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  1. Charlie.

    There was a call in to Hannity radio show 0n the 24.Rose unplugged was the hostA Socialist called inShe let him talk.It was very informitive abot they're agenda.I don't know how to post it but it needs to be put out there for all to hear.

    He called again on the 29th.


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    2. Charlie T Waite

      Charlie T Waite

      Found and reviewed it - I agree that their agenda needs to get out but since the Second Amendment was not mentioned, I cannot put it on the Team SASS Wire - Wild Bunch has been very specific about regular politics Vs 2A.  Wish I could post it though.



    3. largo casey #19191

      largo casey #19191

      Yep .It's Scarry


    4. largo casey #19191

      largo casey #19191

      I saw where U got that call to Rose on here.Thanks


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