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  1. So, wait, you're saying you refuse to change to conform and be accepted. OK, great. But you're also saying, by me "proving your point," that you refuse to accept certain other people as human beings and treat them civilly IF they treat you civilly. If others are treating you civilly, then it would seem axiomatic that the others have made steps toward compromise and change. However, this seems to contradict to an extent what you wrote below, that: You are saying if people treat you civilly, then you will treat them civilly? Meh. You still leave me wondering if you are reading for comprehension. Don't flatter yourself. I didn't "single you out" and certainly not because you upset me. I replied to your post because it appeared you were missing something in the original post, and attacking it in a way that was not in line with what was actually being stated. You have been the one taking offense and responding angrily, not me. I tend to be a rationally driven person, not an emotionally driven one. To the extent my writings could be taken as "lecturing," they certainly weren't to get you to conform to my feelings. Nor have I suggested you "condone" anything, although the direction your statement leads is one I find worrisome. How many groups don't align with your beliefs? Religious groups? Ethnic groups? In logic terms, this is a "Strawman fallacy." You've taken an exaggerated and distorted version of what I have said so that you could attack it, not what I've actually said. your logical reaches leave me nearly nonplussed. Why in the wide, wide world of sports would you have someone to your home for any type of social gathering that you know you would not get along with? But what the heck, I'll play along. Assuming, for the sake of argument, that you do invite someone to your home and find out that there is something about their belief system you don't agree with, I would expect that: A- If not a major deal, one would agree to disagree, not discuss it, and move along, or; B-If that were not possible either because the beliefs are so diametrically opposed that it creates an untenable situation, or the other person were so rude as to not be able to set the discussion aside, then I would expect that person to be asked to leave. Coddle to someone's beliefs? I can't fathom where anything I've written could be interpreted to suggest such.
  2. I'm not sure you actually read what I wrote, or, if you did, you skimmed it simply in order to strike a rebuttal. Not once did I write anything about living your life to be accepted, or making changes in order to be accepted. Quite the opposite, I suggested changes in order to accept others not like you to the point of treating them civilly, so long as they do the same. Out of the list of several groups, you made it a point to find the one that appears most extreme to your way of thinking (see a pattern?) so you can attack and denigrate them more easily. As an aside, I have friends and family members that are gay and lesbians (The "L" and "G" of your "Alphabet mental crowd") By and large they accept that is "who (or how) they were born as." Finally, you again fail or refuse to respond to what I (and Forty Rod) actually wrote. You can't seem to acknowledge that there is a middle path, where you compromise where you can, and stand up and fight for change where you can. As Neil Peart wrote, "changes aren't permanent, but change is."
  3. It seems you see things in black and white, no shades of gray. Looking for the most extreme examples to make your case runs afoul of several logical fallacies. Strawman Fallacy, Reductio absurdum to name a couple. Life is a series of compromises. It is part of the societal contract, something we are taught as toddlers. One who doesn't compromise at all ends up in prison or dead, and is usually labeled a sociopath. To be clear, I am not labeling you as such. On the humorous side, one can accept that polymer striker-fired guns are here to stay, and keep using their 1911. More seriously, one can acknowledge that other groups, be they LGBTQ, atheists, Buddhists(!), or even vegetarians, aren't going anywhere, and learn to accept them as people-as human beings-with the same needs under Maslow's heirarchy as you. Accept that if they treat you civilly, you will treat them civilly. Note that @Forty Rod SASS 3935 pointed out not making big changes and settling for partial fixes. I agree with him that the best option is likely a combination of #2 and #3. Fix what you can, change to your level of comfort and ability while remaining true to yourself, and move on with life.
  4. I have long told my daughters that if we ever get a burro, we have to name it "Hotay." It would be our donkey, Hotay.
  5. Poor video quality but interesting. Legend says the vehicle at the 1:15 mark is still going.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/reel/329641760054989?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v
  7. Bomb threat at Home Depot https://www.facebook.com/reel/345353698322317?mibextid=rS40aB7S9Ucbxw6v
  8. https://www.facebook.com/reel/427228789803699/?referral_source=native_in_feed_unit
  9. Everyone knows me. It will in fact be coffee. Good message on compassion, though. It also extends to forgiveness.
  10. As far as I am concerned, the ultimate ear worm. Whenever says they have an ear worm, I tell them I can fix it, then start singing it. Thought I was going to get thrown bodily off a bus at Ft. Gordon once.
  11. I couldn’t both laugh and give a Thanks for this. I’ve jokingly said that if the county’s HR department put spy cameras in our office (veteran services, staffed entirely by veterans), they would find the HR people dead of heart attacks.
  12. I cannot post it here or I have a feeling the ban sledgehammer would come out, but if you are not easily offended, have a warped, even dark, sense of humor, and have been in the military (particularly the Army) google "213 Things Skippy is No Longer Allowed to do in the U.S. Army." If you are easily offended, do not have a warped, dark sense of humor, DON'T! But it does beg the question, why are you on this thread to begin with? You've been warned.
  13. I think you’re confusing goosebumps with skin crawling. Sounds like a great topic for another thread!
  14. I'll have what he's having. Slainte!
  15. Now, I'm not going to say this guy is the brightest bowling ball in the knife drawer, but from what I am seeing, he isn't in nearly the jeopardy the other guy is putting himself. It appears he is planning on using the crates and the pulley to remove the engine, which he will at least need to do from out from under the car. If / when the crates or the pipe(?) holding the pulley collapse, the engine will likely just crush the front of the car, not him.
  16. I believe the phrase you are looking for is "NO! Stupid human!"
  17. Thanks! It was a gift from my father-in-law a couple of years before he passed. I've treasured it since. I also have his Seamaster that is about as old as I am. My wife had it serviced after he passed and gave it to me for Father's Day a couple of years back. I cried.
  18. I fully expect something of the sort will be said when my time comes. Just not a unicycle and by the people at my wake, who had better be laughing.
  19. Here’s one of mine
  20. And here I thought this was going to be a thread about watches.
  21. I will keep him in my thoughts and meditations.
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