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  1. You missed the part where we share a home? There is no retreat!!!
  2. I believe my pistols were doing the same thing. Worn parts. Over tuned (IMHO) We changed arms, heavy springs back in. Hope this helps. (Actually went farther and asked Col Lou of Colonel Lou Guns, to pretty much restore all inner works, including firing pins.)
  3. Signaled The Great Tumbleweed Migration. They are covering a section of the road out to the main road...sure sign we will have snow drifts shortly! 20211215_112522.mp4
  4. https://www.history.com/.amp/topics/christmas/history-of-christmas
  5. The impurities burn off and are easily scooped from the top of the melt. (Garrison Joe, stop cringing with my verbage...and step in!)
  6. And that is when you wait at the job site with a truck...to 'take as much as you like' off their hands...saving the contractor $$
  7. Praying for a great day for you. How is it going for you? Any specific prayers? Anything you need, or would like??
  8. I hate to say it...but stop looking for the 'mother load', the miracle spot that has powder, primers, components all....and guns. The shops that have been around for years, the trusted local shop...stick with those. If the big #1 gun supply stores don't have it, what makes you think a 'new'/no name shop would? Stick with the known...ignore the unknown. With that said, if someone you KNOW and TRUST tells you of a spot, and they got positive results...maybe.
  9. Navajo is such a haed language!!! I jad a massive overbite, so much of what I said could never get the proper dipthong(?). Anywho...this is one of the first songs done in Navajo...it is beautiful to me , too.
  10. Okay, okay...not what I meant. Too much of a good thing is NEVER good.
  11. They start at midnight after Halloween here. I think if it wasn't playing for so long, we would appreciate it more. Kinda like sex!!
  12. Sang this on a Karaokee float in the Farmington, NM 1886 Christmas Parade...about 4 times during the hour trip!!! A Favorite here as well.
  13. I love singing all the Christmas hymns. But, a favorite to sing is Breath Of Heaven My favorite CD to listen to has been The Sing Off , Christmas CD.
  14. Would the diabetic Ensure do the same thing???
  15. Grandkids are challenging...especially when you share a home, and one is Autistic. But they are a blessing... Desmund is able to speak clearer and use more words/phrases everday. Some are suprisingly clear and funny. I smiled just now, where he asked his mom for black chips (bbq chips packaging is mostly black bag, where Doritos is blue for ranch and red for cheeto)and came and sat on the bench...then he asked his Bella to 'sit with me'
  16. Thanks for sharing with us. Please, someone give Bob the biggest hug from us, as we just don't have the vacation time to come.
  17. She sure was something, 'eh, Roo? She and Bob were added to the list of folks using the Shanley Hotel. What great conversations we had...
  18. When a prop is there, yes I lay on table or shelf and have it brought to the unloading table. Once or twice there was no safe prop, so TO had me reholster. My question is...is it safer in the holster to the unloading table, or in someones hands???
  19. The article reads that she brews up her magic...then jars it, adding a little personal touch. She did not sell ONE jar for 45K ...nut made that in ONE WEEK selling her jars!!! Someone is buying.
  20. Ex is still in Hurst. I do like the ride.
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