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  1. That is the right choice! We waited the 12 years before moving up.
  2. Look what showed up on my table 3 years ago. Guess I better read it again!
  3. If it ain't 'glowing' or singing ' take me home'...it ain't for you! Added note: What is this word compromise??? I don't know what it means.
  4. Have a blessed Thanksgiving! You know, we get to that age, that our family has family of their own...and it just gets too hard to cover all the bases. With us, we have 6 kids, with spouses and 8 grandbabies...all spread thin between 4 sets of grandparents and two sets of parents, ect... We will enjoy our meal with a cousin and her beau... Then head out for East Tx for a celebration with SASS family! Count those blessings!!!
  5. Yup. Pretty much!!! Shanley and the oldest boy saw a nice buck...day after hunt ended!
  6. If you notice the middle photo...that was the first...and yes, every bit of what you see outside was packed inside!!! We had a routine. I got inside, handed him what went outside...and we each set up our own area!!!
  7. I try not to overthink things. We looked at all sorts of 5th wheels, when we knew we would be spending 3 weeks or more at a time in a rig. We looked at the New ones...as well as used at some big name lots. Never want to have a second mortgage to afford a trailer. We did go to our local, family owned lot...and found my perfect fit. Shanley liked it to. Open floor plan, older (about 10 yrs). Color scheme...the whole thing. Price was $16.900 Trade in with the 23' tounge pull, and $10k...and we drove it home the next day. That was 6 years ago. Had to replace a crank case, a lifter leg and now maybe a bit of the floor in kitchen. It has been a great buy. No regrets. Bought the 20' tounge pull a year ago. It is 5 yrs old...but been in storage 4 of those years. Has a couch slide, so fits my need. Bought for a weekender or hunting rig. Again, great buy. $7.500 In fact, we are headed out in it tomorrow night!!! I did not look up specs (other than towing info) or any yelp or discussions on them. I looked, walked through, around, and back in again. Sat in several areas...imagined certain wall hangings, ect. I liked them, I bought them. I sure hope you get what you enjoy. We enjoyed our first one 12 yrs. 12 yrs of a tub with Shanley, a tub with Singin' and a tub with boots, that came out and pushed under the rig to have room inside. Little inconvienences...that were liveable.
  8. Grumpy...are they on your computer or phone?
  9. That's okay...we thought Boxing Day had to do with Kangaroos and some Fosters!!!
  10. Started pre Thanksgiving...give him a P!!!
  11. Father. We all have our special needs during the Holiday season, and I ask you to lift each and every single one of us up. Some are struggling with loss. Some with hardship. Some will be traveling. Some will be stuck home, alone, wishing to be with family. Some will be gleeful and not understand the reason behind someones sadness. Lord, be with us all and bring peace, saftey and above all your love and grace as we move into this Holiday season. In Jesus name, Amen ***if you need an ear, or virtual hug. Any help I can offer, please reach out.
  12. Daisy keeps this in her bed, takes it out to potty, brings it inside. Her joy! 20210919_193824.mp4
  13. Hahahahaha!!! I think we have one SHELDON in our midst...that with an idetic memory does keep track!!
  14. I want to explain this photo: I caused an issue that started a rift in our marriage...so, we had a week off for a local match, that got cancelled. We decided to take the rig up and get away...just us two. And after the very first day, we saw NO ONE. Hiked, relaxed, talked. One evening, just before the sun was going down, I looked up at the clouds...and there it was! God sent us an Angel. We both still find peace in it. Have it on a piece of canvas, on the wall.
  15. Correct. To the UKRAINE. Not us here in the USA! I side with this article...copper theft is on the rise, because there is a demand for it.
  16. But...'we' are trying to ban conbustion engines...
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