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  1. A friendly FFL will usually ship a pistol for $20 plus the Flat Rate Box cost. That's far cheaper than UPS over night service. My FFL will ship for a Veteran for $20 flat, including FR Box. I know that is exceptional, but it does exist.


    A good solid relationship with a local FFL is always a good thing.



  2. Probably not what you want to hear, but there are so many other powders that will do just as well as American Select, that I certainly would not even consider paying a premium, just to get some A.S.


    IMR has Nitro 100 and Solo 1000. Alliant has e3, Red Dot, Promo, Clay Dot, Unique and Bullseye Hodgdon has Titewad, 700X, Clays, Titegroup, W-231, and Trail Boss.. Accurate arms has #2, and #5. This is just a few of the applicable powders for our game.


    Just a suggestion, but paying upwards of $200 for 8# of powder is just ridiculous.



  3. Not to take anything away from the MEC, but my Redding single stage is also an iron frame machine.

    Lyman's T-Mag is also a cast iron press, and a fine turret press also. Far more desirable than the new MEC single stage press. Just as portable, and actually allows for setting up two calibers, fully adjusted.


    As already stated, it's about 30 to 40 years too late in the game.



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  4. 200 grain bullets work fine in rifle and pistol. Use a fast burning powder, like Clays, at top load amounts, to keep pressures at near maximum. Then apply a very firm crimp. (I use a Redding Profile Crimp, which applies a taper crimp AND a roll crimp). No blowback occurs with these loads.



  5. Here ya go!



    43 Spanish
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Spanish military cartridge that came out in 1871, replacing the Reformado cartridge. It was chambered in the Remington Rolling Block and was fairly popular, being used in some South American countries. The Rolling Block is a sturdy rifle and the .43 Spanish is capable of good accuracy. There were a couple of variations of this cartridge so if in doubt take a chamber cast.

    HDS makes brass and bullets. Bullet weights are generally 340, 370 and 385 grains. Black or smokeless powder loads can be used if you are careful. While a good gun, most are over 100 years old so have any new purchases checked by a gunsmith and load accordingly.

    .43 Spanish
    11mm Spanish
    11.15×58mmR Spanish Remington
    U.M.C. 43-77
    Type Rifle Specifications Neck diameter Bottleneck[1] Overall length 2.845 in Primer type Berdan

    The .43 Spanish was a centerfire firearms cartridge. The .43 Spanish was adopted about 1867,[citation needed] and was used in early rolling block rifles that Remington manufactured for the government of Spain.[citation needed] The cartridge is also referred to as "11mm Spanish", and identical cartridges for the US Peabody rifle were marked "U.M.C. 43-77".[2]

    In 1869 the Spanish government put in an order for 10,000 rifles in this chambering.[3] The Spanish military version of the cartridge was later upgraded in 1889 to a "heavier, brass-jacketed reformado bullet".[4

  6. Remington Built thousands of the 43 Spanish cal rifles for foreign military use, in their famous Rolling Block design. I would think you could find specimens of the ammo at Old Western Scrounger. I have one of them myself. Just a wallhanger though, although the action is in good shape.

  7. If you are loading 38 special's, about 10 cents a round will be your cost, excluding the cases. Case cost will be very little more than nothing, due to the many, many times that they can be reloaded, and can be purchased most times for about $60 per 1000 for once fired range brass. That will last many many months, possibly several years, depending on how much you shoot.


    You can pay for basic reloading equipment very quickly with the savings over store bought ammo.. If you reload all your ammo, including shot shells, a 6 stage monthly will have an ammo cost of about $16 on average. That's several times less than the cost would be for store bought ammo. Realistically, you cannot afford not to reload. Initial set-up is not necessarily cheap, but pay back is quick. It's the only way to go if you are cost conscious.



  8. Like Michigan Slim stated, lots of 30-30 Factory ammo is round nosed as are many reloading bullets for them round nosed. However, I'm just like Justin Wilson on that, being a safety man, I wear a belt AND suspenders. Cant take a chance on having a problem.


    For my thinking, it's plain stupid to use round nosed bullets in a tubular magazine, when flat nosed bullets are readily available. Might never have a problem with RN bullets, but RNFP bullets are inherently safer by design.



  9. I had no problem. Closed my browser (Firefox) and started back up, typed in www.sassnet.com and viola! Went right to SASS. Clicked on SASS Wire Forum and went right in.


    Doesn't work on Google Chrome!!




    Really? I thought he retired from shooting a few years back?


    Nope Shootin' Bull. Retired from Registered Skeet, but still shooting recreational Skeet about 3 days a week, CAS twice a month and Bowling Pin matches once month. In my spare time I load ammo.



  11. Far as I'm concerned, most clubs I have shot at are way, way to lenient on the 30 degree rule. I see that rule broken at almost every shoot I attend. Doesn't seem to bother shoot management enough to enforce it. Easier to be Mr. nice guy, don't you know.



  12. I shoot a 7/8 oz load of 7-1/2 shot at approx.1000 FPS, out of a 20 inch barreled Coach Gun with IC (.010 constriction), chokes. Takes KD targets down with authority, and patterns well on poppers. Nothing not to like.



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