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  1. Pecos Pop and Pecos Pullet - 1989
  2. She always used to bug me about why people need more than 10 rounds... Since the happenings this year, she asked me if I would go out and by a rifle with one of "those things" underneath that held "30 shots". Her arthritic hands won't let her rack the slide on a pistol, (she has a revolver), but she can pull a trigger, and she's an excellent shot. She wants me to buy more guns!!
  3. Your in good company, it's happened to top shooters, bottom of the pack shooters, middle of the pack shooters, and members of the Wild Bunch. Just gives you something else to practice
  4. I'm looking through all my references, and I can't find anything about a Colt's Model 1873 SAA in .41 rimfire. I have found where they started making a .44 Henry Rimfire in 1875, only 1863 of them were made and 107 of them factory converted to .22 Found lots of "Derringers", assorted pocket pistols, and the Colt New Line produced in .41 rimfire "short" and "long" If that really turns out to be a 1st Gen SAA in .41 rimfire, get a Colt letter on it!
  5. You'll be fine. Enjoy the Winchester.
  6. Yep, it's the Blackhawk hammer, (not the Super Blackhawk hammer), and a different set of grips. Same New Vaquero in all other respects.
  7. That's a specialty cylinder. You might want to contact Mayor Maynot Killya, Gary Lee Barnes at Cartridge Conversion.com
  8. A tip I was just given... for unloaded, at home, practice time: Find a target on the wall. Get into your normal shooting stance. Close your eyes, draw and point the gun where the target is... Open your eyes. Are you pointing at the target, or to the left or right? Adjust your stance a little, foot forward or back, until you are naturally pointing at the target when you draw with eyes closed.
  9. Facebook. It's all in where you go. It's just like a TV. if you don't like the channel (or page) you're looking at, change the channel. There are some good Cowboy Action Shooting pages, Historic Firearms pages, Old West Clothing pages, and all sorts of special interest pages. If you get bogged down in politics and such, it's because you choose to. Just like you don't have to watch TV News.
  10. Since this site is specifically about SASS and Cowboy Action Shooting, it is perfectly natural and appropriate to let a new shooter know that the IAC 1897 Trench Gun, is not legal for shooting in a SASS-Affiliated match. If local Match Directors want to make an exception, that's up to them. But, letting someone know about SASS rules, on the SASS Website is the right thing to do. As for what shells it can handle, any Shotshells that meet SAAMI specifications for 2-3/4" Shotgun Ammunition. So, basically any 2-3/4" shells from any reputable manufacturer.
  11. Under-powered rounds of any caliber are usually the result of a misinformed, or new reloader, equating "no recoil" with being able to go faster. Often, they are teetering on the brink of squib loads, and their groups will be erratic, if they tried printing on paper. Those that equate .45 as "manly" and smaller calibers as inadequate, are just plain wrong. This was demonstrated on my posse at the 2002 EoT when a gentleman shooting .45s could not knock over the pistol knockdown targets. He complained loudly. But then, a junior girl with .32s had no problem. The .45 vs. .38 argument is also demeaning to new shooters who do not, for one reason or another, reload. They bought .38/357 guns with an eye on economics. For now this is their one and only set of guns, and they can buy .38s in bulk a lot cheaper than they can .45s. Like Pat said, if what somebody else is shooting is legal, it's none of your business. Denigrating others because what they shoot doesn't come up to your measure of "manly" runs counter to any measure of the game.
  12. PaleWolf Brunelle, the early years...
  13. Howdy, Just a slight change in category is all you need. Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter will cover whatever you would like to do. Cap and Ball pistols are legal in all categories, and then you'll only be shooting against other smoky, sooty, pards.
  14. You NEED to drop into a couple of excellent gun stores in NC... Cherry's Fine Guns in Greensboro and Mid South Guns on Main St. in Wagram, NC Probably one of the largest inventories in vintage and modern "cowboy" guns I've ever seen in one place. If you're looking for a '92, they got them. New Rossi or Original Winchesters. '73's? racks of them.
  15. In the last 20 years, so many Colt reproductions have come and gone. Most lamented was USFA, who made quite a nice revolver. The last time I came across a USFA in a gun store it was some horrendous zippy-looking .22, where you had to put your hand in front of the muzzle to cock it. I believe the gun store had it on display for four years, without ever selling it. Standard Manufacturing seems to have picked up where USFA left off. But, it is not in the realm of a mid-priced gun. Now, if somebody comes along with a working Merwin-Hulbert .44-40, I'll have to pry my wallet open!
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