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  1. Wow! Just love the man. We tease him that he is almost young enough to be our son! He sure is a blessing. We found our brake pads had reached their limit getting here... So, after working all day, he drove Shanley to the parts store and is 'under the truck' as they say, replacing the pads! Just needed to give him the "Atta way, Son" he deserves!.
  2. Red Mountain Pass... part of the Million $$ Hwy
  3. Okay...I know there is a story there...I also know I should not listen when you tell it!
  4. You know we'd be there...if we weren't working!
  5. Hahahaha!!! And it is pretty much STILL the very same!!! Million $$ Hwy!!!
  6. Oh sweetheart. I send you hugs, love and prayers!!!! Know you are loved
  7. $4.49 for Diesel at a Chevron yesterday around Show Low...
  8. To answer, YES. I was WORKING!!! I just got back from walking the pup...and showering...wondering where all the green paint came from?? Here are just a few shots. Great group of folks and lots was done. Homeward bound tomorrow. Till next month!
  9. Headed over to 'lock up' to start putting in some EOT gettin' ready time.
  10. We would love you to!!! Shanley says " DUDE...it's 73° today"
  11. Oh no!!! You want the garnish to pull flavors, not hide them!!!
  12. Okay...so our trip included some great sights...there was a subscribed burn on the rim...so sunset was really unique. Then it got too dark for photos! Oh...before I forget...we have been making this journey since 2010...and never once have we seen any animals...besides cows. Well, tonight Shanley says " hey, wild horses signs" I say "well, you know my luck...we won't see any" and then BOOM...Shanley starts pointing and laughing. About 30 wild horses in the small meadow we were passing. then, coming into Strawberry...there, just at a crossing around a corner...stood two HUGE Elk...saw a glimpse of horn as we passed....I swear, Shanley could have reached out the window and goosed them!!! So glad they were not IN the lane!! With these, good night. More tomorrow!
  13. Despite 'missing' Larsen E's work party, I will still enjoy our evening with windows open...
  14. Wish we could. Will have to head home Sunday morning!
  15. We bypassed I-40...came 60 and 260 ... Added an hour plus...but nice drive!
  16. Whoa-oh....half way there... Just crossed AZ line
  17. NM terrain changes quickly Oh no...NM traffic jam!!!
  18. VLA...Very Large Array...where part of the movie CONTACT was filmed!
  19. We are headed out to Phx for tomorrow's work party. Being there are 2 major construction projects on I-40 Westbound...we are taking the scenic route. VLA, might glimpse the El Malapi... Anywhoo....Yeehaw!
  20. You may have been on it! Outside Ft Worth, Inerstate 35...there is a section, where hwy 287 meets I 35 And it is labled 35 WN
  21. What is your RV site? We are going to replace the kitchen floor in the 5th next month...may need some of them experts!!
  22. Shanley follows behind me for hours picking tape off of floor, furniture, cieling...
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