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  1. Perhaps not with a regular olive. But the sweetnes provided a perfect counterpoint to the jalapeny stuffed olive. :D
  2. Everything you ever wanted to know about the shirt. Here's a screen worn one you coulda bid on. Or buy your own here! His other shirt had regular buttons. Man, I am hot this mornin! And I haven't even had any coffee yet!
  3. Need a clearer pic. I think they might be leathertabs.
  4. The Vodka Hallowtini. Shaken not stirred.
  5. The military isn’t in charge there. The Park Service is. Too bad.
  6. And the fires are a long way from there. Sun looked like a red tennis ball through the smoke this afternoon. Chance of snow hopefully by Sunday.
  7. It’s another pay network. Like there ain’t enough. Hulu, Spotify, Sling, HBO Now, YouTube TV, Philo, Pluto, Fubo, PlayStation VUE.... Ridicleus!
  8. People all over the country these days are suspicious of anyone with Mideast/ Mediterranean features. They lump them all into the “Islamic Terrorist” category. It reminds me of the way all Asians in America were looked upon in WWII. How do we fix it? I wish I had an answer.
  9. I’ll accept PoPo. Or Five 0. Better than Gestapo. Or Pigs. This is Derick Velez, one of my best officers. He did a lot of charity work as Officer PoPo. Great guy.
  10. Wow.That’s really weird. Triggered by a US Army seat cover?? Did you have a Trump bumper sticker or something?
  11. They can afford it I think. Pure profit.
  12. When the FedEx guy pulled up I was sitting in the lawn chair with my steel pot on. He never batted an eye. There are several eccentric types in the neighborhood besides me.
  13. The use a nicer case than when I got mine. Congratulations!
  14. Pssst. There will never be a Star Fleet. I think a Solar System Fleet is about the best mankind will ever do.
  15. Best by 10 10 13 Not too bad By 10 10 15 Pretty Nasty by 10 10 18 Close to Toxic by 10 10 20
  16. The 48th also fought at Ft Wagner with the 54th.
  17. When I was Park Ranger in Florida I wanted to participate with a few buddies in the annual Reenactment of the Battle of Olustee in the northern part of the states. I looked at the units involved. My friend George from Massachusetts saw a regiment from there and we decided on that one. I went to the library to research the 54th Massachusetts Infantry. Yeah. So I went back and told the boys the bad news and we. Decided on the 48th NY. I used a bookfinder and got hold of the regimental history. Worked on these manuals for many hours.
  18. One of my most prized possessions. Regimental history of the 48th New York State Volunteers.
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