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  1. Keep in mind. This is NOT a CAS promotional show (although with FJT on board, it will surely build interest) We continue to lose good people in our sport, because of negativity going on across the country. Lets not continue that here
  2. Hmmmm...I get where you are going, without seeing the show...but knowing you! I believe we need to step away from the words Mountain Men and focus on the ULTIMATE MARKSMEN. Mountain men used the tools of the time that they had. CAS uses the tools of the time that existed from 1885-1889 (for the most part) This show, I suppose is using any tool thinkable from past to present. Glad the Mountain Man program has taken this on.
  3. We are not able to watch it. Everything we have tried has refered us to get a code, and without a tv/cable/other provider, we can not get the code.
  4. Buck Sheridan grew up in the Mountain Man genre... Then he made the mistake of sending me a persknal message asking how he could get involved in CAS and WR. Look where he is now!!!
  5. I call my Marine Shanley ALL THE TIME. It just is. But, to address him that way in writing would be wrong.
  6. The 999.0 is what the scoring program puts for DNF. Those who never arrived, never fired a round (or got mad and left without finishing or a MDQ get the DNF totals. But, I may be wrong
  7. I slept... What will you do with a drunken sailor???
  8. Oh goodness....We have a Roku TV...it was on one of the LIVE chanels, but I can't recall. It was near the Movie Classic chanel??? I bet you can look up 'where can I watch Texas across the river' on Google.
  9. OMG....he DID call me once and ask if he could meet some of the fellas at Hooters!!! That is funny!!!
  10. Yes! The Quakie have dropped their leaves, and look 'dead' untill next May. But in the snow, it is an ominus view!!!
  11. This was the last of the fall colors. The reds and oranges had left the trees a week before. We do not get the same colors, but beautiful none the less.
  12. Coming home from closing the cabin for the season!!
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