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  1. Our youngest son can not carry a tune. He can't HEAR a tune. We told him drum or keyboards!!!
  2. No, no, no....you need some milk and a sammich!!!
  3. I miss singing Handel's THE MESSIAH.
  4. Oh you Scrooge!!! The animated Christmas Carol (although I dislike Jim Carey) is pleasant. And White Christmas is a MUST!!!
  5. Looks like the snow has based out, sky blued up amd weather perfect for this time of year!
  6. We have only 1/4 of our outdoor roof lights working. Guess that will be it for this year!
  7. I just keep them in a basket, with vine-top facing down. (I was told if upright they 'think' they are still attached and rippen faster) Never covered. If they are the Romas...I keep them in the crisper.
  8. So, looking up the hill, it looks like neighbors put up a privacy fence. NOPE...the tumbleweeds did!
  9. I have always told folks that God does not make mistakes. This Earth was made to support us in all things...untill we don't need it any longer
  10. I am glad you are talking about dogs ears!!!
  11. Ignore/delete/block sites you are not a member if or use on a regular basis. And as ALL corporations will tell you, they do not survive by giving away retail for FREE.
  12. Youtube has started shutting down many firearm videos.
  13. Well...I guess I AM sophisticated! (Wiping nose on left sleeve...scratching hiney with right hand)
  14. I could go for the Blu Cheese or Garlic stuffed...but jali???
  15. You are assuming I have any!!! We will meet some day!!! If you see Rooster or Constable Nelson...well, any that have spent time with us...they might give insight. (I love these babes...parents give me indegestion at times)
  16. I have had a few times where I bet on a couple. Our East side of the gate is covered...and my big boys pen outside has the East corner covered. We have not had it this bad in many years. With drought conditions, we can't burn them. I hope we get a good, wet snow soon...
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