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  1. Let’s list you rate as the great ones. And I suspect more than a few will make both lists.
  2. I have never understood the love of The Quiet Man. Bored me.
  3. I disagree. I find it totally entertaining. Not Oscar material.
  4. No you have to do it yourself. Usually just for fun.
  5. Only if Spain gets ICBMs.
  6. Agree with JK. Masks are simply an adjunct to the other prevention methods. They should Not give you a false sense of security. Unfortunately for many, they do.
  7. Navy, Coat Guard and Marines do too. Air Force had them in 47 but stopped appointing Warrants in 1959.
  8. How are your language skills. Speak any Kingon? Vulcan? Borg?
  9. We got knives and we got guns Some little and some real big ones Sniper teams with deadly shooters Hell, we even got computers Army planes and whirlybird birds Snarling Grunts that charge in herds Mortars, M2s, 249s Smoke the bad guys every time Tracers going everywhere Rockets flying through the air Thermite frags that make things burn Chow that makes your stomach churn Tradition back to ‘75 We were the first and we’re still alive Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring The Army, it’s got everything!
  10. The Marine Corps is officially a branch under the Department of the Navy. The SpCe Force is a branch under the Department of the Air Force. Here’s a Ssspace Force Seal for ya. For the record, I think it looks embarrassingly like the Star Trek communicator pin.
  11. In honor of the Armed Forces of the United States, I am having baby back ribs. Something I never got in the Army.
  12. “Possible benefits”. Exactly! I carry a gun because it’s possible something bad might happen. I’ll take possible. I buy Powerball tickets too. It’s possible I might win.
  13. Boy! Talk about fighting words!
  14. A mask can’t contain enough Co2 to adversely affect you. A sealed astronaut’s helmet could, but not the type of masks we’re talking about.
  15. As mentioned, go to the ATFE website. Print out the regs. Then check the regs in the receiver’s state. When in doubt ask an FFL ....although that can sometimes be iffy too.
  16. Fauxvid? https://www.9news.com/article/news/investigations/colorado-coroner-says-death-listed-by-state-as-covid-19-related-has-much-more-to-do-with-alcohol/73-eec4517a-13dd-45bc-bc59-7e50cedf2272?fbclid=IwAR2QoQvMQPTVgG33sLX_79owKIhNiWDpIZTsLkTd2TZ3p41QzLnSB5isf4o
  17. I see an awful lot of “things will change forever” predictions. I consider it mostly just Panic and fear mongering. Life will never be the same! Well it never has been. Things evolve constantly. Lots of things we do and have now, we didn’t 10 years ago. So yeah, Some things will probably change. People are creatures of habit and habits die hard. Some things will no doubt change, for the better I hope. But will we stay 6 feet apart forever? Will restaurant servers wear masks and gloves? Remember the predictions after 9/11? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING!!. Well other than it being a pita to fly, not much changed after the initial panic did it? No. After this passes, and it will pass, I think things will go back to pretty much normal. I would hope that the government would improve their readiness for the next disaster but I suspect the government will go back to normal as well....which doesn’t bode well for us does it? It’s a shame that we panicked about this worse than the Pearl Harbor attack. But in ‘41 they didn’t have the irresponsible news media of today. My opinion only of course. I’m taking a broad view and not addressing Loophole’s specific situation.
  18. I’m one of the few who will admit going to casinos. Don’t do it often. Don’t have a gambling addiction. Never spend more than I intended to, and less than I would if we were the types to eat out regularly and go to movies, shopping and such. The wife enjoys the fancy slot machines. I call it paying war reparations to the tribes. But I suspect I won’t be going to one for quite some time. For the record, I don’t like Las Vegas.
  19. Attaboy! All I had was some Chianti with pizza tonight. I could sure use a bourbon!! The wife's blood work looks dang good. Cause for celebration. Bottles, I would like a few fingers of Pappy Van Winkle.
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