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  1. Hahahahaha!!! Thanks! I fogot it was my neohews Bday!!!
  2. Glad you are 'up'. Grandkids already are getting a Snow Day tomorrow! Expected for us...3-5"!!! I remember 3-5 ' and we still went to school!
  3. Breaking 170° with offhand/shot pistol?
  4. I may be wrong...but I think he is talking SDQ from breaking the 170° with the 'shot' pistol? 'Hanging straight down', muzzle down.?
  5. Gateway...if our mothers heard of any neighborhood kids with Measels, Chicken Pox or a sore throat...we were rushed over for playdates IN GROUPS!! My mom was big on herd immunity.
  6. I appreciate you not 'nameing names' at this point. But, of course you should return it...and give the seller the opportunity to correct the mistake. I assume you bought this from a 'vendor'...as a package? In that case a full refund is in order. If you bought the CD seperate and sent off for the work, you will be hard pressed to recoup your CD purchase. Hope the vendor will own their mistake.
  7. I was always told "if you can see it 'hit the ground'...you're too close" We have a friend that no one sits by him at games. He's been struck by lightning twice!!!
  8. Hope to see you next year! With your crew, I really suggest looking into RV Share and booking a spot in BASF East Campground. It would save the $$ on eating out, gas to and from a hotel...for about the same price. AND it isn't too far away from the range that the boys couldn't walk back to the camper if they don't want the evening activities. Let me know if I can help in anyway
  9. We have had sooooo many that have been volunteers for 10yrs or more. The fun they have is evident! If you are coming to EOT, talk it up with your buddy and consider giving it a try!
  10. EOT push time. Folks, we still have some volunteer slots needing to be filled. Can you offer 2 hours to run a shift? You will not get 'stuck', if relief doesn't show, a relief will be found. You will be fed lunch that day, and get a nifty pin for your help. Here are the forms...please fill out and send to email at form bottom. A great way to have friends gather before the match.
  11. I've been to 2...both were my husbands!!! Don't care to go to mine!!
  12. I can't wait to get before and after once cleaned up and set up... But already a big improvement!
  13. I really shouldn't complain...we are blessed in more ways than we know. Just chaps my butt. Guess that is why Shanley and I rarely go out to eat...I can't enjoy it, when I think how many meals I can make at home for $60!!!
  14. Why YES, he did in fact get 3 new guns in 2020!!! However did you know???
  15. This saves me loading up carts to bring for folks!!! So happy Yul is taking the 'gate' at cart rentals.
  16. Doesn't work with me! I keep a running tally!! I have at minimum,a staircase to be built at the cabin this year...as well as some flooring!!
  17. Forgive me, but someone flying to EOT needed a gun cart, and I offered my stroller cart. But now that there is gun cart rental, being rented through Sunshine Kay, I need to know if I still need to bring my buggy? I hope you see this...if I don't hear, I will still pack the stroller. End Of Trail.org For cart rental
  18. Add the $114 for 209A primers... We used to get both primers+ 2lb powder+ bullets for that total amount spent today. This will get us through CAC... Hope things balance out by then!!
  19. Wow...just paid $134 for 1000 Federal small pistol primers!! I will not be online buying primers again...just outrageous the cost! This madness has to stop! Hate to say it, but watch how you vote!!
  20. This is our home in Colorado... Not a normal year...but, we have seen almost that amount here in the East Mountains!!! Ours just melts faster!!!
  21. Folks....WE, ourselves, need to take ownership and research where we buy these days. Nothing of 'done on a handshake' or 'I give you my word' holds true anymore. I have been an admin on a few pages, and it is a 24/7 job to try to keep EVERY SCUMBAG from appearing. We CAN NOT trust 'because they are SASS, they are golden' . Sorry for those taken, and prayers something can be done. Moral to this post... only deal with people you know, businesses you know...and even then, do your homework.
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