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  1. On the 'signature required'...don't count on it. Because of 'Covid', and no contact in play, your delivery agent may 'sign' for you. Really pisses me off!
  2. Joined in 2021, should be enough of a RED FLAG to anyone.
  3. Only 2 of the long 3x4's are what was there to hold up the floor. No sub-sub floor, just beams and moisture barrier!
  4. Right? And they were built considerably more 'stable' then. We bought ours, a light wieght, not 4 season, aluminum frame 5th because the price was right and we didn't need a different truck to tow it. I was suprised the lack of support beams, especially in the walk path. And, Shanley had to actually reinvent the heating ductwork, in order to put suport by the vent...as it had an entire chunk of floor missing!!!
  5. Ours is pre DEF... I am not sure about the CAT... Yup...the Allison in that Chevy is tough!!! Won't be replacing the tranny untill it stops!!!
  6. It is funny, that I have seen that film at least once a year , and NEVER noticed the boom.
  7. We first used our Chevy Silverado 2500 (Allison tranny) gas engine...but it was pushing the weight limit. We found a steal on a 2500 Dodge Ram, diesel. Pulls like a dream! And get about 12 mph instead of 6mph!!!
  8. The new ones are really bad...especially since 2020. This old girl was already 'sun faded' when we got her...but I loved her. Paid $10k for her. 35'...lightwieght. We have used her at least 6 times a year for the past 5. And, she is the Shanley Hotel while parked at home! Old photos showing what the kitchen looked like.
  9. Is it a Marine thing??? He has been 'white headed' since he was 30... The 'stashe is because I won't let the chin get hairy!!! Oh, and he needs a cut...but just had a procedure on his neck...so has to wait a bit longer.
  10. Bob...we have gotten the same snow and temps that you get there... Remember, East Mountains are circled by 3 chains.
  11. Shanley drives 50 in as well...50 back home. They often close the cayon, and twice in 20 years, they closed the old hwy too! In winter, there are MRE's in the truck...with water!
  12. Oh, but Cholla... Misty (and I believe Ruby) were here in NM, in 2007, when the East Mountains got that over 2 days...roads were closed from Tx line to Az line for 3 days...many of our roads out here were snow packed with 5ft drifts for weeks. The gals are used to snow...believe me. Oh, and we get down to the singles most years.
  13. I never noticed that!!! Guess I will have to put it on and see. Looks like right before they were headed out for the new mercantile?
  14. I love my old 5th...openness is awesome!!! We use this guy at least 5 weeks out of the year...several times throughout. Best investment ever!
  15. Boomstick Arms did a fantastic job on my New Model V's.
  16. I don't have to tell you some of the roads we were on!!! Heck, that farm road you had us take was probably the best road we found!!!
  17. It was a lot of work for Shanley...I can't help like I used to. BUT....when you can DIY, it is a blessing! About $1000 in all...when just having the floor done and old cabinets/flooring used would have run over $3000! Plus, it was fun customizing what fits best for us!!!
  18. After our trip to EOT last year, and down to GA and back, we took some roads that shook the life out of the 5th wheel! So...after the floor became super spongy, and I noticed the 'kitchen' had come away from the wall... we started looking at what needed done and how to do it. We found the support under the floor was minimal, and a major factor was a broken 3×4! Shanley rebuilt the floor, new tile. I chose a straight cabinet...butcher block top, a stove top to replace the stove/oven combo. I built a butcher cart I bought from HD, while Shanley inserted the stove top...and we both cut out the sink space...it did take both of us!!! So close to being done! I took down the outdated valances and sewed up some curtains...moved some things around and had my big sofa put in. (It is lighter than the one that came with the 5th.) By next weekend, I will be ready to clean up and pack up for EOT! Whew!
  19. Now...a nasty rumor has traveled around, that EOT is cancelling. NOT TRUE! Please squash/smush/splat that right away if you hear it or read it!!!
  20. And I am excited!!! Although Laerson E. Never got photos of me, I have been to 2 work parties...and am excited to see what Town will soring up in about 3 weeks!!! I hope some of y'all will look me up...and say "Hey".
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