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  1. Mohawk...I'm learning...if I really want to eat certain things...I have to give somewhere else...just eat smarter!!! And MOVE!!! OIY!!!
  2. You are so bad!!!! Yup...seriously, If I make the 64oz of water daily, I tend to keep dropping. Of course we all knOw WHY!!! DOWN 1.6LBS...headed toward that first 10!!! Am still going for 20lbs gone by September 25th!!!
  3. Phantom...and THIS is why I had not been posting on the WIRE!!! AdiĆ³s!
  4. Keep going! It comes from our bodies saying "we don't need that anymore" (estrogine/progesterone) We hurt, so we don't move like we used to. We eat out more. It just does. Problem is we catch it all too late! So...I sat more since Saturday... My neck is stiff...so moving has been rough! I ate bread!!! That is a nono for me, apparently. I have not drank enough water...and you really can not catch up!!! Lets get on track DD!!!
  5. Hmmmm....did you really need to make that statement? Especially being Founders Ranch is not a viable range at the time being? Just don't understand the negative feed back, some 15 years after your visit, to a place that doesn't hold matches any longer???
  6. Sage, thanks. I know it will take a good year to loose my goal... Just hate the yoyo!!@ Congrats! Why? I think you look like you are porportioned just right!
  7. Pooh... Went back up 2.6 lbs! This yoyo first 10lbs sucks!!! Onward!!!
  8. Brian is still active and in. I stepped off the board last year. I will be there, rooting y'all on! See you next month at CAC!
  9. Oh no....dang it!!! Well, we will catch her next time!!!
  10. Generally, yes. Call Sunshine Kay to validate
  11. Man...the rollercoaster on this first 10lbs is hard!!! But...gotta keep moving forward. Traveling for 5 hours, and sitting in the camper all day (it was mighty hot) then 5 hours home did not help me!! Next weekend is cabin time....planning on some walks!!!
  12. Never!!! I can't wait to meet your bride!!!
  13. Your meal posting helps!!! I go " I can do that! IF I substitute...."
  14. I am shooting for 20lbs gone by CAC. And the final goal is 80 down by EOT!!!
  15. You have seen me in SOOOOO many sizes over the last 10 years. This size is so not me!!!
  16. I decided after seeing photos of myself in June...that I need to get busy. So far so good!!!
  17. She found some left over grapefruit wedges I had tossed to the squirells! He was enjoying the neighbors lawn...
  18. Sang/lead it 3 times on first day... https://photos.app.goo.gl/SAxQvMgEHda499YV7
  19. Well gents...imagine that. I can't find ANYONE I know at that club!!! But here... Try this contact
  20. Fort Beggs Defenders!!! Toranado? Listed as the contact?
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