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  1. Selling off some Safe Queens that deserve to be used:

    FS: Cimarron Firearms 7th Cavalry .45 martially marked 7-1/2" barreled SAA by Uberti

    Black Powder Frame. Walnut Grips with "OWA" cartouche. US marked on Frame

    F Co.7Cav stamped in bottom of Grip Frame. Pistol is in Excellent Condition.

    With Box and all papers as well as Oglesby certification.


    Blue/CCH and customized by Oglesby & Oglesby Gunmakers, Inc.

    with Action Job, Lapped Barrel, Forcing Cone re-done.

    Trued Barrel Crown, 2-1/2-3lb Trigger (clean break, no creep)

    Variable Rate Springs and fitted for Black Powder Use.


    from the Cimarron Website: George Armstrong Custers 7th Cavalry Model. The Custer 7th Cavalry Model is a very accurate copy of the first U.S. Govt models of 1873. These early firearms are inspected for ordinance by civilian inspector Orville W. Ainsworth, shipped to Ft. Lincoln and used by troops of the 7th Cavalry under the command of Gen. George Armstrong Custer. Each authentic firearm is properly marked with Ainsworth inspection markings, OWA Cartouche, 2 line patent dates and U.S. on the frame. Stamped into the butt of the backstrap is the company and 7th Cavalry markings. Production of this model is limited to 2000 units each of the 5 companies (C,E,F,I,L) that will perish under Custers command at Little Big Horn.


















    650.00 plus shipping to an FFL that can accept from a private individual.




  2. I'm probably going to sell the .45 I bought from the Custom Shop 7-1/2" BPF with beveled cylinder. I bought a pair of .38-40 from them and I'm going to stick with those. They do darned good work, you just need patience.

  3. Hiclok45 just got 3 made up. He didn't exactly say how long it took but it was somewhat less than 2 years.

    Yep, he said he talked to the Custom Shop and they got them out a little faster than the usual 2 years. He also got a price break from Eagle Grips and El Paso Saddlery. Seems like us "normal" folks would have to do the full wait, and pay full price for our grips and holsters. Oh well.

  4. Congrats on your cap guns! I have a few myself. The Piettas are just the ticket if you're going with extra cylinders. They won't break the bank and they're readily available. With all my Italian percussion pistols I broke them down and stoned the slots for the hand and the bolt. Uberti, Pietta, Ami San Paolo, Armi San Marco, they all had burrs and roughness in the slots. Check to see if the sides of the hammer rub against the frame as it falls. You night have to relieve a bit there too.

    When buying extra cylinders, try to stay with new ones, or ask the seller if they are the newer-wider slot cylinders or not. The older guns had a narrower bolt and a corresponding narrower slot for the bolt stop.


    Good shootin' and Merry Christmas!

  5. I have a couple of engraved guns I would like to get classified as a C&R. I know you have to write a letter to the Technology Branch of the ATF. But do ypu send the pictures , how many. I would not think they would wnat you sending guns to them but I am sure they would want to see how these guns are special??

    You have to send the guns to them:

    ATF&E Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) for a formal classification.



    244 Needy Rd.,

    Martinsburg, WV 25404

    Our Division does not make determinations based on drawings, photographs, written descriptions, or diagrams. In order to render an appropriate classification, please ship the physical item and any supporting information to the address above.

    Please ship your item to FATD with a prepaid return shipping label with tracking for the return of your item (providing shipping account numbers, instead of providing a trackable prepaid shipping label, will not be accepted).


  6. Readers’ Choice:

    Ruger’s Vaquero

    Best Cowboy Action Rifle

    Uberti’s 1873 Winchester

    This must have been heavily influenced by advertisers. The Vaquero and 1873 are the only place I could agree with them... and I own Smokewagons and an 1887.

    ('87 the best CAS shotgun and Readers Choice an '87 ?? There's a few folks that run it really well... but it's not the overwhelming choice of all shooters)

  7. The low price is deceptive, this is a darned good pistol! Thoroughly reliable, feeds just about anything 9mm. I haven't been able to make it jam with any factory-made round or my 9mm reloads. Easy to work on should you desire any upgrades. I put an aftermarket trigger and springs in mine (MA compliant Trigger), Tritium sights and a metal guide rod, wider slide release. None of that is necessary, just felt like it. None of the upgrades are expensive and they are widely available. Oh, and capacity is 16+1



  8. When I flew to EoT I shipped my ammo ahead via UPS. Like has been posted here, Hub, ORM-D, Adult Signature. It was .45 Colt ammo and Shotshells. That much weight, the cost at the time was about $25.00 I don't know what the rates are now, I know from the stuff I've sold on the Classified Wire that shipping fees have gone up.

  9. The only advantage to going shorter is if that's what you use for your pistols and you just want to load one one case size, one bullet size for everything. This way if you load Schofields for you pistol, you can load Schofields for your rifle too, etc.

  10. Ah yeas... like Pat Riot said... you might want to go with '92 Rifles instead of a Carbine... reloading on the clock each stage gets to be a pain. I watched a pard do that with his Winchester '94 carbine. Most stages will require 10 rounds in the rifle. Very few 9 round stages and I've only seen one 8 round stage. Personally, I like the front weight of Rifle better, less movement when placing follow-up shots on the same target, and not too heavy to swing easily to other targets. Just personal opinion... all my rifles are octagonal barrel 20"

  11. Starting out I want to try to keep costs of firearms down (not much capital to work with). I was thinking about the Rossi R92 or Taurus 45LC Thunderbolt and 2 Traditions Firearms RAWHIDE 1873 45LC.

    Howdy, welcome to the fire! You'll be getting lots of advice here, and the answers may go on for a couple of pages. I'm just going to stick to your questions.

    First, between the '92 and the Thunderbolt... hands down the '92 will give you a better outcome. I've HAD a Thunderbolt, don't have it anymore. Was never able to get it to run reliably, and the customer service was awful. I started with a '92, sold it some years later. Finally tracked one down just like it again. It's a strong rifle, can be used for other purposes than CAS. You can fire heavy loads in it and it is a very accurate rifle. You should have it worked over by a Cowboy Gunsmith, or if you're reasonably handy, order the CD and parts from Steve's Gunz and do the action job yourself. Since you are going for price point, this might be the best option in a rifle that can be found in that price range. You might want to rethink shooting .45 unless you reload.

    Without reloading, boxes of .45colt are going to be fairly expensive, at more than two boxes per match, plus practice .38's would be less expensive to buy. I'd recommend getting into reloading fairly soon.


    For the pistols, you might want to look at the Taylor's Cattleman, in either regular or Gunfighter grips. You really need to handle some guns and see if the regular "plow handle" is for you or if you want the longer "Army" grip. The Cimarron Firearms MP400 and MP411 4-3/4 and 5-1/2" are the same guns. All are at a similar price point to the Traditions pieces, but with better fit and finish. Surprisingly I bought some Cimarron Pre-War type revolvers at EoT back in 2003, and they did not need an action job or lighter springs. Yep, I was surprised, because just about every CAS firearm I own has had action work done on it. No promises, you may not get the same results from ones you buy.


    You'll get a lot of advice here... I tried to stay with your posted questions. Welcome, and get out to a match and handle some guns.


    Merry Christmas!



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  12. Howdy, continuing to clear out my Cowboy Closet of stuff I don't use or doesn't fit anymore.

    SOLD: This is a pair of Frontier Classics Old West Style pants. 100% Heavy Cotton

    Suspender Buttons, Button Fly, High Waisted

    48 x 28 with a 15" Rise

    They are in very good used, cleaned condition.


    30.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48, other locations slightly higher

    SOLD: a Larger set. Wah Maker Trousers, Dark Brown Old West Styled. Suspender Buttons and Button Fly

    50 X 29 High Waisted with an 18" Rise. Means you can wear these pants longer if you need to.

    100% Heavy Cotton Construction, Made in the USA. In Very Good used, cleaned, condition.

    25.00 includes Priority Mail Shipping anywhere in the US

    pictures will come shortly.



  13. Still cleaning out items that I haven't used in quite awhile or don't fit anymore.

    This is a continuation of my other thread because there's a limit of how many pictures I can put up per Post.


    SOLD 11.) Black and Silver Leather Hat Band, Adjustable Size, B-Western or just to Fancify your hat. 20.00 includes shipping






    12.) Black Leather Holster. Lined. Heavy Construction, fits a 5-1/2" "Old Model" Vaquero and a 3" Belt. Lip flared for easier reholstering.

    I don't remember who made it, but it's a Heavy-made piece that won't collapse. Supple Leather, Solid Stitching with No Fraying. 55.00 includes shipping to CONUS 48






    SOLD 14.) Black Leather Plaited Stampede String with decorative metal end pieces (aglets), secured with an ornamental slide. 15.00 includes shipping to the CONUS 48






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