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  1. Well we found out how smart Memorial Day and Independence Day gatherings were. Not very.
  2. Note to rookie campers. Do not spray the ground around your campsite thinking it will repel bears. It won’t,
  4. Finagler sent me some great army field ear items the other day, knowing my penchant for collecting old smelly surplus stuff. Included in the treasure trove was this! dated 62. Thank goodness I have a compressor. I will not call it by it's uncouth GI nickname. And this morning, as expected.
  5. The chance of hitting the skull is pretty slim, and yeah they're really hard anyway. Best is a throat shot if they're coming right at ya. I nealy ran into a big sow a few tears ago. I was running up my hill to look at a big smoke column to see if it was approaching the ranch. A huge bear walking on a cross trail passed in front of me not more than 8-10 yards away. I reached for my pistol which was down in the house. I had run out the door fast concentrating on the ossibly approaching fire. Fortunately the breeze was with me and she meandered on her way. I headed back downhill as fast as my stumpy legs would carry me, got in the truck and drove up the road till I spotted the fire. It was moving away from us. I went home and uncorked a bottle of bourbon. Then a few years later we had a visitor to the pond. He was at the bottom of the back steps as I opened the door unbeknownst to me. we both got a start. Back to the bourbon. Bears can cause a drinkin problem.
  6. I had almost forgotten what a great movie it is.
  7. Good choice. I’d never recommend a small frame 357 for a novice.
  8. If they’re not gun savvy I would urge them to consider a J frame or Ruger. Without training and experience a semi auto is a problem. And I’m not talking the basic familiarity training you get at a ccw course.
  9. Generally yeah. I’ve had a couple here. But if warnings have been issued there may be a problem bear in the area.
  10. A few years back a guy killed a Grizzly in Glacier Natnl Park with a 1911. (I know of a fella who kilt one on Kodak Island with a Buck 110. I wouldn’t recommend it though) There are no Grizz in NV. Take the Glock.
  11. Got some leather laces for my jump boots some time ago. Just found them in a drawer this morning. Both broke as I was putting them on .My wife says I don’t know my own strength. Not likely. I say the damn Chinese cows are defective.
  12. Actually, Wild Bill was killed before Bullock arrived in Deadwood. (could be he was delayed due to the extra time trying to button his shirt)
  13. I have learned that 3 members of my old A team have passed with the last 2 years. We are fading away.
  14. I still think Sturgis is a stupid idea.
  15. I did have a few instances as an instructor of officers accidentally turning the the HKS knob while removing it from the pouch and dumping the rounds. But these were rookies or trainees. The Safariland has no knob. I would suggest you get one of each and try them out.
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