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  1. I almost always charcoal grill mine but oven roasted is also excellent. It is my favorite steak. Recently, the local market has started carrying Prime cuts. They are heavenly!
  2. I think it was more od a tar and feathers scenario.
  3. The French were in pretty good shape…..to fight WW1 over again. But Germany decided to use modern tactics. Oops. The French actually had invested a lot in tank development over the years and had superior armor at the start of the war. But they were wasted by incompetent command.
  4. The French initially had much better armor than the Germans. But much worse leadership unfortunately.
  5. The problem is that there are numerous reporters on the ground there. Not all are experienced war correspondents and their stories are filled with inaccuracies. Their concern is to get dramatic footage. Give that the situation is fluid and confusing as is most armed conflicts I don’t take much stock in what a lot of them say.
  6. All wars contain a big element of propaganda. Having been involved in one that included routine inflation of body counts, I discount the numbers given by both sides here. The media generally isn't at fault as long as they say where the numbers came from. Belief in those numbers is another thing.
  7. Better than Iodine. That was brutal!
  8. I think Putin thought this would be a modern Blitzkrieg and the Ukrainians would gold like wet cardboard. He was wrong. And I think he underestimated the international response. And protests are growing in Russia. The Dutch just announced they are sending 400 anti tank missies and Stingers. We have been sending Javelins since 2017. I wouldn’t put much stock in casualty numbers announced from either side right now. Let the record show that I do not drink Russian Vodka.
  9. I have never seen another example of that particular style. I suspect he got it from some commercial haberdashery or had it custom made.
  10. They’ve been protesting in Quebec for over 200 years.
  11. We’ve had many discussions in the past on modern (or at least post 19th century) firearms. I belong to several sites dedicated to 1911s, ARs and even plastic wondernines. Many of us share pics of our newest acquisition here. I just prefer to mostly concentrate on the older designs appropriate to CAS here in the Saloon…when I’m not talking about likker, history or general goofiness. But if you want to showcase your collection, feel free. Doesn’t bother me.
  12. Hell, I don’t remember what I had for breakfast.
  13. I feel for you man. Deeply. It’s so hard.
  14. Benchmade has become one of my favorite brands.
  15. They changed their tune now. They will refund all the money.
  16. I didn’t realize you were talking about 1883. Duh.
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