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  1. Very easy. Let the cheeses get soft. Butter your hands and squeeze it like a kid in mud!!! Mix untill all one color. Next, sprinkle garlic powder to taste...remember velveeta is salty, so use powder. Add nuts to preference. (Tastes great without nuts too) Now, roll into logs (about 6) as round as a ritz cracker and about 6" long. Lightly roll in the chili powder untill coated. Wrap in wax paper and pop in fridge, untill right before you want to eat!!
  2. Seriously???? Wow...my 3 and 4 year old grandkids have sat through it every Christmas!! Glad you finally saw it! "EEE-AWWWW"
  3. Another was her Cloud 9 Tub cool whip (large) Two pkg cream cheese (I use 3) I can mixed fruit (drained) Pecans chopped Merachino cherries (drained and rinsed) Coconut shavings ( optional) Mix with mixer the softened cream cheese and Cool Whip After really fluffy, add in the pecans and fruit. Stir well. Add in cherries, mixing gently. Cover and refridgerate. Serve with dinner!!!
  4. Cheese log Velveta cheese 1lb Cream cheese 2-box Garlic powder Chop pecans Fine red chili powder Need wax paper to wrap. Mix softened cheeses with hands untill nice and even color...gets real messy (butter hands first) Then add garlic powder to taste. Don't use garlic SALT, the velveeta has plenty. Then add in chop pecans to desire. After mixed well, form a log by rolling in your hands. Make it thick enough to fit a cracker. Roll lightly in the red chili powder (I use a large plate) Cover the log and ends without pushing the log 'into' the powder. Wrap in wax paper and refridgerate. Put out with crackers for snacking on Christmas Day!
  5. I thought the song I Wanna Go Home would have been great! I think they are Christmas lights!!
  6. Our sweet little sister (Shanley's baby sis) gave us the bestest gift!! 20221215_132205.mp4
  7. Remember the diver who drowned in Blue Hole in NM? The National news reported he died in the ocean , in NM! We need the old time newsmen back!
  8. Me!!! You will see Fredrick Jackson Turner, as well as a couple of others in that episode. Fun. Slick Mclade and family have an episode on Duck Dynasty, as well.
  9. Hamilton Beach single serve, electric blender. About $20. Works well and will last about 4 years if treated well. The $12 Mainstay lasted about 1 month!!! Depends on what and how much you plan to blend. Electric blenders are my choice. Hamilton Beach have done me very well.
  10. Prayers for all involved in your surgery to recovery!
  11. Keep in mind. This is NOT a CAS promotional show (although with FJT on board, it will surely build interest) We continue to lose good people in our sport, because of negativity going on across the country. Lets not continue that here
  12. Hmmmm...I get where you are going, without seeing the show...but knowing you! I believe we need to step away from the words Mountain Men and focus on the ULTIMATE MARKSMEN. Mountain men used the tools of the time that they had. CAS uses the tools of the time that existed from 1885-1889 (for the most part) This show, I suppose is using any tool thinkable from past to present. Glad the Mountain Man program has taken this on.
  13. We are not able to watch it. Everything we have tried has refered us to get a code, and without a tv/cable/other provider, we can not get the code.
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