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  1. I like the look and balance of the Mini 14. I have one. But the AR is a more versatile design and generally more accurate at ranges over 100 yds. If I culd oly get one, it would be the AR platform.
  2. Exactly! And look up the laws on the respective state’s official website. Don’t rely on private websites or even the NRA.
  3. His performance improved any movie he was in.
  4. Some judges will allow a lawyer to get away with that. Some won’t.
  5. Yes and no. It is not regulated so you don’t know exactly what strength or quality you’re getting. Some of it is extremely expensive but that doesn’t mean you’re getting the best. I tried some on a my slightly arthritic hand and it helped. My wife didn’t feel any relief when she tried it for her hip. It seems to be primarily an analgesic. It won’t cure anything. A lot of research still needs to be done. As far as I’m concerned it couldn’t hurt. If it helps, you probably won’t mind the pain in your wallet as much.
  6. What’s your opinion of the proposed ASGU?
  7. This is what you get. A miniature medal is a private purchase for wear on a formal dress uniform or civilian suit. The lower ranking medals such as campaign and service medals come in a much smaller non- presentation box and do not contain the lapel button.
  8. A scurvy, mythical civilian who stays home and makes moves on the soldier’s girlfriend while he’s away. http://pancocojams.blogspot.com/2012/03/jodys-got-your-girl-and-gone-why.html
  9. Muster rolls from units ca; sometimes be obtained from the National Archives. I was able to get copies of the 2nd Dragoon Regt records of 1836 when researching a Seminole War program for the Florida Park Service.
  10. G.I. beans and G.l. gravy Gee I wish I’d joined the Navy Technically of course a Jody call has to contain Jody. Otherwise it’s just a cadence call. But a lot of Jody calls are not suitable for this forum.
  11. Back from the Mayo Clinic in the hell that is Phoenix. No good news at all unfortunately. We will be heading back down for conferences with the oncologist on Monday. Hard dang times. Edit 3pm 2/7: Just heard from them that they want to do a biopsy on Wed. Two more days in Phoenix. Had a sit down the the oncologist today. Some relatively encouraging info. He’s recommending immunimo therapy. Much better than chemo. The fly in the ointment is where we live. No nearby top notch facilities or oncologists. So we’re examining options and may have a plan developing. May involve moving temporarily to Charlotte NC Still scheduled for the biopsy on Wednesday and keeping our fingers crossed. I still feel mentally like room temperature SOS but slightly more optimistic. After a biopsy procedure on Wed we traveled home yesterday. Managed to make it out of Phoenix alive. At least we had good weather for the 8 hour drive. Waiting on the biopsy results which should take 3-4 days. Had no time to get flowers for Valentine’s Day though.
  12. As stated. Only one medal or ribbon of the same type will be worn. The Army Commendation Medal and the Air Medal are also awards that can be for either meritorious service or valorous conduct.
  13. It’s been used in the militaries collectors community for years. Not sure why it spread recently.
  14. You have to be a real expert to collect those today. There have been fakes on the market since the 1950s. Daggers and medals. Very hard to tell the originals from the repros.
  15. I knew the guy who invented that. Didn’t sell many until Guns and Ammo ran an article about it. Then he got rich. My wife worked for him for awhile. She said she opened hundreds of envelopes with checks in them from 8 to 5 every day.
  16. All cancers are bad of course.Lung cancer is rough. My mother only lasted a few months. But Pancreatic cancer is almost impossible to cure. I think I believe Alex Trebek is battling it but I’ve never known anyone who survived it. I have never been a fan of Limbaugh but my heart goes out to him and his family during this difficult time.
  17. Not for long I’m afraid Heading back to the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix tomorrow.
  18. I get a lot of knives from https://www.bladehq.com in Utah. Their shipping is only a couple of bucks and they have hundreds of types of knives from really cheap to really ridiculous in price.
  19. Not real footage. We’ve never shot down any Iran launched missiles as far as I recall. I believe that The Phalanx system is primarily for Cruise middle defense and would be relatively ineffective against the types of ballistic missiles that were used. The Patriot system is designed for that.
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