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    Hunting down and killing Al Qaeda, drugeros, and comsimps. Teaching combat and tactical tracking with David Scott-Donelan. Collecting bowie knives and girlfriends.
  1. Been on the warpath. Home again, just selling off some stuff I don't have the heart to destroy. Hoping to get to some shoots this summer. AZ, WY, MT, NV, UT and CO. I will saty in touch so we can link up and shoot the shit. Glad to hear you cleared the BVA and got your award. Enjoy your retirement.

  2. New forum has limits how much you can say, I guess I'm a blabberfingers.

    Anyway, are you selling cuz your getting out of CAS? or just something else came up. If your going to be around, I would like to meet you someday at a cowboy shoot.

    Big Jake

  3. I've been wondering you've been, haven't seen you on the wire lately. I miss reading your posts and messing with ya 'bout smithing your guns with a hammer and file.

    Sounds like a neat gun, but not my cup of tea. Birds head grips and short bbl. Hide out gun.

    After waiting 2 years for Dr's reports and appeal process, the VA gave me 100% service connected disability...

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