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  1. Several, and all seem to be decent human beings. They are not loud, militant or pushy.
  2. Their athletic accomplishment is laudable. A fine victory against the best in the world. They are to be congratulated for that. It’s a shame that accomplishment has been used as to promote a personal agenda. But that’s the way of the world these days.
  3. I wonder how long that took? http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/21.htm "Men of USS Boxer take a unique way of showing they gave 2377 pints of blood during recent drive." From All Handsmagazine, December 1951 issue.
  4. As I recall it was around 1am when Armstrong stepped up it of the lander. My wife fell asleep. Not me!
  5. If you never meet with people who don’t agree with you how will you ever convince then to agree? This extreme polarization and Division will be the death of this country.
  6. I managed to get through the 60s without trippin out. About 8 years ago I was in the hospital for a major surgery. They had me on the “push-the-button-for-a-good-time morphine machine” about 11 pm one night I watched the walls of the room melt away and I was in a beautiful mountain meadow with green grass, wildflowers and snow covered peaks in the distance. Then my wife walked toward me wearing a white flowing dress. I smiled. And then I thought maybe I was dead. I didn’t want to be dead. Turns out I wasn't dead. Scared the crap out of me.
  7. I don’t reject them on principle. I reject them on side effects.
  8. As a fella I used to re-enact CW with said about his aluminum tent poles, “If they woulda had em, they woulda used em”.
  9. Can’t do it anymore. Old skin doesn't Take well to the blade these days. Norelco floating heads suffice. ;)
  10. I might take that stuff In case of an amputation. That opioid crap ain’t for me. besides it was only a brain transplant. Probably be fine in a coupl couple couplers of dayyyyysss.
  11. As I said. One or the other. Not together.
  12. I rarely take any medication at all.
  13. I was stationed at Ft Devens Mass during the mission. Watched the landing on our 12” black & white tv. Awesome ghostly images. No hi def back then.
  14. One or the other. Not both at the same time. All things in moderation.
  15. Rats! Can’t get holt of my pics for some reason. Stupid IPad! There she is!
  16. Carol just picked up my post-op pain prescription. Hydrocodone! Nope. I’ll stick’ with Ibuprofen, thanks. And the liquor cabinet.
  17. Nope. Gun’s cocked. Probably sweep my knees too.
  18. What price glory is one. I prefer At the Front Run by a great guy and extremely authentic.
  19. Shenanigans! I remember years ago when Dish Network wanted to make the channel showing PBR events a premium channel. It was rural oriented channel like RFD TV. They told dish that the rural viewers wouldn’t in many cases be able or willing to accept the price increase. Dish continued to show the channel until the night before the Championships in Vegas were to air. Then they cut it off!! I canceled them the next day.
  20. The second story about Jake Larson, the last survivor of his unit, confuses me. At least his jacket. Which bears a 34th Infantry Division patch. The 34th fought in North Africa and Italy. They were not at Normandy. Under his division patch is V Army Corps. The V Corps was in Europe and at D Day but the 34th Division was not assigned to V Corps and was at the border of southern France when the Germans surrendered, having fought up through Italy. Now, Mr Larson is from Minnesota and when he joined up before the war, the 34th was a Minnesota NG unit so that fits. He might have been transferred at some point to V Corps prior to D Day. I’d love to talk to him. Could be he’s the last of the 34th Infantry but who knows for sure? History is fascinating. https://heavy.com/news/2019/05/jake-larson/ http://www.34ida.org/history/
  21. Oh. So it’s not about cats... Now hdidn’t say it was a good book. Just that he’s a famous author. Hillary Clinton’s a famous “author”.
  22. I can honestly say that’s not my fault!
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