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  1. I’ve had the basic government model for 15 years or so. Good enough for me. Accompanies me on any trip to the woods. I did eventually add some stag grips just for looks.
  2. Every year at this time my wife sees a news report about somebody going belly up from CO, she asks if I should get a CO detector. I have to remind her that we have an electric system.
  3. The meatballs don’t need that much time in the sauce. Brown them first. Add them the last half hour.
  4. Depends on how much BP you stuff in it. I’d keep it around 50 gns of 2f I think. The Shotgun Nation review shooting it at 15 yards was silly. I think it’s a 10 yard gun max.
  5. The Rodentator is awesome. Not recommended for back yards though.
  6. Got a weird email from you with a suspicious attachment. Didn’t open it. You might have been hacked.
  7. They were pared to fight WW1 again. Their tactics were outmoded and their corrupt and political general staff was woefully incompetent. They had excellent tanks but were hampered by a lack of strategic planning. Individual units sometimes performed excellently. But as an army they were doomed from the top.
  8. Penalize everybody for one bad apple. What that says to me is that the chief considers all of his officers potential bad apples. I bet their morale is non existent right now.
  9. I was told by a friend who lives there that there are none within the city limits.
  10. In the most exciting way possible! In baseball it ain’t over till it’s over.
  11. She didn't have a gun in her car because her company prohibited guns on the property and she had just left work.
  12. Maybe, but maybe not. Remember the much heralded Subway Series with the Mets/Yankees few years back? Worst TV ratings in decades for a World Series.
  13. A friend of mine who’s been in England for the last four years says that Country Road is considered the quintessential American song by Europeans.
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