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  1. Al, I have is an 80 series 1911 I received as a retirement gift.
  2. One of the sweet memories of my youth was the Lionel I received for my 6th birthday. And the Roy Rogers double buscadero rig.
  3. It’s a movie. Belief ain’t got nothing to do with it!
  4. I at at a restaurant in Gettysburg that served vintage 19th century meals. It was awesome!
  5. Earl doesn’t like travel. Makes him constipated.
  6. Headin down to Santa Fe on Friday. Got rodeo tickets, a fancy hotel room, and new tires. I will drink in the culture.
  7. Yeah, when we got the new car it came with a free Sirius trial for a year. Carol was going to cancel when it was up. But I said,”n No. I’m addicted to it now” Not many FM stations in range here.
  8. Just cause you’re an outlaw doesn’t mean you can’t be comfy! And he probably stole it.
  9. Do your part! And don’t stir it!
  10. Birdgun, that was dang fine speechifying. Sounds a lot like a flowery Al Swearingen soliloquy…….without the F bombs.
  11. Earl fuels up as the thunderstorm looms.
  12. It’s a joke that actually pre-dates the Falklands.
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