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  1. Oh...you really are feeling Froggy!!! You know, I can climb a ladder and still slap ya!!! He never answers 'loaded questions'.
  2. He would ask you "Have you ever seen a TWIX comercial?"
  3. Momma had two of the plug in Monorahs. She would place them in the two bedrooms facing the street. I gave one each to the oldest children to keep the tradition. These had yellowed from the cream colored plastic candles over the years. Amazingly, some of the bulbs had to have been original, as the orange paint had started to flake off. Very similar to the one below.
  4. Hahahaha!!! You know me well enough to know I COULD have said it!!
  5. I didn't mention the 'big bucks' ! Y'all are pickin' on me!!! Tequillia was talkin about how rich Match Directors are getting....wich we ALL know is why everyone wants to run a match!!!
  6. Thanks for the heads up. Between the sex, violence and consistant foul language (from what I hear) I won't be watching.
  7. If you notice Pat...they become animated quite quickly...and continue to do so for a while!!!
  8. Well... I have kept all the Christmas decorations in a computer box for the past 20 years along with 3 popcorn tins. I always kept them in the bedroom closet...untill last year, when they were moved outside in the garage loft. While bringing them down, the handle broke and the box left Shanley's grip and rolled down the SIL's head/shoulder to to ground. SIL is okay...but I did loose a couple of things I looked forward to putting out at Christmas time. I have to count my blessings the couple of things from my mother and my childhood are intact. sigh...
  9. Yup. We have been blessed to pull in for a nights sleep on a few occasions. Tbone and Ellie are very gracious hosts!
  10. That made my head hurt. I would imagine once catagories are set...they are set. If one drops out, and waiting list drops in...they will join a catagory already set.
  11. Oh my WORD!!! BEAR....you better start runnin' now....
  12. Hmmmm... My first husband calls me 'evil woman'...but only in jest and while drinking...the reason we are no longer married. My newest one is my favorite...it is sweet to hear, as grandson Desmund has only found his voice this past year!!! MomMom...
  13. It is a club you need to visit! Monthly are just great! CAC is a match we just can't miss!!!
  14. Yes!!! Dang if I didn't shoot throught the legs on one!!!! This match we had 4 big'uns in a 12,123 sweep then opposite end. Thanks!
  15. https://play.google.com/store/movies/details/Spencer_s_Mountain?id=5SIPS9zKZBk
  16. Look up Spencer's Mountain You won't be disapointed
  17. Perfect....you are a big ol bear!!!!
  18. Folks have not posted catagories for a long time...doubt any will again
  19. Folks have hated Tbone's chickens for as long as I remember. Folks stealing them...throwing them in the pond...anything to stop the madness. Just made it worse. Note: the chicken who will reside in my yard at the cabin was given to me by Tbone...I did NOT steal it!!
  20. So is this a remake of the Waltons Home Coming??? The original was touching. Hey, have you ever watched Spencer' Mountain? I believe it was the inspiration for the Waltons.
  21. This is Ceboux's stage...little chickens. I did not get the big chicks...you know, the eight legged ones!!!
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