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  1. Geese! Such passion. Nobody said it was illegal or demanded it be taken down. Some of y’all need to simmer down. I just think it looks dumb. Reminds me of a car dealership.
  2. Gen-you-wine polyester too. Where’s my credit card.
  3. Tomorrow is National Huntin and Fishing Day. Very Appropriate.
  4. Technically it's ok, as long as no other flag is flown higher than the US flag, and no flag flown at the same height can be flown to the right of the US Flag. I agree though. Don't like it much.
  5. Correct. The Game officers frequently have expanded search authority in many states.
  6. I had one with my alias When I lived in FL.
  7. i just know that pole wouldn't last long in our winds.
  8. 12,851 firefighters have volunteered to respond. This includes the entire population of Stoner, Colorado. (yeah, it's a place)
  9. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/kim-jong-un-says-he-is-very-sorry-after-north-korean-soldiers-shot-dead-a-south-korean-man-and-allegedly-set-his-body-on-fire-as-a-precaution-against-coronavirus/ar-BB19q4Eo?li=BBnbfcL
  10. Furthermore. I do not like the Gadsden flag simply from a stylistic point of view. Mostly just the color. I fly this one instead.
  11. MY unsolicited opinion is the same as Joe's. And I don't care if it has any value at all.
  12. Do you mean you can see a beam of red light? Like a spotlight? Yes. Just dimmer. Can you see objects illuminated by a red light? Yes. Can you see the red dot the laser makes on your chest when the sniper is aiming a you? I hope so.
  13. They’re just mixing it up. They always have two or three different commercials going at the same time.
  14. Hot Glue stick advantage is instant drying. I’ve used a hot glue gun but only on inexpensive bands and hats.
  15. "I have also read period newspaper articles here in Arizona that did not cast the Earps in a positive light" Well, that's not unusual at all. The Earps were like a lot of Lawmen of the period. Tough, good with guns, but with somewhat shall we say, flexible morals and character. If you read, Log of a Cowboy by Andy Adams you'll find that it was common for drovers to be armed. I think it depends on the time period, cattle company and location.
  16. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/handguns/uberti-expendables-45-colt-35uberti-1873-cattleman-the-expendables-45-long-colt-35in-case-hardened-revolver-6-rounds/p/1520019
  17. Yeah I've done that on a few bands. No damage to either hat or band.
  18. A fanner hammer . https://www.pyramydair.com/blog/2018/03/umarex-legends-ace-in-the-hole-pellet-revolver-part-1/
  19. Most creative suicide bomber ever! Ain’t Photoshop great?
  20. Not a deer to be seen here. They always disappear around hunting season.
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