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  1. Pretty sure I'm on safe ground there, but thanks for adding to my list of worries! They know I like my job there. I enjoy what I do and the people. I think they would also understand me saying "it pays twice what I make here, when I am constantly juggling funds and barely keeping my debts at bay." Thanks for the advice and well wishes everyone. I read it and take it to heart. I will probably re-read it a few times at that.
  2. If I am so lucky as to get an interview and an offer, I will have to take it. Financially, I can't not take it. I think I would enjoy the work, just not the commute, but that is only about 15-20 minutes more than I do now, so, not a big deal.
  3. So, I stumbled across a job opening for an attorney, working for the State Medical Board. Lower end of the salary scale is about double what I make selling firearms, so, on a lark I applied. I had applied for a similar position with them not long after leaving the Prosecutor's Office, and was one of their final candidates, as in they took the time to call and let me know if the top candidate didn't pass the background check and drug test, they would be in touch. I can't really mention it at work, until I have an idea what is going on, because I don't want to panic management needlessly. I can't really discuss it at home, because Mrs. Doc has enough going on without me making her crazy. So, I thought I would at least mention things here. I am just a tad nervous thinking about it. Worried I won't get a call for an interview, and then worried I will... And possibly even get a job offer. Hoping I am up to the task if I do. At any rate, I felt the need to share a bit. Wish me luck.
  4. We usually have them at 7.99 or so for a box of 100.
  5. By all accounts I've heard, he was a good man, generous with his time, and didn't have the ego that he very well could have had, considering his accomplishments. Rest in honored peace, Sir.
  6. I'm going to be rooting for the Buckeyes, but will be shocked if Alabama doesn't win it all. Having said that and acknowledged my bias, my understanding is that Ohio State made the cut above Penn State for multiple reasons. First and foremost among them was that Penn State had not one, but two losses, to Pitt and Michigan. It is hard to justify letting a team in with two losses over some others with only one, even if there was a head to head match up. Also, in looking at their win over Ohio State, Penn also had the advantage of a week off, while the Buckeyes had been in a brutal game against Wisconsin the Saturday prior. Did the committee get it right? I don't know, but the reasoning that I have heard makes sense to me.
  7. And it has been an ongoing joke ever since! You can even get tee shirts. http://inkfidel.com/collections/vintage-style-military-veteran-t-shirts/products/military-t-shirts-rock-or-something?gclid=Cj0KEQjw9vi-BRCx1_GZgN7N4voBEiQAaACKVmO1xwIdPDqLMCNtktIMCHBnpktS2icbwXPIFxlIhbwaAlKk8P8HAQ
  8. Not seeing how you're making a mess of things with thoughts of support and kindness from the heart. Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas to the two of you, also, and to everyone else as well!
  9. Thank you, very much. I won't bore you and everyone else with details, but if you are interested, fire off a PM and I can give a bit of insight. You might call my household "different," "eclectic," or even "confusing." I've come to acknowledge myself as Buddhist over the past few years after a very long time of introspection and thought-meaning decades. Mrs. Doc is probably best described as non-theistic. Not atheistic necessarily-religion simply doesn't play a part in her life. My oldest daughter considers herself a "Philosophical Daoist," which takes a very long time to understand for such a simple concept, and my youngest daughter considers herself a Lutheran. However, we also celebrate Christmas in our household, and not just for the gifts. I will admit I like a Christmas tree, though. If I am able to make it home from work in time, I will probably take my youngest to the late Christmas Eve services. If everyone will bear with me (AND THE PC CROWD TAKE NOTE) this is part of what I posted last year as to why I celebrate Christmas: "Simply put, the answer is two-fold. First, Christmas to me is a cultural holiday. That is, it has, up until recently, been a holiday of commonality, where we Americans, coming from many and varied backgrounds, could find something that we could share, that could help us see similarities which bring us closer, rather than divide us, as a vocal few would have it do in this day and age. While we can all say "we are Americans," it is a tradition beyond that label that can help unite us if we so desire. I believe the importance of that is often overlooked. Second, and, yes, more importantly, is the message of the season. Divinity aside (and I mean no offense in saying that), the message of Jesus is an important one. His message on how we treat one another as people, as brothers, is immensely important. Certain Buddhist sects recognize what is called a "bodhisattva," a person who has reached a stage of enlightenment, but chooses to remain here on earth in order to help others. Some liken Jesus to a bodhisattva, and the reason why can be clearly seen. Jesus was concerned first and foremost with his fellow man. Regardless of our faith, we can learn a lot from him. In that light, I see additional reason to recognize him, his birth, and to contemplate his message for us, of peace on earth. So, with the above in mind, I sincerely wish all of you a very, Merry Christmas, and wish that you and yours find peace and happiness in the coming year."
  10. Well, I suppose a Buddhist wishing you a Merry Christmas should do it. So, in case they missed it, Merry Christmas.
  11. And a Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!
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