowboy suppliers are in a holding pattern because of the lack of primers.  As of this moment, We the People Munitions, Bullets by Scarlett, Choice Ammo, Bang and Clang, are out of stock.


    The only place I know who still has a limited supply of .38 special "cowboy ammo" is Georgia Arms.



    You might want to order some before they get gone.



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  13. 55 minutes ago, Rev. Stanley Otten III Bud said:

    Was looking at guns like this.  But I have no clue as to the quality or worthiness of them.

    Taylors & Company 1875 Army 45 Colt (LC) Revolver


    is Taylor a good product. Is Uberti or others, better. Worse. Thank you for your advice !


    The Taylors 1875 Army Outlaw is made by Uberti, but with finish options specifically made for Taylors, one of the largest distributors of Uberti products.   If you have not handled an 1875, do so before you buy.  Also make a decision on what type of shooting style you will be using.  Some folks who shoot duelist or gunfighter say that they have a harder time reaching the hammer with the 1875 and 1890 gripframe.   By the way, Taylor's excels at customer service.  

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  14. Just for grins, I sent them a message on their "chat" line, and was told yes, they have them in stock at that price.  Looking further in the site's "about us" they are not in Winthrop but actually at  info@firearmssuppliers.com. Address: 2442 Austell Road in Marietta, GA.   


    Something doesn't sound right that they can sell 5,000 for 159.00 but Midway and Brownells can't come near that price.  Just sounds too good to be true.  But if you do buy from them, let us know how it goes.


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