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  1. I spent nearly 20 years as a PADI Divemaster and instructor. Dive knives were often one of the first things new divers wanted to buy. Here are some tips I always offered:

    1) A dive knife is a tool not a weapon.

    2) A pointed knife will become a blunt tip eventually by breaking the tip. Buy a blunt tip to begin with.

    3) Skin becomes very soft when submerged and pointy bits poke holes in soft skin easily. Buy a blunt tip knife.

    4) Holes poked in skin cause blood to leak out. This is not desirable in the ocean. The ocean is loaded with bacteria and there are fishes that are attracted to blood that cause problems with humans. Buy a blunt tip knife.

    5) You do not have to outswim a shark, just your dive buddy. Use your knife as you will.

    EXACTLY! Navy SEALS need pointy knives. Nobody else does.

  2. I can't stand bourbons. Have done side by side sampling and IMHO, bourbons are only fit to use as cleaning solvents.

    Your opinion has been duly noted.

    And discarded. :D :D

  3. Staying at the Twin Arrows Resort near Flagstaff for our anniversary. We had an email offering a free upgrade if available but they were full up. When we were signing in, the girl at the desk was about to tell me the date when I said, "I know it well. It's our anniversary." She went to talk to the manager and a few minutes she came back and said, "We don't have any upgrade rooms available (they're mini-suites) but....we're going to put you in the Presidential Suite!" And so they did! Yeehaa! Thanks Twin Arrows!


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