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  1. Grady Judd is a legendary Sheriff inPolk County Florida. Daniels might be another.
  2. Leg 3 complete. Right now we’re checking in to the Quality Inn in Rio Rancho NM. Should be home by tomorrow afternoon.
  3. Forgotten just about everything. BTW it’s International Code, not Morse, although everybody calls it Morse it’s obsolete.
  4. My opinion on this incident has nothing to do with legality, the right of self-Defense, BLM, any political party, liberal or conservative philosophy, the 2nd amendment, or trespassing. It is simply about the actions these two people took in this particular situation. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that stepping out of the house armed and confrontational was a defective tactic defective at best and downright foolhardy at worst.
  5. We’ll be westbound and down shortly after sunrise.
  6. A little over a thousand miles since yesterday through NC, TN, AR, and into the wind which’s sweeps down the plains. Weather has been okay. Tomorrow through Texas and to NM. Home by Thursday evening hopefully.
  7. The Mob wasn’t attacking them. They reacted out of fear and ignorance. They could have escalated the situation until it was out of control. If a “mob” should meander on to my place I would handle things differently and still adequately protect myself and property.
  8. Revenge is best served hot.....at a drive through.
  9. We’ll be saying in Shawnee tomorrow night. Are there any statues of you there, or have they been vandalized?
  10. Traffic is pretty light until you get near a major town. Memphis will probably be bad tomorrow.
  11. Made it to the Days Inn near Holliday, TN this afternoon. Kind of a middle of nowhere location. Motel is pretty much empty. Had to register at the night window because the lobby is closed. Stopped a few times on the way on I40. Only saw two folks besides us with masks on.
  12. And when you have an Awshid like the Little Big Horn, subsequent attaboys are not gonna matter.
  13. Yes. Even got a free night at one place. Checked with the motels to see what their Covid restrictions. Should be no problem. The way Texas is looking, I’ll keep the pedal to the metal and windows rolled up when going through the Panhandle.
  14. No plumber ever died by making a bad connection or grabbing the wrong pipe.
  15. I have read much about Custer. He was one of those guys who end up being considered a great leader....as long as everything goes right. He was, no doubt, a flawed individual. Not a raving psycho as he’s often portrayed, and not Errol Flynn either. His tactics at the LBH had worked before. But this time hi ego and personality prevented hi in assessing the battlefield situation and many men died as a result.
  16. Yes. Farmington is more than twice the size of Cortez. Durango is also short of oncology facilities. Nearest one in Colorado is Grand Junction, farther than Farmington. Granted I haven't lived in Cortez since 1961, but seems to me that at that time Cortez was larger than Farmington. Concur with distance to GJ vice Farmington. If I recall Farmington is no more than a couple of hours whereas GJ takes most of the day. Anyway, good to hear you can sleep in your own bed and conduct business closer to home. PF Cortez population - 8,000 Durango - 19,000 Farmington - 44,700 You would not recognize Farmington today.
  17. Well...In my opinion some of the finest people in this sport hang out in the Saloon. I tired of The Wire years ago. People complained that my cowboy poetry had nothing to do with shooting. And I guess they were right. So those types stay over there and I stay here. Win Win.
  18. Perhaps I would have but I was an OCS Officer and there was obviously a RIF coming. OCS dudes would have been first on the list to go. Also little people kept trying to kill me. Loophole’s plumber remark isn’t a bad idea actually. As a young park ranger I did a lot of plumbing installation and repairs in the state parks. It’s actually enjoyable. Lots of different parts and doo dads, you need to use your brain In figuring how to put a system in. Pay’s good too. (Not for a park ranger though. We had to do plumbing, electrical, fire fighting, law enforcement, public speaking, administration, landscaping.......all at a low low wage. Taxpayers got a hell of a deal back then.
  19. It’s worse that statues. Absolutely ridiculous. The man was a movie actor. Next, they’ll go after John Ford, the studios, producers, writers and anyone else associated with westerns or Civil War movies! McArthyism all over again. Makes even less sense this time.
  20. Shall we talk about what happened to Denver after Henry John Deutschendorf changed his name and moved there? A sad tale indeed.
  21. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1238043/end-of-the-world-world-war-3-news-armageddon-apocalypse-JFK-assassination-jeane-dixon
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