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  1. Defunded Police Department Forced to Sell Off Nuclear Submarine
  2. JPFO says you misspelled: "DEFEND POLICE"!
  3. Today, the Senate Appropriations considered bills sent to the Suspense File earlier this month, passing SB 914 and SB 1175 on party-line voting. Both bills are eligible for votes on the Senate floor. Contact your Senator today and urge their opposition to SB 914 and SB 1175. Click here to contact your State Senator and urge him/her to oppose SB 914 and SB 1175. SB 914, sponsored by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25), limits when those under 21 can purchase a long gun by requiring their hunting license to be currently valid. This means an individual who has purchased a license for an upcoming season will not satisfy the requirements of the bill. Additionally, SB 914 narrows the exemptions of loans of long-guns to minors and raises the fees the California Department of Justice can charge for eligibility checks on certain ammunition purchases and precursor parts. SB 1175, sponsored by Senator Henry Stern (D-27), would prohibit the possession of certain African species of wildlife. The true goal of the bill is to ensure that individuals are not allowed to bring home lawful hunting trophies—even with the approval of the U.S. Government.
  4. WASHINGTON, DC (June 17, 2020) — Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) has issued the following statement regarding possible ATF action to ban millions of firearms and devices: For years, the ATF has issued opinions and guidance, which the People of the United States have relied on to purchase legal products, including brace devices and firearms with them, to stay in compliance with the law. Our understanding is that, rather than tackling important issues and restoring Americans’ access to our fundamental rights, the ATF again may put its policy preferences above the liberty and interests of the People, our Constitution, and the rule of law. No one deserves to be imprisoned for taking the government at its word. But it is clear that the government cannot be trusted. If the ATF moves forward with yet another ban, then it will put a nail in the coffin of public trust and institutional integrity. When the ATF signaled its intent to commit a similar type of injustice, we stood up to point out that unelected bureaucrats “clearly lack the statutory authority to” re-define peacefully held property as criminal. We also promised to fight back and immediately sue if the government went forward with its shockingly abusive proposed rule. And, unlike the government, we kept our promise. Also unlike unaccountable administrative agencies, our position is clear enough for anyone to understand: The ATF exists exclusively to threaten Americans with the violent enforcement of unconstitutional laws. We believe firmly that the ATF should be abolished, and that all of the laws it was created to enforce should be repealed or struck down. The NFA, GCA, and every other law that threatens the People with disarmament and prison for exercising human rights are leprotic reminders of prior generations' sins against our Republic, founding principles, constitutional guarantees, and human liberty itself. The sooner they are eliminated, the better. Our Constitution requires an accountable legislature to enact just laws within specific, limited, and enumerated powers, not decreed by nameless bureaucrats with a political agenda, or even a president. And so, today, we remind the ATF and President Trump that they, too, are accountable for whatever actions they take regarding further bans. And neither we, nor the voters, will forget.
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