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  1. You need to check on the reputation of the dojo. Look for reviews on line. Now one thing is that martial arts for children is as much about building self confidence and discipline as it is the actual fighting. It takes many years to build a warrior. Could be they take things very slow with kids. Or could be they just take money. Do some investigating.
  2. A Couple of Dear Johns? Maybe the girls got together. Welcome home pard.
  3. 21 at sunset about a half hour ago. Right now it's 9.
  4. Official Army recipe is ground beef and cream sauce.
  5. After I got done plowing. I came in a whipped up a pot of SOS for lunch. Haven't done that in.....well I never have.
  6. There was a 50s Martin and Lewis comedy - Pardners that had a swayback Then there's this Gene Autry one. But not from the 50s http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0026962/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  7. Not necessarily our society. In all wars there are bodies that go unclaimed. Sometimes relatives can't be found. Sometimes there was very bad blood. Sometimes records are inaccurate. It's good that there are brothers in arms and caring civilians who will do the right thing.
  8. It seems to me that the op was based on two actors and their screen personas, not their personal achievements,foibles or personalities. I may be wrong. But let's say you never saw, read, or heard a thing about either man. Only saw them acting on the screen. Just within the context of the roles they played, which would you choose? Now as they were from different eras both in filmaking and in history, it is difficult to make such a choice. I would assume that you would pick Wayne if you grew up watching his movies, and Eastwood if you were a spaghetti western fan. Different strokes.
  9. At least the wind slacked off. It was blowing 25 mph earlier. I layered up good to plow the road.
  10. We dig. She gave us 12 great years.
  11. Got about 7" last night. Just finished plowing the road. Sun came out anyway. Look out Okies. It's headin your way.
  12. Lets not get political. How about those uuugly Seahawk uniforms last night?
  13. He was extremely important to the war effort. His movies kept morale up on the home front and were crucial in War Bond drives. I have no problem with him not serving. He did his bit.
  14. I've used Imageshack for sometime now. Works well. https://imageshack.com/about
  15. A. They offered this after 2 months of classes? B. 3 hours early 5 days a week? C. Did not ask the parents, like Pat said? Three strikes
  16. I think we may be losing sight of the original post. As usual.
  17. Correction: He was the man that everybody thought shot Liberty Valance.Duke shot him.
  18. Izzat like the shoulder thing that goes up?
  19. Union troops in most areas were prohibited from taking livestock, but permitted to forage for wildlife. The shot farm pigs and butchered them before the officers found out. Called em "Slow Deer".
  20. http://acepilots.com/planes/p38_lightning.html
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