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  1. Like the book says, we were soldiers once..and young.
  2. I drilled a hole in the top and side and put a padlock through it.
  3. I wouldn’t worry about it. More chance of you getting hit crossing the street. I keep a small bottle of hand cleaner in my pocket. It’s being spread 99% by human contact.
  4. I sure wish I was back home instead of in this danged city full of panic stricken fools.
  5. Yeah. Perfectly safe for 500 to gather..... but God forbid there’s 501. Makes sense.
  6. Spring training has been cancelled along with the first two weeks of the season. No telling where this will end. people would be less panicky if they would do a few minutes of real research instead of reading Facebook and dumb e mails.
  7. Population of us is 330 Million. But the fear spreads. The couple in the apartment next to us just came back and unloaded there car with armloads of supplies. And the folks here are not ignorant knuckledraggers. They, are by and large, educated young professionals with good jobs. But once the panic takes hold, it’s hard to stop. There are 2 cases in this state. There are 800,000 in this city. There was an hour long local press conference this morning by the Emergency Management people. I won’t go into the moronic questions asked by the reporters. I’’m reminded of the scene in Men in Black where Will Smith asks why not tell people there are aliens on Earth. “What’s the big secret? People are smart. They can handle it”, he says. Tommy Lee Jones replies, “No. A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.”
  8. My sister in law just got back from the supermarket. She needed some rubbing alcohol. Two stores were completely out. And for some reason they were out of toilet paper as well. Bare shelves. This is Nuts!!
  9. Nah. Got to bring a SKS home though.
  10. Got one just for nostalgia’s sake. And because I can.
  11. Urban Haiku. No mountain skyline Pastures of asphalt The cattle are all hipsters The view out the window here. We are surrounded by concrete and Millenials.
  12. Hanks and his wife have tested positive. They are not hospitalized. Trump has suspended European travel. And the site reporting the condiment ban is a local Alabama news station. Crazy times.
  13. 127,000 cases worldwide. 4,000 fatalities. Not exactly the Black Death.
  14. World stats. https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html?utm_campaign=3-12-20 - Raven Content (Coronavirus Update) (M9paGE)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=All Raven Emails&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJsYXp5Ym9icmFuY2hAaG90bWFpbC5jb20iLCAia2xfY29tcGFueV9pZCI6ICJMN1pNUFQifQ%3D%3D#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6
  15. Actually it was because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Ironic isn’t it?
  16. Just watching the news my wife said this virus coverage is ridiculous. I reminded her that while they were screaming about the Black Corona Plague sky falling, they weren’t talking politics. That’s a good thing.
  17. I saw a guy walking down the street here in Charlotte yesterday wearing one of these.
  18. The original average Russian and Chicom troops were small fellas.
  19. Fortunately I had a bunch before the ban went into effect. And I dint even have an AK then. I do now. Bought a case of AR mags from Magpul before they re located to Texas when they had the Colorado a Resident sale.
  20. Hit the road about sunrise. I forgot I was still in the Central time zone so I lost an hour immediately. Light drizzle and I was making good time for about 8 miles. The the traffic was stop and go all the way through Nashville. Saw some of the tornado damage. My heart goes out the the people there. Went through Nashville, Knocksville, Asheville, and a lot of other villes. Got into Shallot just in time for rush hour and the street I was gonna take was closed! But I managed to find my way to the apartment by dead reckoning and blind luck. My sweetie is doing much better than when I left! Her energy level is up and she’s smiling a lot. . Next therapy appointment is on the 23rd. Looks like spring here. I drank waaay too much coffee yesterday.
  21. Up at 0 dark thirty because of the time change. First hour of driving was rough. Rained all the way from Shawnee OK to Little Rock. Finally let up and it was dry when I got to Dickson, just outside Nashville. Then it started raining here too. Hope to make it to Charlotte before dinner hour tomorrow. My sister in law is making lasagna.
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