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  1. I fell asleep on a bike once. Not a Schwin, a Honda. It was on a long road trip after a busy inebriated night. It couldn’t have been for more than a second or two. I found myself on the gravel shoulder on US1 about 10 miles from Key West. Amazingly, I was upright and still had hold of the handlebars I backed off the throttle put both feet out and coasted to a stop without the brakes. I didn’t sleep for a long time after that. Sorry about the damage to your truck but I’m thankful you didn’t drift into the oncoming lane. Me too.
  2. No rum. Not in traditional Bavaria. A wee bit of Cointreau or Grand Marnier. Thinking of making some up this evening. My first exposure to it was at a local hockey game in Bad Tolz. German team vs GI team. It was in an outdoor arena. A couple of Deutschers sitting in front of us had several thermos jugs full which they gladly shared. Good stuff. Got frostbite in both feet during that outdoor game.
  3. If you never saw a Tom Cruise movie and never read a a Jack Reacher book you could accept him as a Reacher. And apparently a lot of people are in that category (at least as far as not reading the books). The movies made a lot of money. As far as a proper actor for the roll, there aren’t many 6’5” behemoths available. Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel maybe, but I think it would be better to go with a relative unknown. They have too much GOT/Aquaman and Furious fame. Reacher is not only big but not exactly pretty. And not many big, un-pretty boys in Hollywood these days. Obviously Duke in his prime would have fit the Bill. Or Lee Marvin. It would be&easier. If Price had made him six two or so.
  4. I have to ask. What eggzacky is the purpose o& a light bar on an ATV.
  5. I don’t believe there will be another Civil War, at least for the next 100 years. There will be social and political upheaval but if we ever deteriorate into an armed internal conflict the only winners will be outside our borders.
  6. I have a friend who was on a first name basis with the emergency room staff at the local hospital when he was a kid. And once, he talked his brother into shooting a power pole transformer with a speargun. Blacked out the whole neighborhood. His brother’s a lawyer now. And a a Democrat.
  7. I just found a new series that I’m enjoying by Nick Petrie. 3 books so far. This is the first. Lee Child likes it too.
  8. I was stationed in ‘68. I received a box from my folks a few days before Christmas. I had a 12” artificial Christmas tree in my room that I bought at the PX. Christmas morning I opened the gift. It was a nice Remington. An electric razor, not a gun, with a convertible to use either 110 or 220. I put the adapter plug on it and turned it on. But in my excitement, I neglected to move the little switch from 110 to 220. It ran real good ....for about 5 seconds. Then it went China Syndrome and I dropped it in the sink. “Well, Merry Freakin Christmas, Bozo”, I mumbled. After opening all the windows to clear the acrid smoke out of the room, I put on my boots and slogged through the snow over to the club for a breakfast of sausages and bier. And some Glühwein. Quite a bit of Glühwein actually. Meh.
  9. I worked so many Christmases that the day after meant nothing at all to me. Actually sometimes it was my day off.
  10. Made a biscuit topped chicken pot pie for dinner and now it’s time for a libation and a good Christmas movie in the Blu-ray. Just started snowing again.
  11. I did. Now I have to clean the mirror off.
  12. Venison is Venison. I was afraid it was gonna be Lutefisk!
  13. Got your message late, Pard. Don’t have caller ID so I couldn’t call ya back. Hope your having a cool Yule.
  14. I’d stick a ckkie in his mouth. Or an elf.
  15. Sun’s trying to peek through the clouds. Looks like about 3” or so and 28° right now Looks like most of it has passed. I think Cortez got hardly anything. Can’ decide whether to get up and make coffee or not. https://www.cortezlivecam.com Yup. White fer shure! I measured 2”.
  16. One of the best pieces of equipment the army ever came up with. I have one dated 68.
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