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  1. The majority of this generation of kids today, teaches us why our parents, whipped our Backsides.
  2. We are under a week from election day, and it's time to figure out which races will tell us about the state of guns in America. Gun sales have soared to record rates (and then come back down a bit), we've experienced one of the worst mass shootings in American history, Congress passed the first new gun restrictions in decades, and the Supreme Court handed down a monumental gun-carry decision all since the last federal election. So, how that all plays out will be very interesting to watch. And I've IDed the races that will give us the best insight into our gun politics. We've also been closely tracking some of those key races in the last week before ballots are cast. There's new spending in a pair of key House races from one of the top gun-control groups. There's also new polling in Texas and New York that may surprise some people. Contributing Writer Jake Fogleman goes through what the latest polling trend in New York says about the dynamics of gun control in that race. Plus, Open Secrets' Anna Massoglia breaks down gun group election spending on the podcast. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Analysis: The Races That Will Tell Us About the State of American Gun Politics [Member Exclusive] By Stephen Gutowski Election Day is coming up on Tuesday, and it will go a long way toward determining the future of guns in America. But some races will provide much more insight than others. While the general public’s attention has turned away from guns as a top issue, it is far more important in a number of key races across the country. Those races will tell us what there is to know about how gun politics are playing and how they may play out during the 2024 presidential election and beyond. Ballot Initiatives The easiest indicators to read will be with the two state-level ballot initiatives focused on gun policy. They are, of course, the ultimate poll of voters on where they stand on guns—no need to consult an Oracle to interpret what an outcome means. If you're a Reload Member, click here to read more. If not, join today for exclusive access! file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Beto Falls Further Behind as Texas Election Nears By Stephen Gutowski The most-aggressive gun-control candidate in the country is fading as the election approaches. Democrat Beto O’Rourke has dropped to 13 points behind incumbent Republican Governor Greg Abbott, according to a new poll from the University of Houston. The poll, released on Tuesday, shows O’Rourke falling another three points behind Abbott from the last survey conducted by the University in August. It is the largest lead any poll has found for Abbott and bumps his lead in the Real Clear Politics average up to 9.2 percent, among the largest since February. The polling decline comes as O’Rourke has been one of the only candidates to make calls for AR-15 confiscation a central part of his campaign. In contrast, Abbott signed a series of pro-gun reforms in the lead-up to the campaign, including a permitless gun-carry bill. Click here to read more. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png New Poll Shows Republican Pulling Ahead in New York Governor’s Race By Jake Fogleman An upset could be brewing in the Empire State. Kathy Hochul (D.), the incumbent Governor of New York, has now fallen behind her Republican challenger less than a week from election day, according to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group. The poll, released Monday, has Representative Lee Zeldin (R.) up 48.4 percent to 47.6 percent over Hochul among likely voters. The Trafalgar results arrive just as gun policy has started to play a more prominent role in the race, with Hochul looking to leverage the issue as a way to fend off Zeldin’s attacks on her handling of crime in the state. If Hochul loses, it will seriously call into question the strategy of linking gun control with addressing crime, as many prominent gun-control groups have called for. Click here to continue reading. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Brady PAC Spends to Boost a Pair of House Democrats Ahead of Election By Jake Fogleman A top gun-control group is focusing its spending on just two incumbent House members a week out from the 2022 midterm elections. Brady PAC spent tens of thousands of dollars on mailers and digital ads for two Democrats on Friday, according to the most recent Federal Election Commission filings. Brady is boosting Reps. Steven Horsford of Nevada’s 4th district and Lucy McBath of Georgia’s 6th district. The filings show the hybrid PAC paid $12,664 for digital ads and mailers in support of Representative Horsford. The group spent $6,336 on digital ads and mailers in support of McBath during the same period. It has now spent nearly $40,000 to boost Horsford and just over $20,000 for McBath. Click here to read the full piece. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Podcast: Open Secrets’ Anna Massoglia on How the Gun Groups are Spending in 2022 By Stephen Gutowski The midterms are just over a week away, and the outcome will have a significant impact on the likely hood of new federal gun restrictions. If Democrats hold control of the House and gain seats in the Senate, the possibility they blow up the filibuster and pass new gun laws rises. If Republicans gain control of either house of Congress, the likelihood of new gun laws falls to near zero. The gun groups know this and they’re spending as much as they can to push the outcome in either direction. So, this week, I’ve got Anna Massoglia of Open Secrets on to examine how much those groups have raised, how much they’ve spent, and where they’ve spent it. Plus, Contributing Writer Jake Fogleman and I cover a new federal ruling upholding California’s “ghost gun” ban. You can listen to the episode on your favorite podcasting app or by clicking here. Video of the show is also available on our YouTube page. The show goes public on Monday, but Reload members get early access to new episodes on Sunday! file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Analysis: The Race Where Guns May Yet Play a Decisive Role [Member Exclusive] By Jake Fogleman While polling shows gun policy has slipped from the minds of most voters heading toward election day, it may prove key in a budding upset. New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D.) faces a surprisingly close race in her reelection bid against Republican challenger Lee Zeldin. Over the last 30 days, her double-digit lead in the RealClearPolitics polling average has collapsed by half as early voting is set to begin on Saturday. If you’re a Reload Member, click here to read the whole thing. If not, please consider joining today to get access. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Outside The Reload ATF Lost 'Thousands of Firearms, Firearm Parts' to Thieves | Reason | By J.D. Tucille A red wave could wipe out a gun control law from the Jim Crow era | Bearing Arms | By Cam Edwards Connecticut Governor Wants to Expand State's Assault Weapons Ban | CTNewsJunkie | By Hugh McQuaid Hawaii County has issued 19 gun carry permits issued since Supreme Court ruling | West Hawaii Today | By Laura Ruminski Zoo Atlanta drops weapons ban after challenge from gun rights activists | 11Alive | By Makayla Richards
  3. The time has come to hand over the leadership of Team SASS to the next generation; I spoke with Misty Moonshine & the SASS Office agreed. Therefore effective 1 November 2022, Dominic Visione aka Lawdog Dago Dom , SASS# 105516 assumes the leadership of Team SASS. Colonel Dan said that “the fight of freedom is not a sprint but rather a marathon.” I agree and now the mantel of leadership must pass to a to a new leader in order to prevail and eventually win. I too am a believer in regular changes at the top positions with new enthusiasm and ideas. Lawdog Dago Dom also has an record of public activism, political involvement, various leadership roles and best of all, the enthusiasm and desire to carry on our “Second Amendment” fight for freedom. He has valuable contacts within the NRA, and will also be working closely with Sedalia Dave, our Team SASS Deputy Director. He has worked as an Firefighter/EMT, State Law Enforcement, Teacher, staff photographer and even a Restaurant Manager. Lawdog Dago Dom is well prepared, well positioned and enthusiastic. I think he will make a fine new leader for Team SASS. He has have my unqualified support as he takes the reins of this great group. I ask that you give him that same support you gave to me. As I said previously, I was honored that Colonel Dan, Misty Moonshine and the Wild Bunch supported me and our State Director to keep Team SASS running. To once again quote Colonel Dan as he said it most eloquently: “Most importantly, I will be eternally grateful to those of you in SASS and the Team SASS State Directors for the constant and loyal support you've shown me and this important effort over the years. ” Thank you all. Charlie Waite
  4. A short while back I spoke with Joe DeBergalis, aka Allegiance, who has been Deputy Director of Team SASS. He advised me that due to his new position with the NRA he would no-longer be able to be the Team SASS Deputy Director. I thought about that Colonel Dan had set as the objectives and discussed the situation with Sedalia Dave. When I called him and explained that I did not leave this position unfilled on my departure from as Director. I then proposed to make him the “Deputy Director” of Team SASS and told him why we needed/wanted to do this. I told him that with all he has done since I took over Team SASS was better suited to the position. Fortunately, for us he has agreed to assume the role. Misty Moonshine & the SASS Office agreed so now Team SASS will again have an official Team SASS Deputy Director and a perfect fit to act as the Team SASS #2. It is my great honor to announce that effective immediately, Sedalia Dave is named Deputy Director of Team SASS. Charlie
  5. Note: You might have to refresh your screen after the link opens for the map to be viewed & work properly. Interactive Map Originally Posted on February 2, 2022
  6. As the election draws nearer, the gun groups are ramping up their spending. The NRA has started a new million-dollar campaign. It's targeting the same six battleground Senate races it has been focused on all year. Contributing Writer Jake Fogleman takes an exclusive look at what candidates they're zeroed in on and what their messaging is going into the closing weeks. The NRA's main opponent, Everytown for Gun Safety, has begun to take a different approach. While it continues to spend on some of the same Senate races, it is also branching off into state races. One is key to who will control the Colorado state legislature, but the other two races are not directly related to guns at all. News from the courts hasn't slowed down. This week saw gun-rights advocates take a loss in California. I examine the reasoning behind the ruling, why it could be a problem for gun-rights activists, and why it also might not last long. Plus, Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms joins the podcast to break down what to watch as the 2022 midterms approach. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png NRA Starts New $1.1 Million Spending Spree in Swing State Senate Races By Jake Fogleman The nation’s largest gun-rights group is stepping up its campaign ad spending less than two weeks before the midterm elections. The NRA’s Super PAC is planning over $1.1 million in digital ad spending across multiple battleground states in the coming days, according to its latest Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings. The ads, set to release on Thursday, are slated to run in support of the Republican Senate candidates in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, and Arizona. The planned buy comes on the heels of a series of digital, TV, and radio ads from the Super PAC that have repeatedly targeted the same six Senate races. They also arrive against the backdrop of ongoing internal strife at the NRA. Numerous legal battles and allegations of corruption against the NRA’s leadership have coincided with a steep decline in revenue and falling membership, according to an internal report published by The Reload earlier this year. As a result, the group’s spending on legal fees ballooned to over $48 million in 2021, eclipsing the spending dedicated to the group’s other priorities like political spending, gun-safety training, and member outreach. Whether the NRA can effectively impact tight races while dealing with that turmoil could determine how influential the group remains moving forward. Click here to continue reading. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Leading Gun-Control Group Diverts Spending to State Secretary Races By Stephen Gutowski Everytown for Gun Safety is moving away from its core mission as the election approaches. The country’s largest gun-control group, funded in large part by some of its richest billionaires, is investing a million dollars into a pair of state secretary races. It is targeting Republican candidates in Arizona and Michigan who have endorsed conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 election. The group is spending in the races despite the positions having no control over gun policy. “Everytown is going to make sure voters know that far-right candidates like Mark Finchem and Kristina Karamo, who deny election results and cozy up to extremist groups, are putting both our democracy and our lives at risk,” John Feinblatt, the group’s president, said in a statement. Click here to read more. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Everytown Spends Big to Hold Colorado State Senate By Jake Fogleman The nation’s largest gun-control group is pouring big money into a local Colorado statehouse race. Everytown for Gun Safety announced a $1 million investment to boost state Senate candidate Tom Sullivan (D.). The investment, which matches how much they’ve spent in some of the most significant federal elections, is aimed at keeping Colorado’s state legislature in Democratic hands. It is part of a larger $2.7 million Colorado ad buy against Republican candidates at the federal and state level, especially Sullivan’s opponent Tom Kim. “Everytown is incredibly proud to defend the gun sense majority in the Colorado statehouse, especially against candidates like Tom Kim who will put gun lobby profits ahead of public safety,” John Feinblatt, the group’s president, said in a statement. Click here to read the full story. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Federal Judge Upholds California 'Ghost Gun' Ban, Rules Gun-Making Not Protected by Second Amendment By Stephen Gutowski California’s attempt to stop people from building their own firearms can move forward. That’s the decision federal district judge George H. Wu, a George W. Bush appointee, delivered late last week. Wu determined the Second Amendment’s text does not cover the building of firearms, ruling against gun-mill maker Defense Distributed (DD) in its challenge of AB 1621. The judge argued California’s law banning the possession of unserialized firearms, as well as parts or specific tools used to make them, does not run afoul of gun-rights protections under the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision. “Though it leads with a recognition of the primacy of Bruen’s ‘plain text’ point, DD seeks in its opening brief to jump ahead in the analysis to a historical/tradition assessment (and to jump ahead in Bruen to that decision’s discussion of how to conduct such an assessment),” Judge Wu wrote in his ruling rejecting a request for a preliminary injunction against the law. “But it has effectively attempted to avoid the necessary threshold consideration – does the ‘Second Amendment’s plain text’ cover the issue here? No, it plainly does not. AB 1621 has nothing to do with ‘keep[ing]’ or ‘bear[ing]’ arms.” Click here to read more. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Analysis: Federal Judge Finds 'One Weird Trick' to Uphold Gun Law Despite Bruen [Member Exclusive] By Stephen Gutowski A federal judge just opened a new front in the post-Bruen judicial war over the nation’s gun laws. Last Friday, Judge George H. Wu upheld California’s attempt to ban possessing unserialized homemade guns and the tools to make them. The reasoning behind the ruling is more interesting than the outcome of the case. Wu found the conduct in question was simply not covered by the plain text of the Second Amendment. He determined that since the Second Amendment only explicitly mentions the right to “keep and bear” arms, making them (and, presumably, selling or buying or shooting or cleaning or modifying or what have you) is not covered. Therefore, boom, no need to examine whether the regulation has any historical analogue as required under Bruen. No need to look any further. “Though it leads with a recognition of the primacy of Bruen’s ‘plain text’ point, DD seeks in its opening brief to jump ahead in the analysis to a historical/tradition assessment (and to jump ahead in Bruen to that decision’s discussion of how to conduct such an assessment),” Judge Wu wrote in his ruling rejecting a request for a preliminary injunction against the law. “But it has effectively attempted to avoid the necessary threshold consideration – does the ‘Second Amendment’s plain text’ cover the issue here? No, it plainly does not. AB 1621 has nothing to do with ‘keep[ing]’ or ‘bear[ing]’ arms.” It’s like a “one weird trick that plaintiffs hate” theory of Bruen. If you're a Reload Member, click here to read the rest. If not, join today before our 20% OFF SALE ends! file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Podcast: Looking Ahead at the Midterms With Bearing Arms’ Cam Edwards By Stephen Gutowski The election is fast approaching, and they will determine control of Congress as well as the future of federal gun legislation. So, this week, we’ve got Cam Edwards of Bearing Arms on the show to talk about the impact of guns on the midterms. Or, really, whether they will have much of an impact. After all, the most recent polling shows Americans have lost interest in the issue as the election draws nearer. Plus, I explain why I decided to become a CNN analyst and what my role is going to look like. You can find the show on your favorite podcasting app or by clicking here. You can also watch the full episode on our YouTube channel. Reload Members get early access on Sunday, and everyone else can listen to the show when it goes public on Monday. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Analysis: The New York Gun-Carry Law’s Grim Start in Court [Member Exclusive] By Jake Fogleman New York’s new gun law, meant to rebuff the Supreme Court, is already having a rough go of it in federal court. Just two weeks after a federal judge ruled broad swaths of the Concealed Carry Improvement Act (CCIA) unconstitutional in an opinion granting a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO), another federal judge did the same for the law’s felony prohibition on licensed gun carry in places of worship. “The nation’s history does not countenance such an incursion into the right to keep and bear arms across all places of worship across the state,” Judge John Sinatra wrote in his opinion granting a TRO. “The right to self-defense is no less important and no less recognized at these places.” Unlike the previous TRO granted against portions of the law, Judge Sinatra declined to add a temporary stay to his ruling. That means licensed gun carriers in the state are now free to carry a firearm for self-defense while attending church or any other religious institution without fear of committing a state felony. That’s a limited but key win for concealed-carry advocates. If you’re a Reload Member, click here to read the whole thing. If not, join today for 20% OFF! file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Packages/microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_8wekyb3d8bbwe/TempState/msohtmlclip/clip_image001.png Outside The Reload Ghost Guns Are Causing Chaos in American Courts | Vice | By Keegan Hamilton D.C. won’t give 3 Black men concealed-carry licenses. They’re suing. | The Washington Post | By Justin Wm. Moyer The sky won’t fall if more New Yorkers carry guns | New York Daily News | By Robert VerBruggen St. Louis gunman obtained firearm after family removed it | Bearing Arms | By Tom Knighton Poll: Most likely voters want to add right ‘to keep and bear arms’ to Iowa Constitution | USA Today | By Ian Richardson
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