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  1. I don't see any reason to add that. We all know his history pretty well. I repected him as a brave American fighting man and a pioneer and will lower my flag to half staff in his honor.
  2. The site has been updated with Trader Dave and Ole #7 added. May they rest in peace.
  3. Running the SASS Vets website over the years has educated this grunt in the mysteries of Navy ratings. While quite confusing to us unwashed snake eaters, I can see the logic behind the system. It doesn't appear to be broke. That's why the Puzzle Palace is trying to fix it.
  4. I hope nobody at your shop reads the Wire.
  5. They're not that odd....well some of em maybe.
  6. The site has been updated to include Trader Dave and Ole #7. May they rest in peace.
  7. One good thing about bein on Facebook: You don't have to wait three minutes between posts.
  8. BOLD members #1129 Tommy Hawk, from CA and #1130 The Rebel, from down in GA. Welcome to The Order, Pards.
  9. I thought this thread was gonna be about the time Kari's bikini top fell off......or did I just dream that?
  10. It's true that this is not a particularly inexpensive pasttie. The starup costs ar not as bad as being in the vintage car community, or IPSC or a lot of other hobbies but we understand it can be substantial. However I think we mus remain true to the original concept of the sport. Competetive shooting with Old West firearms. That's what drew most of us here. It was difficult for me to get geared up years ago. But I was determined. The "new category" suggestion comes up frequently from new shooters. Sometimes they want to use only one pistol, or no shot gun, or double actions or some other method to make it more affordable. Many clubs offer 22 side matches at their bigger shoots. But to create another catregory besides what we already have would, in my opinion, be impractical for the reasons mentioned by other experienced members. You wouldn't join a Harley club riding a Moped.
  11. An ARVN unit put half a dozen 105 rounds nearly insuide the berm on our firebase one day. Seems nobody told them we were there.
  12. Exactly. You have to be printed and pass a background to get a ccw license. Idiots.
  13. I've tried most of the ones on the market. Orville's seems to be the best. Also tried a bunch of poppers and eventually went back the the retro method of my youth. Takes longer but I think it's best. Oil, pot, stove.
  14. The mid engine design made them a bit tricky to land I reckon. The cannon was a good thing but subsequent aircraft relied mostly on 50 cals, until the P61.
  15. It was the reason my dad joined the Air Force. But he never got to fly one.
  16. You Ain't seen nuthin yet. 'Tis the season.
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