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  1. The type of Taser cops carry are the dart type which are not ideal for disabling someone in a wheel chair from behind, very small target.   And darts in the head, neck and shoulder can cause death.  Mace & pepper spray from behind might not incapacitate.  The officer would have to run to get far enough in front of motorize chair to have safe distance from the knife to prevent being stabbed.  Also, if chair doesn't stop the officer would have to step backward into the garden dept. safely.  Dangerous move unless you have rear view mirror, backup cam or someone watching your back giving directions.

    P.S. Knife wounds are often more deadly than bullet wounds.

  2. 8 hours ago, Chief Rick said:

    While Doug Koenig could compete with most any reliable/accurate rifle and beat most other shooters on any given day, the RPR that he competes with is not a box-stock rifle.


    I would not buy the RPR as a primary hunting rifle unless I was hunting out of a stand with the ability to mount it on a tripod or otherwise have good supports.  It's not a rifle you're going to rapidly bring up to shoulder for snap shots.

    His rifle is from the Ruger Custom Shop & meets the requirements of the bolt gun production division.  https://www.ammoland.com/2021/11/doug-koenig-wins-prs-bolt-gun-finale-production-division-title/#axzz7CfpJVS1U


    I wouldn't choose any PRS rifle for hunting that requires carrying cross country.  

  3. On 11/22/2021 at 10:34 AM, Yul Lose said:

    The only way to get news and information from some clubs or SASS related groups is on FB, strangely.

    Contact these clubs & recommend that they diversify and post on other social media platforms.  I deleted my Twitter (Sewer) & Fake book in January when they banned DJT. 

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  4. There were only one dog that I & the wife didn't watch when the vet sent them to a better place.  It was our 1st dog a small German Shepard female who was my kids guardian.  We felt we couldn't bring ourselves to see her pass; so, a close friend took her to the vet.  The most emotional experience was when we had to say goodby to our 1st Golden, 120lb alpha male when he developed bone caner in a front leg.  It took several injections for him to pass.  The wife said no more dogs which took a year for her to break down & let me get another Golden male puppy.  At a local gymkhana a family brought their female & her litter.  We left with their contact information.  My wife & I discussed it that evening & called to make an appointment to select a puppy.  We picked the male that piked us.  Their kids had given the puppies Pilgrim themed names since they were born on Thanksgiving he name was Chief which he kept for his lifetime.  He was the "Best of the Best" dog we ever had.  Unfortunately he left us too early at 10 when he had a bleeding spleen.  We didn't get to say goodby because we said we see him tomorrow after surgery & overnight recovery.  The vet called after the surgery to tell use he made it through.  However 1 hour later I got a call from the vet saying that Chief had expired.  That was 2 years ago.  My wife & I still think that if we had contacted the vet 2 days before when he required adding bacon grease to his kibble to get him to eat he'd still be here today.

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  5. The demand for copper is about to increase if those unable to afford higher gas prices follow BRANDON's advice today.  He says buying an EV will save an average of $800-1000 annually.  He didn't mention that that the principal & interest cost for the higher cost of an EV more than wipes out any fuel savings.  "Let's go Brandon!

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  6. On 11/17/2021 at 5:08 PM, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    From what I have read, the British did not fathom the fact that this continent was so large that a guerrilla war would have lasted for years, upon years. They did not have the resources to fight a long war, over the vast distances involved. Plus the colonist's mindset had changed, over the years. There was a division among the colonists now. So much so, that in reality, our first "civil war", happened during the Revolutionary War, between those loyal to the Crown, and those that wanted independence from Britain. This "civil war" had nothing to do with slavery, but it pitted neighbor against neighbor, and it was brutal, and vengeful. It became a feud between communities, and families...and was very pronounced in the southern colonies. 

    The British won a lot of battles, but ultimately they were going to lose. 

    Later, when the "War of 1812" broke out, they faced different problems, and a more united opposition, and an opposition that would not be conquered. 

    For the second time, they simply bit off more than they could chew, and they underestimated the problems they would, and did, face. 



    Viva La Frogs!  Without their firearms & Navy the outcome would have been different.

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  7. On 11/15/2021 at 8:51 PM, Alpo said:

    While I'm pretty sure the war started in 12, we beat 'em in 15.


    Just to keep the record straight. :P

    The war was over before the Battle of New Orleans.  The news of the Treaty of Ghent didn't reach the combatants until after the battle.  Besides being a huge moral booster for the Americans it convinced the British to honor the treaty.

  8. My dad was a Motor Machinist in WWII Pacific.   The machines he worked on were various landing craft.  He didn't talk about the landings he participated in.  The exception was one time when he told of his landing craft being disabled on the beach in Saipan and spending the night with artillery shells flying overhead & some falling near the hole in the sand he was hunkered down.  To him this was much worse than his craft was motoring into the & away from the beach with shells exploding nearby.  He wasn't awarded the Purple Heart so I know he participated in other landings; however, he didn't talk about his Navy experience.   He passed in 1985.  I am sure he would be proud of his great grandsons, especially the youngest who is MM Nuclear on the Jerold Ford.  His brother is an IT tech in the Army at Ft. Carson and their cousin is in boot camp at Ft. Leonard Wood.  I went through boot camp in 1969 at Ft. Leonard Wood. 

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  9. On 11/3/2021 at 12:40 PM, Rye Miles #13621 said:

    He was also underage to carry a firearm I think he was 17 at the time. 

    It isn't a crime in all cases for 17 year olds to carry rifles in WI.  His friend who bought & handed the AR-15 to Kyle was an adult & was present onsite.*  The State has rested it case wo/presenting any evidence of violating rifle possession by 17 year old charge. 

    P.S. Based on the prosecution's exhibits & testimony the jury can't return guilty or no verdicts.   The prosecution did there best to try as case that only went to trial because the State is worried shitless that if they failed to indict cities will burn like last summer.  Every one of their witnesses including the cop was a defense witness after cross.  The ADA's seem to be as incompetent as Marsha Clark & Chris Darden.  The criminalist didn't know squat about statistics.  When you have multiple probabilities you don't ADD them.  You multiply them.  If asked I would have answered that the probability of a individual's DNA met all the probabilities is there is or has been only one in all the time humans have roamed the earth.  They were too stupid to not know that leather shrinks when wet.

    *The only person who is in legal hot water is Kyle's friend who purchased the AR-15.  Before he talked to the cops, ATF or FBI he should have paid for legal council; because, there is no evidence that Kyle had control of the AR-15 when the purchaser wasn't on scene.  It is kind of hard for the DOJ to prove the purchase was a straw purchase.

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  10. The 1st time I resize brass I check case length after resizing.  This is very important for straight wall rimless cases and bottleneck cases that headspace on the shoulder.  I also resize virgin brass; which I learned this the hard way after I loaded a hundred 45C using new Starline cases with the resizing/decaping die removed.  I found that many wouldn't fit in a 45C case gauge.  Had to disassemble most of the loaded cartridges and run through the press again with the sizing die wo/decaping pin.

    P.S. 45C is the only caliber I use Dillon dies all the others I use LEE dies & if there is a factory crimp die I use one which insures the cartridge will fit in a case gauge.

  11. On 11/5/2021 at 8:14 PM, Singin' Sue 71615 said:


    Shanley has the Silverado and mini camper up on Carracus.

    Saw 30 go right past camp tonight, so I believe God will supply us at least one!!!

    I drove the Dodge Ram...Larame package.

    Even hauling the 5th wheel, in rough wind, ect... it will get around 14!!!

    The Silverado must be a model year 2010 or newer.  Model year 2010 & newer diesels have a much lower NOX emissions limit that can only be met using a SCR catalyst.  The exception is if the engine mfg has enough NOX credits banked.  That is why all light duty (German auto's & diesel PU's have DEF tanks.  The prior NOX limit could be met using in cylinder technology, cooled EGR, injection timing & multi strike injection.  This technology increases fuel consumption.  With SCR the combustion can be optimized for best fuel economy and NOX cleaned up by injecting more DEF in exhaust after DPF before the SCR catalyst.  2010 and later engines don't have EGR.  EGR increases fuel consumption & power because it adds inert gas (CO2 & H2O) to the air in the cylinder.  The EGR cooler adds load to the cooling system so engines with cooled EGR have larger radiators & fans.  The larger fan means the load on the front crankshaft pulley is greater.

  12. On 11/4/2021 at 8:46 PM, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    $2.92 / gallon here, for gasoline.

    I got rid of my diesel a few years back, since it was a lot more expensive than gasoline. Thank you bill clinton...you numbskull. 


    Maybe I need to write a 4th ode...this time to the high price of gasoline. 



    The reason diesel is usually more expensive than Regular gasoline dates back to the mid 90's when CA required diesel have lower vapor pressures & dropped sulfur limit from 2000 PPMV to 500 PPMV.  It didn't take long for the EPA to follow.  The changes required feed stock & refining process changes.  It only got worse in 2007 when Diesel
    Particulate Filters had to be used on light, medium & heavy duty on-highway diesels to meet the particulate emissions limit.  More than 15 PPMV sulfur in fuel will shorten the life of the EXPENSIVE DPF.  Oxides of sulfur are a significant part of the mass of diesel particulate.  Sulfur compounds also slowly poison the precious metal catalyst wash coat that lowers the temperature that particulate burns in the O2 rich diesel exhaust.  WO/ a catalyst the required temperature is 1200F.

    Here in Northern NV outside of Washoe County* regular gas & diesel are usually very close in price since Covid.  Sometime diesel is cheaper. 

    *The voters in the county have twice voted in taxes to be added to road fuel.

  13. On 11/6/2021 at 8:52 AM, Rooster Ron Wayne said:

    I just come across this info and thought some of you might be interested.


    From the podcast the only process that will be different than Remington mfg'd Marlins will be the barrels.  Ruglin barrels will be made on Ruger's existing barrel lines.  Therefore they will be hammer forged.  Also the 1st production will be the 1895 in 45-70.  Sounds like they will then offer chamberings in 444 & 30-30 latter.  1894 & 336 will follow & rimfires last.

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  14. On 11/3/2021 at 11:21 AM, Yul Lose said:

    Post a picture of Kyle Rittenhouse standing with his AR slung over his shoulder on occupy dimocrats on FB and see what you get. Somehow that was a threat to them but the threats that I got in return did not violate their community standards and I got banned.

    Yul do you like to troll dimocrats?

    SASS Wire & Quora are the only social media sites I use regularly.  Years ago my wife set up a FB account for me and I added FB Messenger to my iPhone.  I did it because family & friends wanted to communicate with me.  There was very little that was public.  I had a Twitter account that I used to follow firearms journalist.  Twitter is an open sewer.  After the election when Twitter & FB banned DJT I deleted my Twitter, FB & Instagram accounts.   On Quora the worst you get are ad homonym comments.  If I fell there is no reason to continue the discussion I reply then block them.

  15. 2 hours ago, Waxahachie Kid #17017 L said:

    I don't roll crimp my black powder shotgun shells, and definitely do not star crimp them.


    I don't crimp them at all. I trim the once fired paper shotshell to the correct length. Not sayin' to use only paper shotshells, just sayin' I prefer paper, in this case. I have used plastic, as well. 


    Then I put in the ingredients...2F black powder; an over powder wad; a cushion wad; sometimes another thin wad, then the shot. 

    Then I put in an over shot wad, to hold the shot in place...or really it is a thin disk, or so it reminds me. 


    Then I take a dab of "water glass", also known as sodium silicate, and put a drop here, and there, on the edge of the over shot wad/disk, to keep it in place, resting over the shot.


    I have a Parker double, with damascus barrels, and also an 1887 Winchester lever action, both in 12 gauge. I want to be as careful with those two ole Girls, as I can, especially the Parker (yes, I do give names to my firearms...especially the older ones).


    I have heard, and read, and listened, to those that say NEVER put a star crimp shotshell in a shotgun with damascus barrels, unless you want to risk ruining the shotgun, and/or yourself, in the process. 


    Of course, when I use the few 12 gauge brass shotgun shells, that I have, this is also how I reload them. 


    But the article was right, in that...IF you do crimp...use the roll crimp (never the star crimp).  


    So...I don't crimp at all...when reloading my shotshells, with black powder. 


    Too bad they chose to close the Goex plant. Old Eynsford won't be made anymore, unless some Patriot steps up to the plate, and buys the plant, rehires the fired employees, and makes it again...(and...does the RIGHT thing!!!)

    Maybe S.A.S.S., and the N.M.L.R.A., and the N.R.A., and N.C.O.W.S., and some firearms manufacturers, and sporting goods retailers, like Cabelas/Bass Pro, should step up, and buy the plant, and reopen it.

    All of the above organizations, and more, have a vested interest in having the Goex plant re-opened.

    The demand for black powder, is there. That means profit/gain will be there, as well....IF done right!!!


    My Two Bits...








    The profit wasn't enough for Hodgdon to keep the facility open.

  16. I only straighten nails when it is more work to find a new nail than straighten the one I bent.  Back in the late 90's before I learned how to use the internet my daughter & son in law bought house with 5 acres in Valley Springs CA.  There was a barbed wire fenced in area that they wanted to use for a horse paddock.  It had a shelter that was in a very hazardous condition & a large neat pill of late 19th century milled interior wall boards that had been salvaged.  I spent a few weekends knocking down the shelter, then started to move the pill of wall boards that appeared to be in good condition.  After I removed the top layer the rest were in various states of rot.  I wound up burning all the boards.  Besides ash there was 25 lbs. of cut nails.  I kept a few for display & tossed the rest.  I wish I knew about eBay & my daughter didn't know square nails are valuable.

  17. If you "ping" gunsvalley.com you get for the IP address.  Using an IP location service like LiveMap the location of the host computer is Council Bluffs Nebraska.  I looked up the URL registration which is as follows:


    Domain Information
    • Registry Expiration: 2022-08-10 23:09:55 UTC
    • Created: 2021-08-10 23:09:55 UTC
    Contact Information



  18. 50 minutes ago, J.D. Daily said:

    Was the question:  Why are Miata's considered chick cars?  :o

    No, it was probably “Why do guys with little appendages think Miata’s are ‘chick cars’ and why do they get so offended when a Miata blows their doors off?”

    But I could be wrong. 

    They are chick cars because the only Miata drivers that appear to be males are metrosexuals.  Otherwise if they like sporty 2 seaters they would be driving Z3's, Z4 or Corvetes.

  19. 4 hours ago, Hardpan Curmudgeon SASS #8967 said:

    Not limited to gun fora....  I was severely roasted the first time I asked an honest question on a Miata forum.   :huh:

    Was the question:  Why are Miata's considered chick cars?  :o

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  20. I shoot a 45C Beretta Gold Rush which was made by Uberti.  After Uberti became part of the Beretta family of co's the Gold Rush was dropped from the Beretta catalog.  In 2012 when I bought it I couldn't find a LGS (within 70 miles of home) that had a Pederosoli  lightning rifle; so, I tried the Taurus & Beretta at a sporting goods store with firing range in the basement.  I bought the Beretta even though it was $450 more.  There is a reason the Thunderbolt was only in the Taurus catalog for a short time.  The Uberti & Pederosoli Lightnings have different actions.  The Uberti has a transfer bar which means if you get a fail to fire you can't just manually cock the hammer.  You either have to jack the round out or do what I can't the Uberti Lightning dance.  With trigger pulled manually cock the hammer & reset the trigger, aim & fire.  There reason for the FTF is even though you run the rifle like you stole it very occasionally the bolt stops just before it is in battery.  When the hammer hits the transfer bar you feel the bolt move a few thousands of a inch forward.  Firing factory cowboy 45C and my 200 grain over mid range TrailBoss charge the muzzle stays on the target.  The blow buy soils the action because 45C's thick strait wall cases don't seal with cowboy loads.  Word of caution don't use Remoil to clean a color case hardened receiver with a clearcoat finish nor get it on the stock.

    Note: The Lightning is no longer in the Pederosoli catalog.  You will have to find a NIB or used rifle.

  21. If you don't want them crapping on your concrete driveway, walkways & patio get a dog.  The worst damage they do is roost on cars & trucks.  Crap is the least of it. their claws scratch the paint job.   Wild turkeys in areas where they weren't years ago so they are not heavily hunted are not like birds in states where they have been hunted for centuries.  I lived in CA from birth in 1946 until Dec 31 2012.  The 1st time I saw wild turkeys was in 1990 on the grounds of Folsom prison.  It was at least 5 years latter that is saw them anywhere else.   There was one Turkey Day at my daughters house where the turkey was one she shot on here patio with a snub nosed 38.  I was surprised that it wasn't gamey.  That was the last time she saw turkeys close enough to shoot with anything but a rifle.

    If you want to go thru the time & money to get "can" use a lever, pump or bolt action 22 so you can use colibri ammo.  Auto loading 22's won't extract, eject & load.  The other advantage of a manually operated gun is the is no noise contribution from the bolt or gas escaping the opening breech.  A lever action rifle with a pic rail, 1x optic & can is very tacti-cool.  I prefer a holographic sight with selectable dot sizes & ring.  The 1st one I bought was in 1998 which I installed on my Remington 1100; since I had a difficult time tracking ducks just after sunup.  I couldn't see the front bead.

  22. Those of us that lived all our lives in CA at least until we retired & followed politics were aware of firearms restrictions not affecting residents of any other state.  I remember when you could buy ammo at some grocery & drug stores that also sold fishing gear.  These stores were in places like Lake Tahoe.  There was a time in the 80's when ammo sales were recorded in a log book.  This didn't last long.  If it was so effective in reducing crimes where a firearm was used, why was it dropped and now resurrected with more red tape?


    The only way things will change for the better is if the majority of SCOTUS justices bounce NY's may issue this session and in future sessions they hear cases on mag capacity bans and evil black rifle bans.  Maybe in the future they will see cases on other infringements like waiting periods for people with carry permits and states that require a permit to possess or purchase.  If states like IL want to be involved in every transfer they should become a Point of Origin State like NV.  Requiring two permissions to purchase a firearm is an infringement that doesn't withstand even intermediate scrutiny.  A state would have to argue that the state is slow in entering disqualifying records to FBI database & a state's negligence is not a valid excuse to infringe the people's 2A right.


    P.S. CA's & MA's safe handgun laws are another infringement that should be on shaky ground; since, handguns were stricken from the NFA before it passed Congress.  Scalia in Heller reference dangerous arms which defined in the NFA.  I remember the rational the proponents when the CA legislature debated and passed the legislation.  They argued that some handguns posed an unacceptable hazard to the unprofessional public.  The law also defines that some gun's diminutive size makes them dangerous.

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