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  1. Hey Sedalia Dave - Play it where it lays.......
  2. In this article we explain a consensus manipulation that is very much used and effective. It's based on social proof, that is, the tendency of people to copy the behavior and ideas of the majority, even at the cost of denying their own ideas. This behavior was described by the psychologist Solomon Asch in the middle of the last century.
  3. With your name, address, full ID, birth-date--your gun owner infoThat's the data on your 4473 federal gun paperwork
  4. Dam Hardpan, the reprieve was granted Friday & the 9th Circuit stayed it Friday night, this is only Tuesday - Now they have to get it booted to SCOTUS to overturn the 9th Circuit like has been done many times before. It is not going to happen overnight even though we would wish otherwise. Remember that SCOTUS has overturned 7 out of 10 decisions from the 9th Circuit You know they already had their stay set to go the minute U.S. District Judge Roger T. Benitez’s issued his injunction because they knew they would loose and as usual they Court/Judge shopped to get their way.
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