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  1. What they did!!! Woke with the sun, went to bed with the sun...worked, kept busy, ect. (Well, most did)
  2. Hahahaha!! Whom ever named TX 35 WN must have been from the South Pole!!!
  3. No...you are correct...I can't eat it...but, the lack of excercise has some to do with it. So 60%- 40%.
  4. That does sound good!!! I love soup...probably more than you love pie, or TW loves 'nanner splits!!!
  5. I mean, it would be a solution to getting 'range' time or dry fire time. We don't get recoil with dry fire either But, could be benificial if the business allows useing holsters and transitions to long guns.
  6. I gotta say...some technology has been great. I value the things that have improved life for many, young and old alike. But yet, sometimes the technology just prolongs what is to come...making it harsh. I think of all the little things I enjoy now. TV remote Kids room monitors Cell phone Dishwasher Washer/dryer Heat with a push of the button Oven/stove at the turn of a knob Water at demand, HOT water at that... This list goes on. I also think we would all be healthier/fit without all these things. We no longer get up and go to the TV to change the channel. We no longer get up and see what time it is, or answer the phone. We don't stand at the sink and wash/rinse/dry and put away after supper. Scrubbing/wringing clothes then out the door to hang on the line... What got me thinking about this? Brodie sat the moniter beside me, as the kids nap and she runs errands. This way I need not get up and check on the babes, and can SPEAK to them if need be! I wonder why I have put on an extra 75 lbs!!!
  7. https://www.postindependent.com/news/new-ammo-free-shooting-range-opens-in-rifle/
  8. Nice. Except I earned every wrinkle, sag and roll...not to mention grey hair. I would not want that removed.
  9. There is always hope. Personally, I want to see it bought and used for many venues...it is a cool atmosphere!
  10. And then as he is saying "see ya next time", the kid does the head tilt!!!
  11. Carrott/Ginger Soup Need: Broth Garlic OVO (olive oil) Carrott Ginger Onion Green onion ACV (apple cider vinegar) Parmesan Salt Pepper Garlic powder Cumin powder Prep: Cook chopped onion, garlic, ginger in pot untill tender. Add broth (I used 8 cups) Add chopped carrotts (I used 5 medium) Cook for about 10 min for carrott to soften...just a bit, like aldantè (?) pasta. Add ACV ( I used tablespoon for a good zing) start with just a tsp at a time. Add salt, pepper, cumin,garlic powder to taste. Put everything into a blender and go for it! ( I used smoothie setting) **to make a bit creamier, add a shot or two of milk Top off with a bit of grated parmesan and green onion. Yummy!!!
  12. This kid (well, grown son) reminds me if my oldest. What a humor!!! https://petapixel.com/2021/11/30/son-uses-photoshop-to-fix-a-family-portrait-his-dad-hates/
  13. Kids found a way to get the tree up, with having the extra seating we need...and hang the stockings.
  14. Waxahachie Kid...I believe this one is from the old Waxa house...if it isn't, I know it has been in the family from my birth.
  15. (Music playing) Thanks...for the memmories... Yes...the glass, filled with colored liquid...ours were twists (like Taco Bell cinnamon twists) I also recall the glass beads on a stringer. What I don't recall is a Dec 23rd visit to the Dr in 1965 to remove said bulb from inside my left nostril.
  16. Rosin for the bow...WD40 on those 'squeeky' strings!!! (It was an old fiddler teasing me, as I said when I try to play Boil That Cabbage Down, it sounds like two cats in heat fightin' for the only Tom in the county!!!)
  17. I believe there were 2 CAS clubs as well as 1 WB... Several CC classes, Training, Shotgun Clays, long range...
  18. FR LLC were the original owners of the property built up as FR. It was 'sold' to owners FR II Inc in April...and was operating.
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