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  1. Look at it this way. You just saved 1600 smackers.
  2. What’s the difference in the two clips offered. Mono lock and Foamy Clip?
  3. Bats have been used before. Google “The Bat Bomb”.
  4. Funny. I’m in a mask mandatory area and I don’t feel oppressed at all.
  5. The blocked Ridgeway cap was out by the time I joined in 66. It still looked better than the stupid ball cap they gave us. I hated it. Hard to beat the WW2 overseas cap though. The stiff green one they issued with the Dress Greens was also a fail.
  6. I think I’ll wait till I screw up my good arm before I buy a weak side . Or maybe it’s like a raincoat. If you have it, it won’t rain.
  7. Each branch is responsible for it’s Oppenheimer informs it has always been this. The official Navy line is that the uniforms are not camo but designed so great and dirt don’t show as much. Nobody believes that. CSMA Daniel Dailey (Center of pic) initiated the uniform change, in part to pay homage to the Greatest Generation. Starting next year they will be issued to Basic Training graduates. Now seeing as how the Army troops seldom wear class As anymore I’m not sure how good a recruiting tool it will be. If they would go back to the old regs requiring Class As for travel and off post appearance, potential recruits would see the uniform more. The Marines never changed their policy. That’s why you won’t see Marines in sloppy camo in the airport. Personally I like the look. I do wish they’d cut down on badges and ribbons for every dang thing. I hear that may be in the works.
  8. No. The beret is now an optional item. There is hope that it will go away.
  9. We have 2 cases in this county. Montezuma County to the south has 108. Last weekend they had their county fair, which brings folks from NM, UT, and AZ. I’ll be watching their case count closely for the next few weeks. I cannot afford to be cavalier about the situation. Should my wife become infected, it would pretty much be a death sentence.
  10. Handgun or pistol. That drives me crazy!
  11. The new greens and brown boots/shoes are a start. Soldiers are being measured now at a couple of locations. Corcoran is manufacturing the Jump Boots. I doubt the Sam Browne will ever come back.They dropped it in 1942. The current winter gear is mush warmer than wool.
  12. I had to Google JIT. There's a big difference between JIT and J.I.T. I carry mostly IWB. Leather seems to be the most comfortable but I have a comfortable Kydex from BBF for the SIG P938. Got it on Amazon I believe. I have a Bianchi for the 1911s A Rugged Gar for the Colt King Cobra. It's convertible from iwb to owb.Not many makers doing the King Cobra yet. Not pictured is a Galco for the SW J frame. And a DeSantis Sof tuk for the SIG when I have the Viridian laser attached. It activates the laser upon drawing, I have some Alien Gear holsters too. They are very comfortable, with a neoprene pad against your body. Only disadvantage is they are somewhat bulky. My wife rolls her eyes every time I get another holster in the mail. I try a lot of them.
  13. I don’t know how you get a 72” lace out of an 18” cat.
  14. An owl stole my atv once. They are as untrustworthy as goats.
  15. And even if you don’t die, the lingering effects are unpleasant and may be permanent in many cases. It ain’t like the dang flu! It would seem however, the only people who change their minds and admit that it is a serious threat, are the ones who catch it. I find it odd that folks who carry a firearm daily to protect them and their family, on the very very small chance that they might need it, will refuse to wear a mask. I wonder if the government made ccw compulsory if they would refuse to carry?
  16. Yes. These are modern copies. Very comfortable. And the newly approved army uniform will be brown boots.
  17. https://www.nationalparkstraveler.org/2010/05/grizzly-bear-shot-and-killed-hikers-denali-national-park-and-preserve5943
  18. Now I can take a short nap in the man cave. I say short because when it goes flat you wake up. Kind of a field expedient silent alarm clock.
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