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  1. I'll take # 39 - 113 45 schofield brass- 12.00---
  2. Mr Bob, do you have any 45 colt brass left? Ill Take what ever you have left- thank you, Riverdog
  3. I bought the rifle from a Coast Guard Pilot in Florida- he got it from Pioneer about 7-8 years ago - I think I might still have the Original paperwork somewhere-and the box -
  4. Excellent condition Uberti short Rifle in 45 Colt- 18" octagonal barrel-- this rifle has the full Race Pioneer kit installed, includes super short stroke kit, pioneer lever springs, lightened aluminum carrier, stainless magazine spring, pioneer coil mainspring, lightened firing pin extension and hardened firing pin, leather butt cover and lever wrap, I bought this about a year ago and used it in 2 wild bunch matches- beautiful rifle- This rifle on the Pioneer website sells for over 2000.00. Thanks for looking-- Riverdog
  5. Hi Appy, I tried to pm you but it said you can't get messages-so-

    please send a copy of your ffl to ---vanhook1 @charter.net --

    and the check to --

    Mark Van Hook

    94315 Orchard Lane

    Gold Beach, oregon 97444

    541-698-7689--call me

    thank you 


  6. Up for sale- my Winchester take down '97 with Squibber action job- I've had this shotgun for 10 years, when I started shooting I thought I needed 2 of everything- The 97 has a 19" barrel, big bead front sight , I just put in a new ejector- kicks the rounds out good- it's not pretty and shiny , just a good solid 97- holds six in the magazine - a great wild bunch gun- thanks for looking Riverdog
  7. I have a Uberti short Rifle 18" bbl in 45 colt it's the deluxe model with pistol grip, full action job - Pioneer Gun Works, very slick, and smooth- Pistol grip, lever wrap, Butt cover-- pictures upon request- 1150.00- am going to central Ca in april-- could hand deliver-
  8. Looking for a SRC 45=70 for plainsman thanks-
  9. sure- where would you like me to send the pmt?
  10. Mark the Trapdoor SOLD, please- I'll Take it - Let me know how you want to proceed- Thanks Riverdog
  11. Howdy Creek, I'm Riverdog, sass#88745, in Oregon. I'm very interested in your Trapdoor- could you send me some pictures and tell me a little more about the condition? thank you and Happy New year
  12. Like new , used in 1 match, nice lined gunbelt with 45 loops- Two holsters -one left,-one right, holsters and belt are lined-vey soft and comfortable- Belt is 50 inches and the holes start at 42 and go to 48, I wear a 40 pant and these fit on the firs hole- lots of room to spare= I got these to wear with chaps but didn't use them- good starter rig- made in New Mexico, I believe-more pictures upon request-Thanks for looking!
  13. I will take 5- and you can pm me about the way to pay--thanks!
  14. What is the maker of the trousers?- what is the length?
  15. I'll take 15 & 17 -let me know where to send -Riverdog-thanx
  16. HOWDY,

    Did it get there??


    1. Rustler, SASS #33316

      Rustler, SASS #33316

      Yes I have it and have been playing with it. Off to the range on Saturday... :-)

    2. Riverdog


      good deal have fun!

  17. Money sent, hope u got it, let me know please,

  18. Howdy,

    I have a friend that has one that he bought one a while back for his girlfriend to use,

    she shot it 1 time and never used it again - I could give you his # and put you in touch with him,

    the gun is in perfect condition, with a very reasonable price - he doesn't use it. Just sits in the safe.

    send me an e-mail and I'll send you his phone #-.He is a SASS member in good standing, just can't figure

    out how to get on the wire-





  19. Hi Fast Freddy!

    You gotum-  do you want both or? let me know- 



  20. Howdy, do you have any of those cylinders left?- if so I'll Takem' at your asking price.

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