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  1. I found putting sand in a 5 gal bucket, putting the live tree in, and then filling with water... was a win-win! The water helped the sand 'suck' the tree into the sand...and also helped keep the tree from falling over with the little ones!
  2. Again...the post is simply for information. If the owners of FR, LLC want to bring knowlwdge of why it is closing...they will. If not...FR is their business, and that is it.
  3. I doubt that will happen. Founders Members did what they did.
  4. I have a long, Lambskin trenchcoat...and that's all I have to say about that!
  5. Even then...finger in the trigger guard and on the trigger= you 'pulled' the trigger.
  6. It affects those who wanted to utillize FR in any shooting venue... IE: long range, cowboy, pcc, clays... FR was open to public as well as SASS members...many came and experienced FR on their travels. It is a shame.
  7. I laugh...because as the oldest daughter was learning the clarinet...I got out my violin, and Shanley his trumpet. I assume it sounded much like this. In fact, once daughter was out of earshot the youngest son said " wow...Casey was really squeeky!" I am ashamed to say I answered "yes, SHE was!" (I was told later a little WD40 on those strings couldn't hurt)
  8. Ahhhhhh...many folks in Vallecito, CO cut beautiful 20' trees... I have never had the space for more than a 6'er! While living in a 12' by 62' (?) trailer, I used to ask daddy to look for me a tree growing up against another. A nice little ladder tree, 3' tall and flat sided!!! Thjs way I could put the tree up against the wall and still have space to get by to the kitchen!!!
  9. I post this only as information. Many folks are passing through NM to AZ and may be planning on visiting FR. At this time it seems unlikey. Any speculation, negative remarks or snarky comments are not necessary. From Kurt Bowker: To all, It is with great regrets that we post the following information. As everyone knows it was a great weekend with the gun swap and the ranch was full steam ahead with many plans for the future. As of November 30, 2021 contract negotiations to purchase the ranch were stopped from the previous owners Founders Ranch, LLC to Founders Ranch II, Inc. We are all very saddened by this very unfortunate and untimely decision. As we had honored their previous obligations with membership, purchased clays and events we hope that they will in turn allow those who have purchased clays and membership to come and use them along with those who had began to plan events at the ranch next year. At this time all scheduled events and lane reservations have been put on hold till further notice. This includes the shotgun shoot scheduled for 12/4/21 At this time we do not have any contact information to pass along for Founders Ranch, LLC as the previous Ranch number had not been transferred to us and we had to obtain a new number. For those who have consigned guns please contact Double C Arsenal. They can be picked up or left on consignment. There are guns that are still available for purchase. Double C Arsenal is still available for all of your gun purchasing needs. For those who were ordering guns from the gun swap those can still be completed through Double C Arsenal. They can be contacted directly at 505-363-0450. We have many items such as targets, pellet guns, bows/arrows that we need to liquidate. We will post these items shortly for sale and will meet up with you for delivery. We are truly grateful for all of the support from the community and for you believing in our new vision of the ranch. We are very saddened by the sudden change as you are well aware of the many plans that we had for next year already in-progress as well as the many new ranges that were in process to be completed. May you all be safe in your expression of your 2nd amendment freedoms.
  10. Grand Canyon memories... https://photos.app.goo.gl/NMqXi4WPrNFG6ujV9
  11. Well, that top photo isn't a 'leather' skirt... It's Lambskin! Ask me how I know.
  12. Poo. Let me see if I can get it...it is quite funny!
  13. Our youngest kids band concert was pretty close!!!
  14. You should not need a fb account to see this particular post...it is also on Youtube.
  15. Walmart sells a Grinch sleeper....and I hear places sell blow up dolls....so there ya go!!!
  16. This is sooooooo me, stepping up to stage, after someone who dry fires, works on transitions and is in good shape! Merry Christmas Y'all!! https://www.facebook.com/100010234354831/posts/1562866514064479/?sfnsn=mo
  17. Brodie was asking where a certain tall, maybe wooden 'wizzard looking' Santa went. I ABSOLUTELY do not remember what she is talking about!!! I swear I never had one. Shanley remembers it... I think Brodie is remembering something from Grandma Shanley's house. Funny, huh?
  18. I fell in love with these little wooden ornaments. Non breakable is a plus in my house! I will leave the tree with the kids when we move, but the wooden ornaments will go.
  19. Buckshot Sheridan?? Are you sleeping??? Hmmmmmmm....he uses brass shells exclusively, sure he will speak up.
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